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   Chapter 36 She is my big baby

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 8798

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During lunchtime that day, Yuki still can't help but be conscious about Anna in their office. She did not realize that Eto has been observing her, as she chew on her food slowly than before, while she would sometimes frown.

"Yuki, "

She tuned to him, and Eto's face was just an inch away from her. She almost choked on her food.

"You…you are too close Eto." She stammered, as she unconsciously moved away from him.

"You look like you are musing over something not really good. Care to tell me what is it you're thinking that you ignore your dashing husband in front of you?"

He touched her smooth cheek, devoid of any make up, and the rise in color in them as induced by his touch turned into a soft blush on. He smiled gently at her.

"Oh nothing, don't worry about it." She turned her face and picked a deep-fried eel then dipped it on the sauce. "Delicious, " she said, savoring the taste of the food. Eel is one of her favorite dish, but it was too seldom for her to eat it before, as it is quite expensive. But since Eto learned about her favorite food, he would always order it for her.

Eto held her face so she was forced to look at him, and his action caused her heart to falter and goosebumps to rise on her face. He just licked the corner of her mouth!

"Hmmm, delicious indeed." He said while the tip of his tongue was still licking his upper lip.

Yuki stared at him in sheer disbelief and embarrassment.

How could he be so bold!

"Eto, you shouldn't be doing this… this thing with me!" She said when she recovered from her surprise. She wiped her mouth with the tissue.

"What? I cannot even touch my wife now?" He continued teasing her, enjoying her obvious discomfort at their intimacy.

Eto find it so charming that Yuki is still shy in front of him. Little by little, he was trying to break through her icy wall, making her aware of his desire, making her react in a way that she would want him to touch her. He is willing to wait, until Yuki would be free from the shadow of her past. He would do his best so that when he touch her again, she would be feeling and seeing him, not the masked man who hurt her.

Yuki has no idea how much he is suffering too, from not touching her. Every time they sleep together, he would quench his hard-on by taking cold showers, hoping that in time, Yuki would initiate making love with him. Although she would reciprocate his kiss freely now, but he could still feel the hesitation when his touch goes further.

"You know that's not what I mean, " she said and lowered her eyes.

Eto smiled and went to his side of the sofa.

"Let's eat then, Y

alright Anna. Let's go, before we got caught up in the traffic."

Maki opened the back seat, fully expecting that Anna and Yuki will seat there. However, he was surprised when Eto gently shoved Yuki inside and he sat with her at the back. It took Maki a few seconds before he closed the door and open the front passenger seat for Anna.

What is going on?

Yuki also looked in surprise at Eto, who just answered her look with a cold stare. He then closed his eyes, and pulled her close to his shoulder. She had no choice but to rest lazily on him, enjoying his body as her pillow.

"Drive now, Maki." Eto ordered.


When they reached the house, Eto was still sitting in the car, hesitating whether to wake Yuki or not. She was sleeping soundly on his shoulder. After a moment of hesitation, he decided to wake her up.

"Yuki, "


"Yuki, wake up. We're home."

Yuki's eyes opened and blinked several times before she fully opened them. She looked at Eto's amused look.

"It has become your habit to turn me into a pillow, Yuki." He said.

She turned her face sideways in embarrassment.

"Pregnant women are always sleepy, sorry." She said and tried to get up.

Eto answered her with a chuckle as he gently held her. He did not let go of her hand until they entered the house. The staff greeted them and took their things.

"Would you like some tea first, Senator? Madam Yuki?" Chika asked.

"Yes please Chika, " answered Eto. "but Yuki will have a warm milk." When Yuki glanced at him, he tenderly pinched her left cheek, "because she is my big baby."

Yuki felt so happy with the public display of Eto's fondness on her. Even though he has never said that he loves her, she is already satisfied with his action.

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