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   Chapter 42 Mariko Sato’s hate

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 9508

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They went home together after that. From one corner of the street, Mariko crossed her arms as she observed how Eto wrapped his arms protectively around Yuki.

So, the bitch is now pregnant.

She snorted and threw murderous glances at Yuki. Even though Yuki is indeed her child, the only feeling she has for her now is hate and envy. The reason, Yuki took everything away from her.


Mariko Sato was left by her parents in an orphanage. Fortunately, the people in the orphanage were all good to her, and because she was smart, she was able to get scholarships and made her way to a good high school. There, she met Tatsuya Nakamura. He was a kind guy, and very good in both academics and sports. Most of the girls in the school coveted him. Mariko set her eyes on getting Tatsuya, and when she got pregnant with his child, he married her. She was able to finish high school before she gave birth to Yukina.

When she gave birth to Yukina, she almost died of labor. The doctor told her afterwards that they had to remove her ovaries due to complications which could have killed her. She could never get pregnant again.

It made Mariko sad, but Tatsuya and his parents were very supportive of her. Tatsuya told her that there is no need to be sad as they already have Yukina, she would be enough for them to have a complete family. Over time, Mariko forgot the sadness of not being able to bear a child again.

Everything was ok. Tatsuya found a full time job in an electronics company and was earning enough to support them. Additionally, his parents were working as government employees. In short, their lifestyle was in the average sector.

At first, Mariko was satisfied in being a plain housewife. Tatsuya was so good to her. But 3 years after giving birth, she noticed that Tatsuya became passive in bed. They were both young, she was just 21 years old, and already Tatsuya won't give her what she needs. They began to have some petty quarrels. It made Mariko look out for somebody else's attention. Mariko even started to use illegal drugs.

However, she still successfully pretended to be a good wife in front of Tatsuya and his parents.

When Yukina turned 8 years old, they held a small children's party at their house. One of the parents present then commented on Yukina.

"What a pretty child. I bet that when she grows up, she will be more beautiful than you, Mariko."

Mariko laughed at it, it was an obvious joke. At 26 years old, she was still young and beautiful. She took care of her skin and her body so that she will remain attractive to Tatsuya. But he was not so into it anymore. When Yukina was 5 years old, Tatsuya began sleeping in a separate room.

Day by day, Mariko started noticing that Yukina is indeed a pretty child. She got her looks from both her and Tatsuya. When Tatsuya is free, he would

s her hair for a few moments until she finally calmed down.

"It was the mask Eto." She said after her sobbing finally subsided. "I dreamed about a man wearing the mask, it was so scary."

Eto became uneasy. Until now, she had many bad dreams but she would always forget about them as soon as she wakes up. Only now that she was still able to remember her dream.

The hypnotic treatment has started to wear off?

He continued to placate her until she finally fell asleep again. Eto remained awake, thinking of too many possibilities for their future.


"Good morning, Senator." Miss Saito greeted Eto as he stepped out from the elevator. Eto nodded at her, and stopped.

"Miss Saito, can you come to my office in 5 minutes? I want to talk with you."

After 5 minutes, he heard a knock on the door. When he said come in, Miss Saito entered, with a dignified look on her face.

"Miss Saito, I want to tell you that I appreciate how efficiently you are carrying your job." Eto started, he stood up and walked near Miss Saito. "Yesterday, Yuki called you and asked you to let me talk to her but you did not allow her, is that right?"

"Yes, Senator. You were in a very important meeting…"

"Miss Saito, I understand your reasoning. But let me tell you that from this moment, all calls from Yuki shall be connected directly to me, without delay. No matter what kind of meeting I am into, you have to step in and let me take her call, understood?"

A flash of surprise was seen on Miss Saito's face, but she did not answer back.

"I know what you think Miss Saito. All I can say is, the most important for me is Yuki. Not my job. I hope that I make myself clear. You can go back to your work if you have no further question."

"Yes Senator, I understand. It will never happen again, thank you."

When the door closed behind Miss Saito, a strange smile crossed her lips.

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