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   Chapter 46 The blue-eyed saviour

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 10102

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Yuki saw a blue ceiling when she opened her eyes. She blinked several times before she fully opened her eyes, only to shut them again tightly as she felt the throbbing pain in her abdomen.

"Don't move."

It was a cold voice from a man, devoid of any emotion.

The man looked at the pained expression on Yuki's eyes. He was observing her intently when her gaze captured his own.

It was Yuki's first time to see an actual blue eyes in Japan. She found it quite unnerving. It's like she was looking at the sky, very serene, but distant.

She could not see his face, but she could deduce that he must be handsome. A black cloth covered his nose and below. She could only see his smooth forehead, thick and dark eyebrows that is typical of most foreign men, and thick eyelashes over his pair of deep-set bluish round eyes. She could make out his pointed nose from the mask.

"W-who are you?" Yuki asked in a weak voice, every syllable feels like an effort for her.

The man did not say anything, he just continued to watch her.

Could it be that this man could not understand Japanese, but then he said 'don't move' just a while back, right?

"Excuse me…"

"Don't move and don't speak too much." The man said again, in an impassive voice, and he stood form his chair. Yuki followed his every move.

He was tall, maybe almost similar with Eto, but Eto is more muscular. The man was wearing a set of hooded navy blue sweatshirt and pants, with black sneakers. However, Yuki noticed that his movements are very fine, she could not even hear his footsteps.

After a while, he returned to where he was sitting before, with s plastic cup in his hand. He placed the cup at the bedside table, along with some tablets.

"This is pain medicine. Drink it when you feel pain." He said and stood up, he strode towards the door and upon placing his hand on the doorknob, he turned to her again. "You are not safe yet, but be strong."

With that, the blue-eyed man went out of the room. Yuki heard that the door was locked from the outside. She sighed and closed her eyes. The last thing she remembered was Mariko's husband ripping her camisole.

What happened to them? What happened after that? Was she raped again?

She felt her eyes began to get watery, and she tried to refrain from crying again. Nothing will happen if she would give in to depression. She has to be strong, as the man said. She wants to be with Aido, and Eto again.


"Yes, I got to her in time. Yes, I killed both of them. I know… sorry.. it's just… yes. Her husband arrived just a minute after I left with her. I see, I shall wait for your further order."

As soon as the phone call was over, Ken pull out his face mask. An X mark was seen on his chin, just below his lower lip. It was a mark not made by a tattoo, but rather an ominous mark made by a knife. He touched his mark, and his eyes turned to narrow slits. He finished the remaining of his black coffee, and returned his mask to cover his nose up to his neck once again.

asp and it broke into pieces just near her bare feet.

"I'm so sorry, " without turning her head, she said as soon as she realized that she broke the glass and tried to kneel down to collect the pieces of the glass. The action made her wound ache. Ken was in front of her, without her noticing it, and without another word, he lifted her up and returned her to the bed.

Yuki blushed at the proximity of their body. Only Eto has been able to carry her like that.

Ken went back to where the broken glass was and started cleaning it. Yuki felt guilty. It was her fault that the glass was broken, and he was the one cleaning her mess. When Ken finished cleaning the floor and trashing the broken glass, he looked at Yuki. Yuki felt scared at his fixed gaze.

Is he angry at me?

"Look, I…"

Ken went out all of a sudden, leaving her in the middle of her apology. She felt embarrassed.

Then, he returned again, with a box in his hand. Without saying anything, he dropped on his knees and touched her feet. Yuki was taken aback by the action when she saw that her feet are bleeding.

It must be from the broken glass.

The man cleaned her wounds and sanitized it with alcohol, then put some band-aids on it. All the while, Yuki was observing him closely. His jet black hair was cut short like a soldier, and his forehead has some beads of sweat forming on it.

When he finished, he stood up and was about to leave when Yuki caught his hand. He stopped in his tracks like he was touched by an electricity. He pulled his hand instantly.

Yuki was stunned, but she managed to force a small smile.

"Sorry, I did not mean to break the glass, and to startle you just now. I just want to… thank you and know your name. You are the one who saved me, right?"


Ken found the word alien in his vocabulary. He is an assassin. He kill, not save.

But for some unknown reason, he turned to her, met her gaze, and answered her question in a tone unfamiliar to him.

"Yes, I saved you. I'm Ken."

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