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   Chapter 50 Just trust me

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The older man beside Miss Saito looked at Eto with a murderous glare. He smirked when he realized that this man's life is now in his hands. As he waited for the helicopter to lower his son, his hands began to tremble in excitement. He has waited 18 years for this revenge. It was a long-wait.


"It seems like you don't remember me, Senator Iguchi." The older man almost slurred his words. Eto had to listen intently amidst the wind that made it more inaudible. "I am a former Senator like your father, My name is Ryo Taoka."

Eto realized it now. Ryo Taoka was one of the most notorious members of his father's party, and his party. He was in America when he learned that Senator Taoka was forced to resign as a Senator and was removed as a member of the diet due to his illegal works and connections with unlawful organizations. Eto did met him once, when he joined his father's office as a newly graduate from the university. Since then, he had never met the man.

Ryo Taoka laughed cynically at Eto's expression.

"Now, you might think that I'm doing this revenge on your father because of politics. You are wrong, Senator Iguchi. I don't care about politics anymore, since I have been retired for a long time." He casted a glance at the man on the wheelchair, who was just looking passively at everyone. One look at him and Eto knew that the man on the wheelchair is not capable of anything by himself.

"I would have been gladly spending my retirement enjoying my old age, if only… if only you did not punish my son as you did."

Eto was surprised.

"What do you mean, Mr. Taoka? Who is your son that I punished?"

Ryo Taoka stepped closer to the man on the wheelchair. Then he looked at Eto with malevolence.

"How could you forget what you did to my only son, Senator?"


Eighteen years ago, Ryo Taoka, a Senator that was in-charge of many projects on the road constructions all over the country received a call from the hospital that his son, Yuichi Taoka, is now in the hospital. After excusing himself from the meeting, he immediately went to the hospital.

His son was shot with a gun twice, on his buttocks and on his 'member'. After the operation, his son was able to survive. But because of the trauma, the thought that he would be a 'useless' man from that day on, and the humiliation that the incident has caused, Yuichi lost the will to live. He did not become insane instead, he has lost all interest in everything, including living. After getting out of the hospital and learning that he cannot have an erection anymore, he attempted suicide for several times, only to be rescued on all cases.

After that, he gave up on both suicide and living.

But his father, Ryo Taoka, could not accept the fact that Yuichi has been degraded into a living vegetable. As the only child and son in the family, Yuichi has the duty to sire children. But it was taken from him by Eto Iguchi. So, together with his mistress, Miss Saito, he devised a plan to get his revenge on Eto Iguchi. Not only to himself, but on the people he hold dear.


At Eto's questioning eyes, Ryo Taoka sneered.

"This is my one and only son, Yuichi. It was you Senator, who turned him into this state."

Eto frowned deeply, trying to remember Yuichi Taoka's face. But he could not. It was because he never tried to look at the man who was with his ex-wife on the bed more than 18 years ago.

"You don't remember him? You shot his dick when you caught him having sex with your ex-wife on your house." Ryo Taoka stated.

Only then, that realization dawned on Eto. He looked intently at the man, who was staring straight, but seems to be unaffected by everything in his surroundings. He was in a state of void, a world of his own.

Eto has long forgotten about that incident. For him, it was a close chapter of his life, closed and locked, with the key thrown at the bottom of the sea. His ex-wife has long disappeared from Japan, living in a foreign country in fear of being seen again by Eto. As he was not interested with the man who was with his ex-wife that time, he never thought that the incident would come back to haunt him.

He closed his eyes.

You will reap whatever you sow.


Ken and Yuki arrived 30 minutes before the specified time. Because Yuki has been kept blindfolded with her hands securely tied behind her, she could not see what was going on. She could not even hear what is being said, although she could sense that there are several people present near them.

"Ken, "

"Shhh." Her lips made contact with his cold fingertip, and she shivered. Not with the cold, but with the sensation created by his action.

Ken listened intently to the conversation through the earphone he has on. The place where Eto Iguchi and the Taoka family has been bugged by hi

s brothers-at-work so that all of them could clearly hear everything. Ken looked at Yuki, her whole body is covered in thick coat, but her neck and her face are exposed. It's all part of his plan.

As he surveyed the area, he could not help but admire his mentor for choosing the best place to carry-out their objectives. His eyes settled on his mentor, the masked man with previous senator Taoka. As always, he looks like he was just standing idly watching the scene in front of him. Only Ken and his brothers could tell that every movement of his body mean something to them. Even a bat of an eyelash indicates a specific order than only them could understand.

They were trained that way, he, and his other 3 brothers-at-work. They are called the Shadows of the Wind. It was very simple, as they move behind the shadows as swift as the wind. He and his brothers have no idea how do they look, only their mentor know each of them. None of them have seen their mentor's face as well. In that case, each other's identity would be a secret from each other as well. It was done for their own privacy and safety.

The only way they could identify each other is by saying some words in relation to their work. Ken is called No. 2 by his brothers, as he is the second in command. The No.1 is of course, their mentor.

Now that he is just a few meters away from Eto Iguchi and the others, he could tell that his mentor has been looking at Eto with an expression that Ken knows too well. It was a determined look. It was a tacit order for the four of them.

Whatever happens, keep Eto Iguchi alive.


Miss Saito took something from her pocket, it was a gun. She walked near Ryo Taoka, and smiled cynically at Eto.

"Senator Iguchi, what do you want to see first? Your dick being shot or your wife being killed?" Then, as if she remembered something, she talked to the masked man behind them. The motion he made told Ken to move forward and bring Yuki with him.

Ken held Yuki firmly by her hand, before they walked, he whispered something in her ears.

"Just trust me, Yuki."

Yuki could not answer as she began to tremble, instead she nodded briefly, biting her lower lip. She felt Ken stood behind her.

Too close, she thought.

He then moved in front of her, Yuki could even hear his heart beat along with her own, and in one swift motion, her blindfold was gone. She closed her eyes involuntarily, and blinked several times.

She saw Eto, tied on a tree and a few feet away from him are three men, and Miss Saito!

Her intuition was right all along, Miss Saito is an enemy.


"Eto!" Yuki shouted as soon as she saw him. Eto's eyes brightened upon seeing that Yuki was alive and seemed to be alright. She was, however, being held firmly by another masked man who eyed him intently.

Yuki glanced back at Ken, who is now fully covered. Even his eyes could not be seen with the special goggles he was wearing. She wondered if he could still see amidst the falling snow.

"Continue walking Yuki." He ordered curtly.

The assassin, Eto thought.

When Yuki and Ken reached the location near Miss Saito and Ryo Taoka, Miss Saito walked towards her.

"Hi there, Miss Yuki. Long time no see."

"Miss Saito, I knew that you could not be trusted!" Yuki clenched her teeth in anger. How dare she talk to her as if she is not guilty of anything.

"Oh, but you didn't have any proof right? I was a good actress after all." She smiled wickedly.

Ryo Taoka walked to where Yuki was standing. He looked at her from head to foot. Without saying anything, he took her from Ken's grasp. Ken almost took her back when he felt the stare from his mentor, he stood his ground, his feet firmly planted, but his hands clenched beside him. The master noticed it.

"You have a pretty wife here, Senator Iguchi. I wonder what will you do if what you witnessed 18 years ago will happen again in front of your eyes, but this time, you cannot even do anything, not even lift a finger to shoot anybody's dick?"

Eto's eyes flamed in fury.

"Damn you, Ryo Taoka! Don't even dare touch my wife! I will kill you with my bare hands!" He tried to free himself but the rope was too securely tied. Damn! He has been trained for this as well, why can't he untie himself? As expected from the assassins.

"Ho-ho, how scary!" Ryo Taoka deliberately pulled Yuki closer to him. Yuki felt nauseated at the man's touch.

"Unhand me!" she said indignantly.

Ryo Taoka glanced at Yuki, he smiled, and in everyone's surprise, he slapped her hard that she fell to the ground. It took Ken all he had not to kill the man right there and then, when he felt his mentor's hands on his shoulder.

When did he move behind me?

Shit! Ken cursed endlessly.

In comparison to his mentor, he is indeed still a greenhorn.

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