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   Chapter 49 Prepare to die, Yuki

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"Ken, where are we going?"

Yuki asked, as Ken tied her hands on her back, securely but not too tight. He checked the rope really well, making sure that it won't bruise her. He then wrapped a warm scarf on her neck and pull the hood to hide her face.


She felt uncomfortable that he refused to utter even just one word to her. Since that incident between them during breakfast, Ken has stayed away from her. She stayed in her room as well, her mind was in chaos about what is happening to her and what would happen to her.

Ken told her that she will meet Eto today. Bust she has no idea under what condition. She hoped that Ken would have a change of heart and will just let her escape. She tried to ask him once about the person who hired him to keep her but he did not give her any information. Well, she was not expecting, of course.

After all, he is an assassin.

"Ken?" She called out his name again. He stopped moving when he was near the door, and turned towards her. What she saw in his eyes was the most solitary and forlorn look she has ever seen in the past 10 days. She remembered what he told her, that he likes her, and he would like to take her away with him.

Yuki could not believe that it was true. How could he like her when he knew what had happened to her? He must be one of those men who only think about using her body, since she has been tainted. They just want to join in the fun. Just like Mariko's husband.

"Yuki, "

She flinched when he touched her cheeks, his fingers were as cold as steel.

"You can change your mind." His eyes were telling her that he really wants her.

But want is different from love. He could be lusting after me, but he might discard me like a rag after he got tired of me. I have to be with Eto, for he is the only man for me. I hope Eto would still take me as his wife.

"I love my husband." She said, looking at him without hesitation.

Ken sighed. He has never wanted any other woman in his life except Yuki. He does not know why but her scent stirred his desire, and her lovely face was sending him unspoken signal to protect her.

Emotion is indeed dangerous for an assassin like him.

"Yuki, as long as your husband is a senator, there will be numerous times that your life, even your son's life, would always be put in grave danger." He was trying to persuade her in a logical manner.

"I prepared myself for that when I married him." She said bravely.

Ken admired her in that instant. Will he be able to find somebody like her? Somebody who would be willing to be in jeopardy just to be with him?

"In that case, prepare to die, Yuki." His voice became cold and emotionless. He looked at her longer than usual, the warm expression in his face was replaced with a detached countenance.

Now, she is seeing the assassin in him.

"Let's go, if you are lucky, you might see each other alive for a few moments." Ken said, and put a blindfold on her, then held her in her tied hands.

He was fully covered, only his eyes are exposed. He was even wearing leather gloves and leather boots against his all-black attire.

Yuki muttered a silent prayer, to protect Eto from any harm.

As they began to walk, Ken stopped when his phone vibrated again, "Yes, it's me." He said, Yuki listened intently, trying to hear what the other person was saying from the other line. But of course, she couldn't see that Ken has an earphone, and so she could not hear anything.

"I understand. Yes, I know boss. Yes…. Thank you."

Within the mask, Ken's lips formed into a smile.


Eto arrived by himself at the foot of Mount Fuji, facing the Shizuoka prefecture. He glanced at his wristwatch, it is 30 minutes before the specified time. He is supposed to wait here, as someone would take him to the place where Yuki is supposed to be held captive.

He looked at his arm, in there, he tied the handkerchief that Yuki has been embroidering. When the footman cleaned their room, he gave him this handkerchief. It was still unfinished. But the design is rose petals in pink and blue, and their names were already embroidered.

He has no doubt that Yuki loves him, and now, he could honestly tell her that he loves her. The thought of losing her this time has been keeping him on edge, and as he glanced around the mountainous area surrounding him, he felt the chill. It is the middle of March, and the snow in Mount Fuji has accumulated that the ice has been seeping coldly on his winter boots. It was a windy day, and the snow has been falling ever since he arrived.

He looked at his watch again, it is now 4:40PM, 20 minutes more.

Yuki, please be safe.


The man who is using a long-distance

telescope has finished surveying the area nearby where Eto was standing. At the movement of his left hand, another man began walking fast towards Eto. He was wearing the same all-black attire and mask with Ken.

Eto frowned when he saw somebody walking towards him. He readied himself.

"Senator Eto Iguchi?" The man aske din confirmation.

"Yes, " Eto said.

The man raised his right hand. And Eto felt a sharp sting on his neck. Before he realized it, he became unconscious.

The man lifted Eto as if he was lifting a sack of rice. He proceeded to walk towards where his master is.


Eto woke up, and the first thing he did was to touch his neck. He still felt numb on the part where he was stung with something.

Damn! These guys are professional, he thought.

He could have been killed in that instant without a doubt. It makes him wonder about the real motive of the person behind this. His enemy must hate him too much that he won't be given an instant death.

As he roamed his eyes around him, he noticed that he was standing with his back on a tree. His hands are bound, but it wasn't tight. He looked at his surrounding, he was in an open space, and from the looks of it, he is situated near a cliff. It was still snowing, but he could see little by little that somebody, no, three people are walking towards him.

As he narrowed his eyes into slits, he saw two men and one woman walking towards him. One man was wearing an all-black attire, with a mask and googles. Eto does not need to know that this man is similar with the professional assassins.

The other man is an older man, around 60s. He was wearing heavy and thick clothing, but the big bulge of his stomach could not be mistaken. He was wearing a winter cap, and as he got closer, Eto could swear that this man looked familiar to him. But he could not remember when and where he had met him in the past.

The woman… Miss Saito.

She was wearing a red winter coat, with matching red winter boots and red winter cap. She looked prettier than her usual self at the office. She suddenly looked younger. Only then did Eto realized one thing, she was the one who called him!

Eto's mind began working. What is happening here? If Miss Saito is an accomplice, it means that they have been planning for a long time. Her records show that she has been working in the HR department for 5 years already, that is why Eto decided to hire her. Even so, how would she know that he would choose her from among all the candidates?

Eto looked back at her qualifications. She has the necessary education and experience for the job. She was supposed to be a single mom, and her facial features looked strict and disciplined. She was the perfect epitome of a secretary.

Miss Saito looked at Eto, and smiled widely upon seeing his confused look.

Well, she could not blame him. After all, she has been really working hard to earn his full trust, since 5 years ago. Her camouflage was perfect, and everything she did was for this moment of revenge. She enjoyed the look on Eto's face, as she stopped a few meters before him. She held onto the man next to him.

"Hello, Senator Iguchi. Long time no see." Miss Saito greeted him.

Eto looked at her with obvious derision, if he could just grab her now, he would strangle her to death right there and then.

"Why won't you speak, Senator? We did not placed a blindfold on you nor gagged your mouth so you can see us and tell us what is it in your mind now." She laughed like a witch, throwing her long brown hair which was usually held in an old-fashioned bun at the office. "Don't tell me, you are too scared to talk? Too angry? Too confused? Do you want me to enlighten you, Senator?" She giggled mockingly at Eto, who kept his face cold.

"I don't care who you really are, Miss Saito. You must have a reason for doing this. But tell me, where is Yuki?" Eto decided that whatever their plans are, he must rescue Yuki.

"Oh but you have to know me first, Senator Iguchi." Miss Saito's voice become vehemently full of hate, "You must know the sufferings you caused for us, and know that we will return those sufferings to you, two-fold." She then touched the arm of the man standing next to her.

The man called somebody on his phone. Then, Eto heard the sound of a helicopter above them. When it landed a few feet away from them, he saw two men, carrying another man sitting on a wheelchair. When the two men placed the wheelchair down near Miss Saito, the man on the wheelchair looked at Eto.

Eto looked back, his face was blank.

Who is this man?

The older man stepped forward, and Eto looked at him, trying to remember where and when he met the man.

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