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   Chapter 38 Your present and your future

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Anna has kept herself busy the whole morning, not with work, but by thinking on how to get a chance and speak with Eto alone. After all, the reason that she insisted to be assigned in this office was to get near him, again.

Maki did not tell her if Yuki will come or not. She does not want to make a scene so she would never try to do her plan if Yuki is present. But she is so lucky, as always. It is just the second day but she would be able to put her plan into motion.

She looked at her watch. It is now 11:45, she glanced secretly at Maki. She knows that he will leave at 11:50 for lunch because he has to go back again earlier at 12:50. She carefully looked at her appearance on her compact mirror and smiled with satisfaction. When Maki went out at 11:50, she stood up and knocked at Eto's door.

She heard him say 'come in', she inhaled deeply before she entered with a confident smile.


Eto looked up when the door opened, and he frowned upon seeing Anna closing the door. He knew from her movement that she locked the door behind her. He looked at her indifferently for a moment and continued with what he was reading.

What a scheming woman, he thought.

Anna walked towards Eto, deliberately making every step as sensual as possible.

"Eto, " she called out his name in a provocative way, the same way she did almost 6 years ago. She stopped just in front of his desk.

"What do you want, Miss Ueda?" Eto casually leaned back on his chair, keeping his impassive expression.

"Don't be too cold to me, Eto. You were not like that 6 years ago when we…"

"Don't dig up the past, Miss Ueda. As an intern here, you should not be calling me on a first name basis. Besides, I don't remember us being that close even then."

Anna bit her lower lip, knowing that the action always elicit a turn-on from all the men she met before. But upon seeing the stone-faced Eto, she smiled sexily at him.

"Eto, I miss you. Don't you miss me?" she lowered her gaze for a moment.

"No." His crisp reply, and stood up. Eto began to walk towards the door. "You better go out now Miss Ueda. I will have to eat my lunch now."

To Eto's surprise, he felt the soft body of Anna embracing him from his back. As if burned, he immediately freed himself from her, glaring at her with disdain. He took off his coat and threw it at the nearby sofa, as if he found it dirty already.

"Eto, I…" Anna felt embarrassed by Eto's action, he acted as if she has some terrible disease that could be passed into him.

"Please behave yourself, Miss Ueda. If you try to touch me again, your internship in this office will be cancelled right away." He said scornfully. As Eto unlocked the door and opened it, he was surprised to see Yuki standing there.

"Yuki, " his eyes turned soft upon looking at her.

Yuki was just about to knock when the door opened. She figured that Eto would be about to eat now. She woke up at 10:30AM, and upon reading his note, she decided to cook lunch for him so they can have lunch together.


She surprisingly stopped when she saw Anna standing in the middle of the room, with a teary look on her face. She glanced back at Eto, who smiled at her and held her hand as he pulled her closer to him. He took the lunch box from her hand then turned his gaze towards Anna.

"Go and have lunch Miss Ueda. Don't disturb us."

As Anna walked towards the door, she avoided Yuki's scrutiny. She closed the door behind her and Eto locked it. Yuki noticed that Eto was not wearing his coat.

Did I just interrupt them from doing something?

She glanced around the room, and saw his coat on the sofa. As soon as they were seated, she crossed her arms on her chest and glowered at Eto. Eto pretended not to notice her obvious glare and arranged the food that she prepared.

"Come on Yuki, let's eat. I actually ordered some food already but I have this gut-feel that you will come with your homemade cooking so let's eat yours, first." He said as soon as he sat on the opposite sofa.

"Eto, are you pretending that nothing has happened between you and Anna while I was not here?" she asked directly.

Here comes the ice queen's interrogation, he thought.

"Yuki, nothing has happened to us. Miss Ueda came her just a few minutes asking me something. You saw that I was just about to show her out when you arrived."

"Why was she looking like she's about to cry?"

"Got scared of me I think." Eto said nonchalantly, he already bit into the food.

"Eto! Can you please look at me while I'm talking to you?"

Eto stopped eating, placed his chopsticks down, and looked intently at her. "Yes, Yuki, " he then said with an innocent smile and a too-innocent look on his face.

"What were you talking about? Why was she here? And why are you not wearing your coat?"

Eto hesitated for a moment, and upon seeing the serious glint in her eyes, he sighed in defeat.

"Miss Ueda and I had a…we had a few tumbles in bed 6 years ago. But we were never in a relationship. She came here and told me that she miss me, but I told her I don't. It was the past Yuki, you don't have to concern yourself about her. With regards to my coat, " he glanced at the coat, "she tried to hug me, so I threw the coat that she touched. Don't worry, I won't wear it again. Satisfied now?"

A few tumbles in bed?

Yuki could not help feeling jealous. So, she was not just beautiful and smart, she was also his past lover.

"Why didn't you tell it to me yesterday?" she said accusingly.

"Because you did not ask. If you asked me I would have told you." At her angry expression, he sat next to her and held her hands, "come on Yuki, I told you it was the past, ok? She was never even my girlfriend."

"But you…you made love to her, "

"It was pure sex Yuki. Making love and sex are different, ok?"

Yuki blushed at his bold answer.

"Hey, I told you, you don't have to be jealous to anybody anymore. We are married, you are my only wife, and I will never cheat on you, understood?"

He cupped her face on his palms, looking straight into her eyes.

"What we…we did. What do you call that?"

Eto smiled at her, and kissed her lightly on her lips.

"That was making love, my sweet." As she smiled, he returned to his seat. "Ok, let's eat now, shall we? I want to taste the food that you cooked for me."

After lunch, Yuki spent more time than usual with Eto. Since he won't have another meeting until 2:00PM, he let Yuki stayed in his room. She helped him arrange some files on the folders that he was reading.

"Yuki, can you put these papers on my suitcase please?"

"Sure, "

She took the papers from him. She opened his suitcase and placed the papers there when she caught sight of an aluminum box inside his suitcase.

"Eto, what is this aluminum box in your suitcase?" She called out to him.

Eto's hands froze on top of the keyboard.


Why did he ask her to look into his suitcase, of all places?

He went to where she was and smiled at her, at the same time, he closed the suitcase and placed it near his desk.

"It contains some very important documents for our project Yuki. I keep it with me just in case."

Yuki nodded, and asked Eto if she can go back to her seat at the secretariat. Eto looked at her, unsure to let her go because she would see Anna there, no doubt.

"Will you be ok?" He asked with obvious concern.

"Of course. You said that she was a past, right? I am now your present, and your future. Don't worry about me." Yuki said calmly.


Maki could feel the tension in the atmosphere since Yuki returned at around 2PM. But he chose to stay silent. Meanwhile, Yuki kept a solemn face and just did her work accordingly. Anna also did her best to focus on her job, although she was both disheartened by Eto's coldness and she feels embarrassed that Yuki might have known about her and Eto.

But she has to stay to do her job. She has to finish this or else…


In the afternoon, Maki asked Anna to prepare the coffee to Eto's room. There is an on-going meeting. Yuki glanced at Maki, but realizing that Maki does not know anything about what happened during lunchtime, Yuki stayed quiet. She trusts Eto. But she won't allow anybody to take what is hers. Her fists clenched tightly under her table as she glanced at Anna with a warning look, who just looked at her and smiled innocently.

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