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   Chapter 37 Green does not look good on you

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After dinner, Yuki was drying her hair after taking a warm bath when Eto stood behind her and took the hair dryer from her hand. He gently dried her hair, enjoying the silky feeling of her hair on his hand.

"Eto, "

"Hmmm, "

"Anna is very beautiful, right?"

Eto paused a little at her question, but his facial expression did not change. He proceeded with drying her hair, not answering her question. Yuki felt irritated but she remained calm.

"She is so perfect. Gorgeous body, tall, pretty face, and smart. I think no man could ever say no to her." Without realizing it, Yuki's voice became laden with jealousy. She was intently watching Eto on the mirror, but he refused to look at her.

Yuki crossed her arms on her chest.

"I wonder if there is any man out there who could resist her charms. What do you think Eto?" She directed the question at him, and only then did he look up to meet her gaze.

"Yes, she is very beautiful." He said, not breaking eye contact with her. She gave him a sullen look at his answer.

"So, you admit that you are attracted to her?" She turned towards him, unsatisfied by just looking at him through the mirror. She stood up and went to the bed when it took Eto a few moments to answer her. She does not want to hear his answer anymore.

"You're sleeping already?" Eto went to the bed as well and joined her. She pulled the blanket to cover her whole body, and when Eto leaned towards her, she pulled the blanket up to her head. "You will have a hard time breathing under the blanket Yuki, " he said in a soft voice.

"Don't talk to me. I'm sleeping already." She said, feeling suddenly feeble. How could he accept straight into her face that he was attracted to her?

"Yuki, " he touched her on her shoulder, she turned to her side. "Why are you suddenly angry?"

"I'm not angry."


"I'm not… angry." She sobbed, and wiped the tears that fell on her cheeks. Damn! Why is she feeling like this?

"Then can you tell me why are you crying?"

"I'm not crying!"

Eto suppressed himself from laughing. He already know that Yuki was feeling jealous of Anna. But he did not expect that she could be this emotional. Another change that he noticed since she became pregnant. Her mood swings are more frequent now than before.

"Ok, ok. Can you please stop laughing then if you're not crying?" He continued to tease her, he touched her at her waist. He felt her move a little.

She stopped sobbing, and in a while, she pulled the blanket and he saw her reddened eyes. He smiled sweetly at her.

She looked so cute.

"Why are you smiling at me like that?"

"Yuki, come on. You're cute, but green does not look good on you." Eto said, and pinched her nose. He touched her face and wiped the remaining tear on her eyes. It made her blush. "You look better with pink."

"I'm not jealous." She said, but her voice gave her feelings away.

"Yuki, you just asked me if she was beautiful and I said yes, because it's the truth. But I never said that I was attracted to her."

She looked at his eyes, trying to read if what he was saying is true. He kissed the tip of her nose. "My attraction is only directed towards you, my sweet." His voice became husky with his obvious desire, and Yuki felt it as he inched closer to her. The warmth of his body seeped through her even under the sheets.

"True?" she asked in her small voice, still can't believe him.

"You want me to prove it to you now?" His face moved even closer to her, and she could already smell his aftershave, and his warm breath fanning on her face.

She swallowed her saliva, she wants him. Since she became pregnant, they never made love even once. It was because Eto prevented her from drinking alcohol, telling her that he would only take her if she comes to him willingly not under the influence of alcohol.

She tried so many times, but she would always shiver when their bodies are already entangled in an intimate position. No matter how far their desire for each other were evident, Eto would stop, and just urged her to just sleep. During those times, Yuki would cry inside. As she knows that Eto has been restraining himself for her.

Hence, she felt instantly jealous when he said that Anna was really beautiful. She feels that even if Eto would get involve with another woman, she would not have the guts to blame him. After all, she, as the wife, could not give him his needs.

"Eto, I…"

"Shhhh Yu

ki. Let's just try, ok? I will stop if you don't feel up to it." He said gently, stroking her cheeks with his warm fingers, his touch already like fire on her skin, mirroring the heat from his body.

She nodded, and initiated the kiss.

Within moments, they were kissing passionately, their hands touching each other with understood yearning. Their rasped breathing indicated their unspoken need to release their longing. When Eto began touching her deeper, he became encouraged with her reaction. She is not dry anymore. As he positioned himself on top of her, Yuki closed her eyes.

Eto touched her face gently, "Yuki, please open your eyes. Open your eyes and look at me. I want you to see me as we make love. Feel me as we become one."

With his gentle guidance and coaxing, Yuki opened her eyes and looked at him. Her eyes were full of desire on the only man that she ever loved. And Eto's eyes were burning with his long-restrained craving to claim her.

Yuki smiled, seeing the lustful expression on his eyes. It was directed at her. Only to her.

She touched his jaw, and traced his slightly parted lips with her trembling fingers.

"Yuki, can you feel me?" Eto's voice was hoarse with a mixture of emotion. He is badly restraining himself, waiting for Yuki to welcome him completely, without reservation, without any reluctance.

"Yes, Eto, "

He began to move, and she arched her body to welcome him. She almost closed her eyes as she felt him.

"Keep your eyes open Yuki. I want to see myself in your eyes. I want to see you lust after me, and yearn only for me."

He was softly demanding her, urging her to meet his gaze. And she succumbed to his authority.

Yuki could feel him definitely, without a doubt.

"Eto, " her voice wailed softly.

"Yes Yuki, it's me. This is me and you. This is us, Yuki…feel us move, feel us become one. Let this act be engraved in your body, mind and heart, Yuki."

With every thrust, Eto tried his best to control himself and make sure that Yuki was with him, he cannot lose her to her past. He has to win over her horrible past.


Eto watched Yuki as she laid on his arms, fully spent and satiated. He did not expect that he would feel this good after making love with her. This is the first time that they were successfully able to finish the act without Yuki turning stiff or feeling nauseated. She was both willing and welcoming to him as he dived into her. He felt her surrender, and he saw how she enjoyed it as much as he did. Her reaction as they relieved themselves of their yearning at the same time was a sight to behold for Eto.

She was impiously beautiful, with her eyes reflecting his lustful self.

Eto smiled, feeling that little by little, the ice in her heart is beginning to melt. He closed his eyes and slept with a peaceful look.


Eto woke up before Yuki. He looked at his watch, it was 7:30AM. He turned to her sleeping face, and decided not to wake her up.

He went to the bathroom for a quick shower and went down to have breakfast. If possible, he will not go to work today but he has an important meeting in the morning. For Yuki, he left a note on the bedside table that she can come to the office in the afternoon if she feels like it.

Eto grinned as the memory of last night flashed in his head. He feels invigorated. It has been so long. He could not blame Yuki for being so tired, and she needs more sleep also because of their baby.

Before he went out for work, he took one last look at her in the bedroom, and left with Maki.


Anna was surprised to see Eto and Maki coming together without Yuki. But she did not voice out the question in her mind. She does not have the right to question her boss. She bowed respectfully at Eto and greeted him 'good morning' as he passed by the secretariat office, and he answered with a brief turn of his head in her direction.

As soon as the door to his office was closed, she walked over to where Maki began to sit.

"Maki, why is Miss Yuki not with you today?"

"I don't know. Personal questions are not allowed at work, Anna." Maki said professionally. Although Maki has a wild guess about what happened, he kept his thoughts to himself. It was because from the moment that Eto entered the car, there was a satisfied grin on his face that won't fade.

What else could make a man smile like that? As if they just won in a lottery? As a man, Maki knew, but he kept silent.

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