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   Chapter 39 You are a shameless bitch

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Aside from Eto, 5 older diet members were there with him during the meeting. They kept on eyeing Anna as she served them coffee, and she smiled at them demurely, lowering her gaze and leaving them with a shy smile. Only Eto was not affected by her sexual appeal.

As Anna returned to the corner where the coffee is brewing, one man leaned forward to Eto.

"Mr. Iguchi, you found yourself a beautiful wife, and now an even more beautiful secretary. Aren't you becoming too lucky? Why don't you let her be assigned to my office instead. I believe you don't like having many staff right? I am actually short-handed."

Eto could understand the man's thinking. Anna is indeed very beautiful for she has won in an international beauty pageant 6 years ago, where he first met her. He was one of the judges. He voted for her as she really deserved it. She was both lovely and intelligent.

Eto was attracted to her, physically, like any man would be. But what they had was a 48-hours deal in bed. She was the one who offered herself to him. She was just 20 years old then, but already an expert in bed. After satiating each other's desire, they separated like an old acquaintance. No strings attached. He could not see why she would think that he would even miss her.

"She is Maki's cousin, and is just here for a 6-month intern. If you want her to be transferred in your office then you can talk to her yourself. You're right, I don't like having many staff." Eto said impassively, knowing that his answer could be heard by all of them, even by Anna herself.

Anna's hand trembled and bit her lower lip in anger. She knows that Eto has no feelings for her whatsoever, but does he have to make it sound like he doesn't give a damn what happened to her? She felt that if only she could touch him, he would give in to her temptation. She could not believe that he won't be attracted to her anymore. Anna has confidence on her beauty and sex appeal.

"I will do that later then, Mr. Iguchi. Don't blame me if she moved to my office soon." The man announced, giving Anna a malicious once-over.

The meeting finished at around 5:15PM. Everybody prepared to go out of the room, and as Anna was cleaning the table, the man who has been hungrily looking at her walked behind her and deliberately touched her butt.

Anna felt it but did not react, she just stood straight with a smile on her face, and bid everybody goodbye. Eto noticed what happened but he didn't care. He knows how lecherous the man is, but it's not his business.

"Eto, " Anna called out his name softly as he was preparing his things as well. He pressed the intercom and called Yuki.

"Yuki, please wait for me in 10 minutes more, I am just finishing something here, ok?"

Anna thought that it was her cue, Eto was giving her 10 minutes to be with him. With an adamant look on her face, she walked towards him.


Yuki find it odd that Eto would call her and ask her to wait for 10 minutes when all the members of the meeting went out already. Besides, Anna is with him. Something's fishy, she thought. She looked at her watch.

If Anna won't come out in 3 minutes, I will go in.

She kept on tapping her finger on the keyboard as she was intently looking at her watch. At exactly 3 minutes, she stood up. She went to open the door, only to find it locked.

Why would they lock the door!

She went back to the office and walked straight to Maki.

"Maki, give me the spare key." She said directly.

Maki looked at her surprisingly. He should say no, but how could he do it to his boss' wife? Without another word, he handed her the key.

Yuki opened the door forcefully and in that instant, she saw Anna on the sofa, sprawled like a frog. Eto was standing in front of her. Upon seeing Yuki, Eto immediately walked towards her.


"What's going on here Eto?" the coldness of her voice surprised Eto. He had never heard that tone from her before, and he realized that she is seriously angry.

He cleared his throat.

"Don't be angry at me, Yuki. Miss Ueda tried to hug me so I threw her on the sofa. I promise, I did not do anything that would make you angry."

Yuki's flashing eyes turned to Anna, who already stood up and was arranging her clothes. She smiled awkwardly at Yuki. Yuki walked towards her, and before Eto and Anna knew what happened, Yuki has already grasped Anna's hair and shoved her towards the door. Yuki was indeed smaller than Anna, but she was physically trained and stronger than Anna.

"Miss Yuki! Stop please, " Anna screamed as her face met Yuki's flat sole, she looked helplessly at Eto.

Eto was surprised as well, but he made no move to stop Yuki. He was watching her in case Anna fights back, he has to protect Yuki, after all.

"You shameless bitch! I thought you are elegant and sma

rt. But you are a shameless snake. How dare you try to seduce my husband, huh? Have you ran out of men to keep you company?"

Yuki's voice was not loud, but every word she said was laced with menace. It was then that Maki entered, hearing the constant screaming from the office. He stood frozen upon seeing the scene in front of him.

"Maki, Maki help me!" When Anna could not wait for Eto to help her, she called out for Maki. But Maki did not dare move when he saw the way Eto was just watching the scene.

When Yuki saw Maki, her anger dissipated a bit. She stepped backwards and looked at the mark of her shoes on Anna's smooth face. She smirked as she crossed her arms over her chest. Anna cried pathetically. That was when Maki walked towards her hesitantly and helped her stood up.

"What did you do?" Maki asked Anna, who couldn't answer and kept on crying.

"Maki, this is the last day of Anna's internship." Yuki said. "Your cousin is a bitch who tried to seduce Eto. How shameless can you get? You know that I'm just beyond this door and you dared seduce him?"

Maki turned his face in disbelief to Anna.

How stupid!

Did she not know that Miss Yuki sent a man to the hospital before?

Maki apologized endlessly to both Eto and Yuki.

"Please forgive me for bringing her here, Senator, Miss Yuki. I will see to it that she will not come back here again."

Yuki was still breathing heavily with anger. As Eto walked towards her and tried to embrace her, she tapped his hands, looked at him angrily and stormed out of the office.

Eto was dumbstruck for a moment. It was the first time that Yuki acted like this.

"Yuki! Wait!"

Yuki took her bag hurriedly and pressed the elevator open. She was about to go in when Eto caught her and prevented her from going inside. He hugged her tightly.

"Yuki, why are you angry at me too? I did not do anything!" Eto was saying gently, careful not to make her exert too much physical force.

Yuki stomped her foot on his, and he groaned in pain. But he did not let her go.

"Yuki please. Calm down ok?"

As she tried to violently shake him off, Eto became impatient and suddenly kissed her deeply. Yuki's eyes widened and tried to push Eto away. After a while, her protests became soft whimpers.

"Calm down, please?" Eto said again as he let go of her mouth. "Why are you so upset with me, I told you I did not even touch her."

"You gave her a chance to be with you!" she accused.

He laughed, and at her sullen look, he kissed her again. Maki and Anna saw them kissing, and Maki just dipped his head and guided Anna down to the stairway.

"I am sorry, ok?" Eto said afterwards. "She won't be back here so forget about it. Let's go home, shall we?"

Yuki nodded in defeat.


In Anna's apartment, she was sitting in front of her dresser, looking at her face on the mirror where Yuki's shoe mark could still be seen, with a phone on one hand.

"Yes Ma'am. Yes, I am sure. Senator Iguchi loves his wife very much. Yes, I confirmed it with my own eyes. She would be the only one who can hurt him deeply. I understand. But… I cannot go back there anymore. No, Maki is too loyal to the Senator, he will never betray him. Yes, you have to send somebody to do the job. Yes, thank you. No, of course not. The Senator has no idea that I know you."

After the call, Anna snorted as she remembered Eto and Yuki.

Although it's true that Eto is a very attractive man, he is not her type. She only did it as it was part of her job to know how deeply Eto regards his wife. Her employer has been looking for ways to get revenge on Eto, but he proved to be invincible. He does not have his own family. The little boy he kept as his son before turned out to be Hiro Yamamoto's son. Her boss would not dare to go against the YY group of companies, for reasons unknown to her.

Her boss has even used her to seduce Eto and make him fall for her 6 years ago. But after spending two nights with him, she realized that Eto was a heartless man. He only used her body and afterwards he told her that nothing would become of them. She found it unbelievable that Eto would marry and would love a common girl like Yuki Nakamura.

Well, how unfortunate you are Yuki Nakamura. You will soon see hell.

She then heard a knock on her door. She looked at the door with a frown. She is not expecting anybody tonight. She looked at the time, it was 8:40PM. She sent a message to Maki.

"Cousin, I left my purse at the drawer in the office. Can you please take it and bring it to me? Thank you."

She then threw her phone on her bed and went to the door. She looked at the peephole and upon seeing the person outside, she smiled widely. She did not expect him to come.

Men are men, after all, she thought and opened the door with a warm smile.

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