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   Chapter 51 When the snow stopped falling

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 9388

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"Taoka! Fuck you! You're a coward. Can't you do anything than to bully a weak woman? You wanna hurt me? Hurt me then! Don't touch Yuki!" Eto could feel that his wrists are being bruised from the rope. But he doesn't care. He has to rescue Yuki. His eyes glowed red as he saw how Yuki fell to the ground.

Ryo Taoka laughed like a madman that he is. Miss Saito was just watching from the side, she is also enjoying the look of helplessness in Eto's eyes.

Miss Saito was a former beauty queen, but when she was crowned, she met an accident. Somebody threw acid on her face and whole body. Within 24 hours, the crown was taken away from her, her life had been taken away from her. She met Ryo Taoka in that hospital, he was the one who paid for all her medical expenses. Little by little, her beauty returned from multiple medical surgeries. After 5 years, her smooth skin and perfect face returned to her. But her thirst for revenge remained. With the help of Ryo Taoka, she finally found the person who did it to her. Her 1st runner up. She got her revenge by having her ravaged by three men, videotaped, and poured with an even stronger acid as well. When she had extracted her revenge, she devoted herself to be Ryo Taoka's mistress.

He was married, and unknown to him, Miss Saito arranged for the legal wife's demise in an accident. Ryo loved the wife, and even after her death, he never married her. But Miss Saito became contented to be with him, just serving him as the only woman in his life was her dream. Now that Ryo will take his revenge to Eto Iguchi, Miss Saito was just exhilarated.

After this, Ryo promised her that they will go abroad, marry and live there for the rest of their lives. She could not wait to become Mrs. Taoka. Caught up in her own dreams, she didn't notice the movement on a tree just behind her back.

Ryo Taoka took a handful of Yuki's hair as he forced her to stand.

Yuki screamed in pain.

Eto's eyes bulged furiously.

The mentor's hand firmly held Ken's shoulder as he felt him stiffened. His body indicated that if not held properly, Ken will move without a doubt. To kill the man.


How could my No. 2 became bewitched by a woman? A married woman, for that matter. It seems that my training was not enough.

The mentor whispered into Ken.

"If you move unnecessarily, your brothers might not hit their target properly."

Ken understood the underlying message. He inhaled deeply, and when the mentor felt him relaxed, he let his shoulder go. He placed his two hands on his sides, ready to make some motions.

"I think it would be more satisfying to watch your own wife suck other man's dick in front of you, Senator. Maybe, you will have a hard-on." Ryo Taoka's face became thrilled when he saw the impact of his words on Eto.


as she ran towards Ryo Taoka. He fell to the ground, a bullet hole on his forehead. Eto could not believe his eyes. When Miss Saito reached Ryo Taoka, another gunshot was heard. This time, it was on her forehead where a hole was formed. She fell with her face down on Ryo Taoka. At the same time, none of them noticed that the man on the wheelchair was now at the edge of the cliff. As he looked back at the dead body of his father, he looked down at the cliff and headed downward.

It was then, that the snow started falling again.


Suddenly, Eto felt that the one sitting on top of him left. And before he knew what happened, a gust of wind made him covered his eyes. When the wind calmed down, he saw two dead bodies in front of him. Ryo Taoka and Miss Saito. The other masked man and the one holding him were gone. As if they were never there at all.


With bleeding hands, Eto started to crawl towards the cliff.


He started screaming her name, repeatedly, until his voice became hoarse. When he reached the edge of the cliff, he looked down.

He could not see the bottom.

He wept, and shouted her name repeatedly.

Until he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was his father.

"Eto, " Eiji said, his eyes were looking intently at his son.

"Father! Yuki is… Yuki is…" Eto cried and laughed simultaneously.

There is no way that Yuki is dead, right? She could be waiting for him to rescue her.. somewhere.

"Father, let me go. Yuki is waiting for me. I will rescue her. I will…"

"Eto!" Eto felt his father's hand on his face, for the first time. His father slapped him.

He stared at his father for a long time. As realization hit him, he landed on his knees, and started punching the ground while crying and whispering Yuki's name.

The snow kept on falling, heavier and heavier, as if it was also mourning for him.

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