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   Chapter 41 Red demon mask

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It has been two weeks since Maki was placed in the police custody as the prime suspect for Anna's death. Eto assigned Attorney Nakayama to defend him as the best criminal lawyer in Tokyo. Meanwhile, Eto is having a hard time coping up with the absence of Maki. Although Yuki basically knows her job, she was actually doing only a third of Maki's tasks. Eto was confident that Yuki could learn everything quickly but at her condition, he will not risk putting all the stress on her. Because of that, he decided to hire a temporary secretary form the HR department.

The new secretary is a middle-aged woman who has been in the secretary of the HR department for 5 years already. She has a disciplined aura with her and looked like a strict school librarian. As she stood in front of Eto's desk, her eyes roamed around his office in a swift motion, not being noticed by Eto.

"Miss Saito, I do believe that you have been briefed by the HR that this is just a temporary assignment. In the event that my personal assistant, Mr. Hayashi returned, you will have to go back to the HR."

"Yes, I understand Senator." Miss Saito answered respectfully.

Eto stood up and closed the folder that contains her files.

"Ok, let us go outside the secretariat and I will introduce you to your only officemate."

Eto walked first and opened the door for her. Miss Saito walked out, followed by Eto and they went straight to where Yuki was sitting, working on her computer. Eto's usually impassive eyes warmed as he looked at Yuki's serious work mode.

"Yuki, "

Yuki looked up and saw Eto, and the woman who looked like a school principal. She stood up and smiled. At 19 weeks, Yuki's belly is beginning to show. Now, she started wearing maternity clothes under the blazer, due to Eto's insistence of course.

"This is Miss Saito. She will start working here today temporarily until Maki returns. Miss Saito, this is Yuki Iguchi, my wife. She handles all my appointments and schedules. Other than that, everything will be your job."

Miss Saito smiled and bowed at Yuki respectfully, and Yuki did the same.

"You have a beautiful wife, Senator." Miss Saito remarked, and it made Yuki feel shy. She is not accustomed to outright complement.

Eto smiled and placed on hand on Yuki's shoulder.

"Indeed, Miss Saito. Anyway, I shall leave you here as I have to do my job as well. I hope you will get used to your new place, Miss Saito." He turned to Yuki, "I'll see you at lunch."


The whole morning, Miss Saito familiarized herself with all the tasks that Maki usually did. It is a good thing that Maki is a very organized person. The pattern of his work was listed in chronology at his calendar of activities. When the bell for lunchtime rang, Yuki stood up to go to Eto's office.

"Miss Yuki, " Miss Saito called on to Yuki. She stopped near the door and turned.


r Mariko and Shoto's movement. Although somebody has been keeping an eye on Yuki every time she goes out by herself, the person might not be close enough to her to protect her.

He kept on dialing Yuki's phone but he couldn't get through. Why is it turned off?

As he was nearing the station, his eyes was already roaming around the streets looking for the coffee shop. Until he saw the large sign, he immediately parked his car across the street and almost run towards the coffee shop. As he entered, his eyes roamed hurriedly for Yuki. He saw her sitting alone on one corner, her back was on him but he could not be mistaken.

He walked straight to her, and when he was near her, he realized that Yuki was just staring blankly into the space. He cleared his throat, and touched her shoulder.

"Yuki, "

At the familiar voice, Yuki turned and met Eto's gaze. Her eyes widened upon seeing him, not expecting to find him there. She forced a smile as she stood up.

"Eto, what are you doing here?"

Eto silently let out a thankful prayer that Yuki was alright. She doesn't seem to be in any problem either. He sat opposite to her.

"I'm supposed to be the one asking you that. I thought I made it clear that you are not allowed to go out alone right? Especially not without me." He was keeping his voice steady, but the fear that he felt when he could not contact her made his voice sound brusque.

Yuki casted him an apologetic smile.

"I'm sorry Eto. It's just that I tried to call you before going out but Miss Saito said you are in an important meeting. So I just left her a message to tell you that I'll be meeting Mariko here. Unfortunately, Mariko did not arrive. My phone is now turned off due to low battery so I could not even make a call. Besides, I am not alone. Alfred is with me over there." She motioned towards Alfred, who bowed his head to Eto. He was sitting a few tables away from them.

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