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   Chapter 43 Yuki disappeared

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 9282

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On the 29th week of Yuki's pregnancy, Eto was summoned to the court regarding the case against Maki. Yuki was left at the house. It was during lunchtime when another parcel was delivered at the Iguchi house, this time, the name written on the sender was Yuki's grandmother's name. The parcel was received by the footman, and when Yuki stood at the door waiting for the parcel, he had no choice but to give it to her.

Yuki's forehead frowned as she saw Sachiko's name. This is no doubt, a work done by Mariko. She tore the cover and what she saw there are several videotapes. There was no note on it. The video tapes were marked with numbers, from 1-7. There are 7 video tapes.

Yuki went to their bedroom to watch the video tapes. The footman already called Eto and told him about the parcel. Without further ado, Eto left the court in haste, leaving his lawyer and the others in surprise. He crossed many red lights with his Roadster, and when he finally arrived at the house, he saw an ambulance in the driveway.

Eto immediately jumped out of the car as soon as he took the seatbelt off. His heart felt like it was beating faster and stronger.


Just then, his father and mother came out of the house, they were following a stretcher.

Eto felt his head enlarged upon seeing Yuki lying on it. Her face was pale, and there's blood on the white sheets. Her expression was blank, and she was just staring straight into the space, oblivious of what's happening around her.

"Yuki!" Eto's voiced echoed as he went near her. The medics already placed Yuki inside the ambulance, and Eto went inside as well. Eiji and Risa told him that they will follow them on the car.

The whole time that the ambulance was on the road, Eto kept on calling Yuki's name. She seemed to be in a stupor. She was unmoving, except for her lips that would move once in a while, forming words but no sound would emerge from her mouth. Hey eyes were glassy, as if she was unseeing.

Eto held her right hand firmly, softly stroking her cheeks.

"Yuki, bear with me, my love."

At his voice, a flicker of recognition was seen on Yuki's eyes. With a slow movement of her head, she turned towards Eto.

"Eto?" she whispered.

"Yes, Yuki, I'm here for you." Eto's eye lit up upon seeing that Yuki has recognized him.

"Eto, do you still want me?"

Eto was surprised at her question. Why this question?

"Of course Yuki. I want you so much." He said, kissing her cheek to emphasize his words.

A faint smile crossed her pale lips, tears streamed down the side of her cheeks. Her appearance made Eto's heart cry out.

"Do you love me Eto?"

He felt a lump on his throat. Does he love her? Eto had no time to analyze his feelings for her, the only thing he knew at the moment

he other side, making him hard to feed her. So, he just pretended not to notice her scrutiny.

Eto believed that the video tapes that Yuki watched was the same video tape that he did. Therefore, it explained her disturbed behavior. He does not know if she fully remembered her past, but the video tape is a solid proof of what has happened to her. He respected her silence as he thought that it was her means of coping with the truth. Eto did not try to open up the topic, for fear that it will elicit a depression on her.

However, before he goes to bed on her side, Yuki would always ask him the same thing.

"Eto, do you love me?"

He would always reply "yes" or "of course" to her, and she would just remain quiet and would close her eyes.

Eto filed for a leave of absence from the office for 2 weeks, as the doctor said that Yuki can be discharged after then. However, Aido should still remain for another 2 weeks. On the day of her discharge, Eto instructed Chika and the others to prepare a sumptuous and nutritious meal for Yuki. He even ordered fresh pink and blue roses and scattered the petals on their bed. He knows how much Yuki likes the blue and pink roses. He even brought with him a bouquet of the same colors.

He was on the nurse's station, arranging her discharge paper when he noticed the tension among the nurses. Then, he saw some staff running here and there, as if they were looking for something, or somebody. Out of curiosity, Eto stopped one nurse.

"What's going on?"

"Sorry, we are looking for a patient. She is missing."

Eto frowned. A sense of foreboding crawled towards his chest.

"Who is the patient?"

"The one at room 604."

The bouquet fell from his hands as he instinctively ran towards Yuki's room, his heart suddenly felt like it was about to split into half. He found the room empty.

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