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   Chapter 53 Tailed by the Shadows

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 9610

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Eiji paced back and forth in the foyer. As soon as Risa saw him, she walked towards him.

"What is the matter, Eiji?" She said, with a worried look on her face. Eiji has been a very placid and composed man. He has been like that since they were young, and he never changed.

When he is worried, he is like this.

Eiji stopped walking and faced his wife. A pleasant and excited look on his face.

"Risa, this is a good news for Eto."

"What is it?"

"Yuki is alive."

Risa covered her mouth in surprise. Her eyes became teary in a moment.

"Oh my God, Yuki." She cried, and Eiji hugged her.

As Eto's parents, they personally witnessed how Eto became lost with Yuki's supposed death. He was almost on the verge of breaking down. Even when the rescuers stopped looking for her after 1 month of continuous search throughout the whole mountain, he never gave up. Every day, he would go there by himself, he will drive endlessly, or he will go back to the place where she was supposed to have fallen from the cliff. When he reached that spot, he would cry and shout her name and kneel.

Until no more tears would fall from his eyes.

He would go back home late at night.

Eiji knew all of this, as he kept his son closely guarded all the time, 24 hours a day.

The only one who kept him sane all throughout those times was Aido. If not for Aido, Eiji could not be sure if Eto would have chosen to live. Only then, did he realize that he made a mistake in his decision. He should have asked for Yuki's safety as well, above all else.

But then, Yuki had to die, so that the death of Ryo Taoka, his son, and Miss Saito could be justified. It was supposed to be a fake death.

On the second month, Eto returned to the senate, he began working again, and continued to support Maki during his trial. It is on the 3rd month that Maki was finally able to be cleared from any charges.

According to the investigators, a video recording was sent to their office, showing that another person came earlier than Maki Hayashi, and killed Anna. The video recording was seemed to be from inside Anna's room, and was able to record everything that has happened. From the moment she opened the door for the person to come in. They exchanged some sexual activity, and when Anna was on the verge of her orgasm, the man stabbed her to death. The record also showed the man exchanging the phone. However, the face of the man was not captured. But based from the recording, the time when Maki entered the corridor of the apartment was late with the time on the video recording. Also, their clothes did not match, as well as their physique.

The case remained open, as the culprit has not been identified.

Finally, Maki was able to return to his duty as Eto's personal assistant. He was so shocked upon learning that Yuki died. But when he said his condolences to Eto, he re

mall mark. He then bent downward and tried to suck the part of her neck, until he tasted her blood. He then knew one thing, she has been poisoned.

Fucking shit!

Ken could prepare an antidote to many kinds of poison in a matter of minutes, but the poison that pricked Yuki is new to him. The Shadows has developed another poison in 6 months that he was not there. Well, he just need a couple of hours before he could create the proper antidote. After all, he is No. 2. It would be a stain on his number if he could not do it.

He then prepared some concoctions and put it on a piece of cloth then wrapped it around her neck. It would prevent her from having fever and will slow down the poison's effect. He covered her up to her chin with the blanket and kissed her forehead.

"I'll be back, Yuki." He said and left the room. He made sure that all the windows and the doors were locked before he left. Although it won't defer the Shadows if they want to take her, but he knew that the target is not Yuki, but him. They just impaled her so they can focus on him.

As soon as he was out of the house, an arrow was shot just an inch from his feet.

Great. Now they even know where we are living.

He glanced around before he took the arrow, and read the message on the paper wrapped on it.

2h, 100m N.

Now, Ken is 100% confirmed that the Shadows have come for him. But he has to create an antidote for Yuki first. He looked at his watch. He still has 1 hour and 55 minutes to prepare. He began his journey towards the abundant forest.

After an hour and 30 minutes, he went back. As he hurriedly opened the door, he knew that somebody has entered. He proceeded cautiously, and as he prepared to attack the person sitting on the bed where Yuki was lying, the girl turned her face to him with a smile.

He stopped. She has something on her hand that was injected on Yuki's neck. Ken's eyes widened.

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