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   Chapter 45 The evil incarnate

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 9326

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"Oh, you look so surprised, my dear daughter. Yes, you heard it right. I was the one who filmed your video tapes. It was my idea after all." Mariko looked at Yuki with pure hatred and envy.

Yuki did not realize that she was weeping, until she felt the tears streamed down her cheeks.

Her own mother was there the whole time that she was being assaulted and ravaged? Since when did she stop being a mother to her?

"How could you do that to your own daughter? You are heartless Mariko!" Yuki shouted in agony.

She might have accepted the fact that she was raped, but this, her own mother knowing it and filming it.

Mariko laughed in sinister voice. Her eyes were throwing daggers at Yuki.

"Indeed Yuki! I am heartless. It was because of you! You took everything away from me. It was a huge mistake for me to give birth to you! Because of you, I was not able to bear a child anymore! Because of you, Tatsuya, the only man I ever loved, turned all his attention towards you! I hate you, do you understand? If I could have just killed you before you were born I would have done it." Mariko was caught up in her own delirious world, as she began to walk towards Yuki, unmindful of Shoto's already naked body, waiting for her order.

"Because of you, Yuki, I learned to cheat Tatsuya. You made me become unfaithful to him. As if you were not happy that you took his full attention from me, he died because of you. Did you know that?"

Yuki could not believe what she was hearing. She is not sure that Mariko was telling the truth, but she knows that Mariko is not on her proper mind now to create some fake stories. What did she ever do for her own mother to hate her?

"Now, I will tell you another shocking truth, ok? Did you know that your grandparents were the one who killed your father? Yes, it was not a car accident. It was suicide. When I sent the videotapes of you being raped, your stupid grandparents thought that the masked man was Tatsuya. Well, I could not blame them. It was my plan to make them believe that the man was indeed their son."

"Did you know how I did it? I knew that Tatsuya has a tattoo on his back. So, I paid a man to have the same tattoo on his back, paid him to rape you so many times, and killed him. Yes, I killed that pathetic man. After then, I sent the video tape to your grandparents. The old man almost died of heart attack. But I did not expect them to kill Tatsuya by suicide. After all, I did love your father. Well, his death gave me lots of money so I guess it was enough as payment for the years that he neglected me."

Yuki wanted to cover her ears. She was just cursing Mariko in her mind. Her grandfather, her grandmother, how painful it must be for them to decide to kill their own son! Yuki felt remorseful to her grandparen

camera caught sight of Mariko, walking towards Yuki. The conversation was caught as well in the recording. Everybody in the room found it inconceivable that Mariko was the one responsible for what happened to her own child, to the death of her own husband and father-in-law, and the death of the real masked man who ravaged Yuki.

Then, the recording flashed Shoto slowly advancing towards Yuki with an obvious malicious intent. Eto's heart was almost ripped apart when Yuki shouted his name.

Eto! Help me!

Her screams pierced through his ears.


Eto was almost hyperventilating with rage. He went out of the room, seeing a tree nearby, he began punching the tree while shouting. Hiro and Yano watched Eto as he relieved himself of his fury. After a couple of minutes, Hiro walked towards him and stopped him, as his fists were already bleeding.

Yano felt pity towards Eto, and his insides clenched tight as well upon remembering the contents of the video recording.

How evil was Yuki's mother.

"Calm yourself, Eto!" Hiro said loudly, as Eto still tried to free himself from Hiro's grasp.

"Damn it, Hiro! You're telling me to calm down after seeing that? Would you calm down if that was Ivy?" Hiro punched Eto, and the latter fell on the ground. Yano ran towards Hiro, seeing how his boss was getting ready to pound on Eto once again.

"Stop being a child Eto! Use your head to find Yuki now, even if you break your hands by punching that tree, it won't bring Yuki back!" Hiro became irritated at Eto's words. The thought of Ivy having to undergo the same thing was enough for him to turn crazy as hell.

Eto touched his aching jaw.

Damn! What a strong punch!

"You're barking at the wrong tree, man." Hiro said, after calming down. He freed himself from Yano and walked towards Eto, he offered him his hand. Eto accepted.

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