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   Chapter 48 Run away with me

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Three days has passed, Eto spent his days observing the rise and fall of Aido's chest. The color of his face has improved a lot, and he could now open his eyes. The first time he opened his eyes was the day when Yuki went away. It has been 10 days after that. In 4 more days, the doctor said that Aido can go home.

Eto had a resolute expression on his face. Seeing his son as fragile as he is, he could not afford to give up and be weak. He has already consulted with the police and they already had several scenarios about what will happen. He looked at his watch. He received a call this morning, sating the location and the time where he has to go there alone. It's now 12:00 noon.

Five hours from the time specified by Yuki's captor.

With one last look at Aido, he went outside the hospital. Eiji and Risa were there as well, they knew that the captor of Yuki specifically asked for Eto to go alone. With obvious worry, Risa embraced Eto tightly. She had lost Haruka before, now, she does not want to lose her only child.

"Please come back safe, Eto." Risa said, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Eto nodded, and turned to his father.

"Father, please take care of my son. I will go and bring Yuki back with me." he said.

It was more like a promise to himself.

"Take care, son." Eiji patted him at the back, his eyes full of concern. However, he looked at Eto's disappearing figure with a resolute expression.

Just you wait Yuki, I will bring you back with me.


Yuki has a bad feeling while they were eating breakfast. This morning when she woke up, Ken seemed to be in a bad mood. After he ordered her to take bath and finished changing clothes, he had her drink some strange concoctions again which were the first time for her to taste.

Then, they ate breakfast. Or more like, she was eating breakfast. He was just looking at her, silent.

"You will meet with your husband today." His first words, as he was observing her eat. His arms were crossed over his chest, and again, he was just looking at her with his brooding blue eyes.

"You mean you will return me to him?"

For the past 10 days that she spent away from Eto and Aido, Yuki has realized one thing. Whole or not, she loves Eto with all of her heart. Regardless of her past, of how filthy she felt from her childhood, she will still choose to spend the rest of her life with Eto. Although she is not sure if he will accept her once he learned the truth, she believes that Eto has feelings for her. She will try to make use of those feelings. If Eto will not accept her upon learning the truth, then that will be the only time that she will give up on him. Thinking about it made her sad.

Ken watched as different emotions flashed on her face. But he could not understand. The most common emotions he has seen for the recent years are fear, shock, hurt, and hate. Mostly negative feelings that he was so used to dealing with.

"Maybe, " he said.

She frowned at him, and his gaze fell on her lips. He swallowed.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"Yuki, do you love your husband?"

She almost choked on her food.

"Of course, Ken. I would not marry him if I don't love him." She answered straight, wondering at the same time why Ken started asking her personal questions. For the past 10 days, he would only ask if she feels ok, if anything feels painful, or does she like her food.

"I see, " He nodded, mostly to himself. Yuki felt that he wanted to say something, but could not, or chose not to say it. She did not press him either. She continued eating amidst the perturbing look on Ken's eyes. When she raised her eyes and tried to meet his gaze, she saw how lonely his eyes were. He met her gaze, unwavering, as if he was trying to convey his feelings to her through his eyes.

But Yuki is no mind-reader, nor she can read the language of the eyes. It was her who broke their eye contact.


Ken has been repressing himself from grabbing her and running away. He wants to run away together with her, to a place where his boss will never find them, some place where he could keep her safe.

When did he start to feel something for her?

Was it when he laid down with her, both of them naked, as he tried to warm her up from the chilling temperature of her fever? Or was it before that, when he rescued her from the man who was about to rape her? Or was it even before that? When he saw how sad her eyes were every time she watched the birds flew? When?

He doesn't know. Before he even realized it, he does not want to harm even one strand of her hair. Before he realized it, he has been dreaming about living a blissful life with her, somewhere far away from the dangers of his job. Before he even noticed it, he has gotten used to her alluring scent, her gentle smiles, and the way she called his name. Before he had the time to comprehend

the turmoil within him, he began wanting her in his arms.

It' sick, this is sick.

I know. You are sick, Ken.

Shit! I know!

You are dreaming something that is next to impossible, next to never, and have zero percent chance of happening.


Why! Why did it have to be her?

Of all people, why did I have to fall for my captive? I'm supposed to be the predator, and she is supposed to be my prey.

Stupid! Stupid! You are the most stupid assassin, Ken!

Shit! Shit! Shit!

I have to save her.

You are always being watched, Ken.

With another glance at her as she wiped the corners of her mouth with her delicate fingers, Ken decided on something.


"Yuki, look at me."

When Yuki looked up at him, she gasped at him. He has removed his mask in front of her, for the first time. She covered her mouth instantly when she realized that she was gaping at him. Who wouldn't?

Ken was just dazzlingly handsome. Eto was handsome, too but in a completely opposite manner.

Ken's face exudes sensual handsomeness. The rogue and indifferent expression on his face accentuated his well-sculpted sexy lips, Roman-like nose, and deep blue eyes. The few stubbles on his jawline and chin added a sexual appeal to the cleft chin and the X mark just below his lower lip.

He was devilishly and beautifully masculine.

"Yuki, do you find me attractive?" He asked.

Yuki does not know how to answer his question. At the back of her mind, she remembered that Eto asked her almost the same question. Of course, no woman or even man could say that he is not attractive.

It would be blasphemy. Although he is not a holy one, but an assassin.

"You are attractive Ken." She finally said. "Everyone will say so."

She saw how the corner of his sexy lips twisted in a lopsided smile. He leaned forward.

"I don't care about everyone's opinion Yuki. I am asking you."

"O-of course."

As if he was satisfied with her answer, he leaned back casually. Even the way he tilted his head or the movement of his Adam's apple looked sensual to Yuki.

"Yuki, will you… do you think you could… run away with me?"

Yuki's mouth fell open this time, she was in too much shock to what he just said.

"W-what do you mean? Run away.. with you?" She was stammering. What did he mean?

Ken looked at her, his face was expressionless but his eyes was showing myriads of emotions that Yuki thought she could be swept away with them.

"If you want, I can keep you safe Yuki. I will take you with me. We will run away from here, away from your enemies, away from… your family."

Yuki stood up, spilling the remaining water on her lap. But she did not feel the cold. She felt the burning sensations that his words and his eyes were throwing at her. She could feel his emotions, and she feels that if she stayed closer to him, she would get scorched with his heat.


"You are talking nonsense, Ken." She said, voice quivering with disbelief and surprise. "You are supposed to be my captor, what are you talking about now?" Her mind is muddled.

"I like you Yuki. I want to keep you with me."

Did he just confess to her? Yuki stood frozen for an instant.

Oh my God, did he just say he likes her?

Yuki was in a state of bewilderment and was just standing still until she noticed him stand as well. She inched backwards, she doesn't know but she felt vulnerable with his nearness. She stopped when she felt that her back was on the wall.

"Don't play with me Ken. You know what has happened to me. You could not possibly like me. We just met…it is…"

Before she knew what happened, she was in his arms, and his lips was on hers. Yuki's eyes widened upon the realization that he just kissed her.

She used her arms to push him, but he caught her wrists and pinned them at her back while he continued to kiss her. Yuki felt nauseated. Her mind screamed for Eto. She could feel his pure lust, emanating from his body. As he tried to force her mouth open, she forcefully bit his lower lip.

"Argggh!" Ken stepped backwards as he touched his bleeding lip. He looked unbelievably at Yuki's flushed face.

"Don't come near me, Ken." Yuki said, she was breathing heavily. She tried to wipe the sensation of his kiss on her lips by her palms. Her action irritated and aroused Ken's desire further. He took a step closer.

"If you take one step closer, I will bite my tongue." Yuki said, meaning every word of it. She saw him hesitated. "Please Ken, don't touch me anymore. I am filthy already from that man's touch. Please, don't make me hate myself anymore!" She was almost crying, and her words finally made its way through his cold heart.

She thought she saw him about to touch her, but then, he pulled his mask again and left her alone in the room. His movement was as swift as the wind, just like the assassin that he is.

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