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   Chapter 52 My false reverie

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 9775

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Eto looked at the sleeping Aido in his arms. When he assumed that he's already sound asleep, he put him on his crib. After that, he went back to his bed. He slowly opened the door, thinking that once he opened it, he might see her, sitting on the bed, combing her hair.

But when he opened it, the room was empty. Nobody would greet him anymore when he enters their room. Ever so slowly, he walked towards the bed, their bed.

He laid down on the bed, with his legs dangling on the side, feeling so wearied and hollow, and looked at the ceiling. His eyes became watery in an instant.

She was shot and fell off a cliff. Who would have survived that? He saw with his own two eyes the blood from the gunshot as she fell off. That scene continued to haunt him every night, every time he would close his eyes.

It was because of him.

It has been 1 month since that incident in Mount Fuji. Up to now, there is no news with the rescue team that he sent to look for Yuki. The rescue team found her bloodied coat ripped and hanging on some trees below on the night that Yuki fell down. Her boots were also found on the second day, about 100 meters away. On the fifth day, her wedding ring was found on the ground.

Yuki's body was never found.

The rescuers thought that some wild animals might have got to her first. The person who said it received a hard beating from Eto, and he could have killed the man if he was not stopped by the others.

Nevertheless, he kept them looking for her. Until they gave up, even when he tried to pay more, they won't go back there again. They said that it's like looking for a needle in a desert.

But he could not give up.

Yuki, please come back. I need you. Aido and I need you.

Eto let his tears fall on the sides of his face. Since that time, he could not enter their bed without shedding tears.



In a far island at the southern Japan which is called Yakushima, Ken smiled as he saw Yuki in the kitchen, with a pink apron and cooking their dinner. He casually leaned on the door, careful not to make any sound so as not to disturb her as she continuously hum a song while being engrossed in her craft.

Yuki is a good cook. He enjoys all the meals that she prepares for them, for him.

He folded his arms on his chest, basking in the delicious scent of the food and her warm presence. Yes, this is his paradise. His haven. The one that he created.

He continued to watch her, taking into memory all of her curves that could not be hidden in her summer outfit. She was wearing a short sleeved white tops with matching white shorts that show half of her silky smooth thighs. Her feet are bare. Her long hair is tied above her head in a messy bun, showing soft strands falling on her nape.

Ken licked his lips.

This time, he would try to do what he has been meaning to do. What his whole being has been aching to do.

He would let her know how

is chest, and she cried.

"Shhh, it's ok Yuki. Stop crying." He said as he stroked her back, he pulled the blanket to cover her naked body and just embraced her tightly.

"I'm so sorry Ken. I'm really so sorry. I don't know why I can't…."

"It's ok Yuki. You are not yet healed. Don't worry, I'm not angry."

But I'm in hell. Ken thought.

Well, if this is the price that I have to pay, I'll gladly accept it. As long as I get to keep her, I don't care if I spend my life in hell. My false reverie.

He continued to rock her in his arms until she fell asleep. After that, he went to the bathroom to relieve himself and took a cold shower. He put on his clothes and watched her peaceful face sleeping for a few minutes before he soundlessly went out of the room.


"No. 1, we finally found No. 2."

No. 1 straightened his back on his seat. Finally. After almost 6 months of tracing Ken all over Japan, it is the first time that they were able to find him. After all, he is grooming Ken to be the next leader of the Shadows of the Wind. They know that if he so desires it, it would be impossible for them to close in on him. Among all the members, Ken is the most sensitive to his surroundings. The years he spent living all alone with nature not just in Japan but also in Africa honed his detection skills. Ken is without a doubt, a fist-class assassin.

They have been thinking that he might have gone abroad, then it would be too hard for them to find him. Fortunately, the odds are still with them.

Damn you, Ken. Why didn't you follow your order?

No. 1 cleared his throat.

"Tell No. 6 to continue monitoring his movement. Is he alone?"

"No, it seems that No. 2 is now living with a woman. The woman who was supposed to be dead."

No. 1 could not believe his ears. Yuki is alive? After all these time?

"I see. Keep watching them, then. You go with No. 6 then, No. 3. Wait for my further order."

"Got it."

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