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   Chapter 44 Yuki’s acceptance

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Eto looked into the empty bed, as if he could not believe what he is seeing. His right foot stepped forward, as if it takes a lot of effort for every step he made in order to reach her bed. He stood there, his fists closed and opened, wondering what to do. He finally saw a piece of paper under her pillow.

He took it with trembling hands. After reading the contents for a few times, he crumpled the paper in his fist, sat on the chair, and after a few moments, his shoulders began to shake.


Eto looked at the sleeping Aido. He called his parents after learning that Yuki went out of the hospital, in her own volition. The piece of paper she left for him was enough proof.

Eto, I need some time to accept myself. I had been living a lie for 18 years. I feel so incomplete. Once I'm whole, I will come back to you, and to Aido. I love you.


He looked tenderly at the sleeping Aido, keeping the crumpled paper in his pocket.

Yuki, if you think I will let you find yourself alone, you are wrong. I am your husband. I will never leave you. If you need to find yourself, you have to do it with me. I won't accept you going without me.

As soon as his parents arrived, he told then what happened.

"I will go and find Yuki, Father, Mother. Please take care of Aido for the meantime."

Eiji looked straight to his son's eyes. He smiled, seeing how Eto has changed. He patted Eto's shoulder.

"Go on son. Bring your wife back."

With an unwavering expression on his face, Eto went out of the hospital. He has no idea where Yuki could probably go. She does not have any friends that he knew of in Tokyo. He remembered the video tapes. He made a phone call to Chika.

He stopped for a moment in their house as he waited for Chika to bring the whole parcel to him. He put the parcel inside the car and went away.


Eto felt sick after watching all the video tapes. There were 7 tapes, all were the same with the tape that Sachiko left for him. Yuki has been ravaged so many times. Every time, she was bleeding, screaming, and begging for help. The last video tape has recorded an audio. But the sound was manipulated so as not to be determined whether the speaker was a man or a woman.

He made a phone call, and stopped by at some coffeeshop, waiting for the detective that he called. He gave them the last tape and ordered them to find out the identity of the one on the audio. After then, he went out to look for Yuki, his first stop, the Yamamoto house.


Mariko looked at the sleeping face of Yuki. It was her lucky day. She has been waiting at the hospital for 2 weeks now, since Yuki gave birth. She has been almost sleeping in her car when she saw her exited at the hospital, looking as fragile as she was. When Yuki stopped on the gate, she drove her car and stopped in front of her. Shoto pulled Yuki inside and made her sleep before she can shout for help.

Their patience has finally bear fruit.


Yuki woke up. She realized that her hands and feet are tied. But she can see. She was lying on a bed, and the room has one small light turned on. It was a well-made room, with the bed she is on at the center. She tried to sit down, and felt the pain of the surgery on her stomach. Her eye roamed around the room. She saw two small doors which she presumed would lead to the toilet and the bathroom. On the left side is the space for dining, and kitchen. It even has some tables and drawers and cabinets. Beside her is a bedside table with a lamp, and a sofa that can accommodate one person to sleep.

On her right is a window, covered with a dark-beige blinds. She was looking at the door when it opened. She saw Mariko and her husband, Yuki looked at them scornfully. She wondered why does it have to be Mariko who has to give birth to her.

Mariko has a malicious smirk on her face as she saw that Yuki was already awake. She motioned for Shoto, and the man started to assemble a video camera on a tripod.

"How do you feel Yuki?" Mariko said, sitting on one chair 2 feet away from the bed. She was obviously cautious as she knows that Yuki has learned taekwondo.

"Great, thanks to you Mariko." Yuki snapped, her eyes devoid of any emotion.

"How did you like the video tapes that I sent to you?" Mariko lighted a cigarette, all the while not taking her eyes off Yuki.

"You are sick Mariko." Yuki has watched only the first 3 tapes when she felt an excruciating pain on her head and on her navel. Before she knew what was happening, she was throwing and trashing everything she could touch at their bedroom. When she stopped the violent reaction, that's when she felt a gush of blood on her thighs. She then called for Chika and the others.

The whole time that she was on the ambulance, the scenes on the video tapes kept on flashing on her mind. It was like muddled images

she often see on her head. She then realized that those scenes were scenes from her past.

So, she was raped when she was a child.

Unexpectedly, Yuki accepted the truth as it was. At the back of her mind, she had always known that there was something missing within her. Sometimes, she would find herself talking with herself as if there are two different personalities within her. Now she understood. The Yuki who grew up not remembering that she was raped, and the Yukina who could not forget her horrible past.

When she finally remembered during her stay in the hospital, she felt dirty. She could not bear Eto's presence at all. She felt that the mere sight of him would make her vomit from feeling so dirty. As the days went by, she finally accepted the truth. She could not escape from it after all. Her past is connected to her present and future, no matter how she tried to think about it.

Therefore, she chose to leave Eto and her child for the meantime. When she saw how fragile and small Aido was, she could not help but blame herself. If she did not throw a fit, she could have carried him full term. He would not be put in such a cold empty room, all by himself, looking so tiny and so alone.

Every now and then, whenever she was asking Eto if he loves her, he would answer yes. But never once did Eto told her the words by himself. She then realized that Eto was still holding his emotions in check. She could feel that Eto cared for her genuinely, not just for the baby. She was not a fool. Their attraction to each other was mutual.

But, how could she tell him about her past? Would he accept her once he learned the truth?

Her thoughts were cut when Shoto moved towards her. He was trying to get a better angle from the camera. She inched farther from the edge of the bed.

"Yuki, I have to commend you. You learned your past and you're still sane." Mariko was disappointed that Yuki is still on her right mind. She was expecting her to lose her sanity upon learning the truth.

"I'm not a child anymore, Mariko." Yuki answered.

That's true. She's old enough to accept the reality that life is not fair.

"Well, I wonder if you realized who was the man behind the mask, Yuki."

Yuki did not answer. All this time, she was also thinking about that. Who was the man behind the mask who raped her. Her tied hands formed into tight fists behind her. She has already began to untie herself.

Yuki's silence annoyed Mariko. She was hoping that Yuki would lose her cool. But she appeared to be unperturbed even when she mentioned the masked man.

Mariko stood from her chair and walked towards Yuki. However, she still maintained her distance.

"Don't you want to know who was the first man who took your virginity, Yuki?" Mariko smiled at her evilly. Yuki wanted to slap her so hard, but she tried to be composed and keep her calm. She knows that Mariko wanted to make her angry.

"If you want to tell me Mariko, say it. If no, then it's alright. I have accepted the fact that I was raped, you could not make me crazy about it anymore."

Mariko looked at her with disbelief. She could not be hearing the right words from Yuki. How could she just accept what happened to her?


"Mariko, I'm ready." Shoto's words called Mariko's attention. Mariko sneered at Yuki, as she walked towards Shoto.

"What are you planning to do Mariko? Have you lost your mind already? My husband will not let you off the hook with this." Yuki saw a flicker of fear on Shoto's eyes.

Mariko looked sharply at Yuki, and she smiled sweetly.

"Yuki, tsk, tsk. Do you know that somebody powerful is also behind us? We are not afraid of your darling senator anymore. After this, we can enjoy our life free from worries."

Mariko turned towards Shoto, who looked at her with apprehension in his eyes. He knows that this plan was not part of their boss' plan, but only of Mariko. He shuddered in fear as he remembered the boss.

"Shoto, start working now. Wear that mask and rape her. We will send this video to Senator Iguchi." Mariko said and turned to wide-eyed Yuki. "Since you already accepted that you were raped when you were a child, let's try to repeat it for your husband's sake, shall we? I wonder if Senator Iguchi will still accept you once he watched this video."

"Mariko! You're evil! What did I ever do to you to treat me like this?" Yuki became frightened. She might have accepted the fact that she was raped, but she could not bear that it would happen to her again.

She would rather die.

"Ha-ha! Where's your courage now Yuki? Suddenly afraid that your beloved Senator might not accept you this time?" She turned to Shoto. "What are you doing Shoto, go on and remove your clothes already. I will handle the filming, just like I did in the past."

Yuki's eyes widened at Mariko's words.

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