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   Chapter 40 Maki is a suspect

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 9206

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The next day, it was already 8:15AM but Maki has not arrived yet. Eto and Yuki stood outside the door, waiting for Maki, at 8:20AM, Eto decided to use the Roadster to go to the office with Yuki. Prior to that, he left a message to Maki telling him that they went to the office already.

In 8 years, it was the first time that Maki did not arrive on time to pick him up, and Eto was concerned. When they arrived at the office, he was surprised to see 2 uniformed policemen waiting for him. They greeted him as he went out of the elevator.

His arms went around Yuki protectively on instinct.

"Good morning Senator Iguchi, " an older policeman, who seemed to be the captain, bowed respectfully at Eto and Yuki. The younger policeman followed suit. They showed their badges and stated their names.

"Good morning Officers, what can I do for you?" Eto asked.

The two policemen looked at each other.

"Can we go inside your office first, Senator? We would like to ask you a few questions."

Eto was hesitating whether to bring Yuki with him or just left her in the secretariat. Seeing the reluctance on his face, Yuki touched him softly in his arm.

"I will be fine here Eto." She said, giving him a confident smile.

He nodded and squeezed her back lightly, and he opened the door to his office. Yuki went to the secretariat and began doing her own work as well.


"We are now keeping your assistant, Maki Hayashi, with us at the police station. He is regarded as one of the persons of interest about Miss Anna Ueda's death."

Eto could not believe his ears. Maki is a suspect? Anna is dead?

"Care to enlighten me on this matter, Officer?" Eto asked.

"Miss Anna Ueda was found dead in her apartment last night at around 9:45PM. It was her neighbor who called 110 and reported seeing blood seeping from her door to the corridor. The police arrived 3 minutes after and broke her apartment open. She was found lying just near her door, death by multiple stab wounds. The time of her death was 9:15PM."

Eto's head felt bigger at the news. She was just here yesterday, he thought. Who could have killed her?

"I see, so have you found the culprit?"

"We have two suspects, one of them is Mr. Hayashi."

Eto frowned.

"Miss Ueda is Maki's cousin. What would be his motive to kill her? Why was he listed as a suspect?"

"He was seen on the camera living Miss Ueda's apartment on a hurry at 9:20PM."

Eto was shocked. Was it just a coincidence?

"We are here to ask you if you have something that you can tell us about Miss Ueda and Mr. Hayashi's relationship."

"Relationship? I told you they are cousins."

The police officers look at each other.

"Senator, I believe that Miss Ueda has just started working in

f in that situation."

Maki was almost shivering, as he remembered how frightened he was seeing the blood. When he arrived home, that's when he noticed that some blood stuck on his shoes. Not wanting to be a suspect, he immediately took off his shoes and threw it away on the trash can outside his apartment. About 5 hours after, policemen were knocking on his door and he was taken to the station as one of the suspects.

Eto could not believe what happened. How the story of Maki matches with the police report, and how he was the only one who was caught entering and leaving the apartment during the time that Anna was killed. All evidences point out to him. But Eto does not believe that Maki is the culprit.

"Maki, where is your cellphone?"

"The policeman in-charge of me took it as part of evidence. I showed them her message as I did not delete it."

"Are you sure that it was Anna who sent you the message Maki?" Eto asked.

"Yes Senator."

"How? I mean have you been in contact with her before?"

Maki finally realized why Eto was asking about the message. Now that he think about it, when he was strolling on some shops near the office, his phone vibrated for a new message. It was from an unregistered number but he read it anyway. When he read the message, he automatically think that it was from Anna based from the content of the message.

"No Senator. Last night was the first night she contacted me. Now that you mention it, I never gave her my phone number, and I didn't know her number either."

Eto looked at the lawyer, upon the lawyer's agreement, he leaned towards Maki and said in a low voice.

"Maki, the police recovered Anna's phone, which is the one registered to the network company. It was not the number that was used to send you the message."

Maki's eyes widened. He was trapped.

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