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   Chapter 47 The order

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 9617

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Eto was sitting on his chair, with both hands clasped together in front of him. He listened to the investigator as he made his report. It has been 1 week since Yuki disappeared from the room where Mariko and Shoto supposedly took her. The investigator believed that Yuki has been abducted by another who has some things to settle with Eto. Eto could not say that his presumption was wrong, as being a politician, he has many enemies. Up to now, he has been able to thwart many attempts to harm him, but he never expected that this would happen just in time when Yuki voluntarily walked away from him.

"So, any progress from your agents?" He asked the chief.

"Yes Senator, just this morning I received a call from one of them, they traced your wife, and the man who took her. But, we have an even bigger problem." The chief wipe the sweat from his forehead, he was obviously uncomfortable with the information he has at hand.

Eto straightened on his chair.

"What is it?"

"The man who took your wife.. he .. he seemed to be the.. assassin that the police has been trying to pin down for almost a decade."

Eto felt like something was crushed inside him.


Yuki was abducted by an assassin?

Just what is going on? An assassin is a killer, why abduct her?

"Explain in detail, chief." Eto said, feeling even more apprehensive about the situation.

When Aki and Yuki were abducted before, it was resolved in less than 24 hours. Because the kidnapper was an ordinary villain. But this time, the one who abducted Yuki is an assassin, worse, an assassin that the police cannot capture for about a decade already.

"There is an assassin who has been on and off from our grasp. By on and off we mean, he is not constantly doing his job as an assassin. There is no pattern to his work, and there are no evidences left as well. We could not even say that he is indeed the assassin that we have been looking for. He was more slippery than an eel."

"However, we can tell that he is the one working because most of the time, somebody in the government is involved. Like you are, Mr. Senator. We could not say if he is working alone or with somebody or with a group. There were no witnesses, not even camera could capture him. But one thing is certain, he kills all his victims in a precise manner. Just like the one with Ms. Sato and Mr. Harada. He knows the exact place in the human body where even a 1 attack could certainly kill."

Eto swallowed his saliva, he could feel his gut tightening, because of his fear for Yuki's life.

Let her be safe, please.

"But this morning, one secret agent saw your wife, she was still alive. When the agent saw her, the assassin was with her. By the looks of it, the assassin was accompanying her. So we believe that any day or any time, you might be contacted by him or by his employer, Senator."

Eto felt re

. He would have want to watch her sleep.

Will he be able to kill her when this job is over?

There was never an order to kill her, after all. If the order will not change, he could just release her to go back to her son. Her family. Ken is not sure if her family would still be complete. The employer obviously has revenge on his mind for the Senator.

As with Yuki, as much as he could, he prefer not to have her killed. She is a good soul. She has been through the hardest childhood, and he would have at least wished for her to have a better life ahead.

Ken smiled bitterly to himself.


He has no right to even think about that word. His hands are bloodied, his soul is already just one step away from hell. If his wish would be granted, the one who would grant it would definitely be Satan, not God. Anyway, he does not believe in God, so there's not much difference in that.

Then, his phone vibrated.

He put the earphone and answered.

"Boss, "

"Our order has changed Ken."

"What is it?" For once, Ken dreaded to hear his job order.

"In 3 days, you will take her at the location I will send to you. Once the other side gave the go signal, dispatch her."

Ken gulped unknowingly. It was the first time he felt hesitant with the order that he received.

"Dispatch?" He repeated the word, as if by doing so, the order will change.

His boss did not answer for a moment. Ken heard him deep sigh, and knew that his boss felt that something is awry with how he responded.

"Ken, an assassin has no pity."

I don't pity her…it was… more than pity.

"I know that." Ken said curtly.

"Then follow the order, Ken." His boss' hard response.

"I understand."

"Remember, you are being watched, all the time." The reminder served as a warning to Ken. He knew then that what he was feeling for Yuki should not hinder his order. The boss' order is absolute.

"Yes, boss."

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