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   Chapter 35 I am yours only

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Eto looked at his watch. It was now 11:55 AM. He can't wait for the 12:00 noon to call Yuki inside his office so they can eat together and chat with each other. When the bell for lunchtime rang, before he can even call her, his door opened, and her hesitant face peered into it. He smiled and walked towards the door, he opened it wide and pulled Yuki in his arms.

Now, Yuki is on her 15th week of pregnancy. Although the doctor said that the delicate period for miscarriage is over, she has to take it easy and be careful as the first born is usually risky. So now, Eto always make sure that Yuki stays in the secretariat office just outside his own, and will only walk in her flat shoes between her office and his office, which is barely 5 meters.

"What do we have for lunch?" Yuki asked excitedly.

Eto took it upon himself to make Yuki eat the most nutritious and balanced food for a pregnant woman whenever they are in the office.

"Come here and see for yourself, " Eto held her gently on the waist and led her to the sofa. At almost 4 months on the way, the bulge on her belly looks like she just ate a lot. The staff uniform still fits to her perfectly.

"Wow!" Yuki exclaimed as she looked at all the food on the table. "These are all my favorites, Eto."

""I know, so I asked for the chef to prepare it. Come on, let's start the feast but wipe your drool first, " he said teasingly.

"I'm not drooling, " Yuki consciously wipe the corners of her mouth even though she was sure that she was not drooling. Eto chuckled at her, and she made a face at him with the tip of her tongue darted out.

"Oh really, " he lifted one eyebrow, "These food are not enough to make me drool." She replied indignantly.

Eto smiled while sitting on the opposite sofa, then looked at her as he made himself comfortable, "I didn't mean you were drooling on the food, Yuki."

His voice became husky to emphasize his hidden meaning. He was wearing his casual long-sleeved white shirt tucked in his black pants, accentuating his well-muscled abdomen and chest. He could be a male model, and he stared at Yuki, obviously noting how she eyed him as soon as she entered his office.

Yuki blushed upon understanding what he meant. She did not realize that Eto is such a keen observer. To assuage her embarrassment, she retorted with coolness.

"What's wrong with that? It's just natural that I appreciate what is mine, right?" She lowered her gaze and reached for the chopsticks. Although she just said those words as a counter to his teasing, she felt so unsure if what she said was acceptable to him.

I just sounded like a completely possessive wife.

But she shot her eyes up upon hearing Eto's burst of laughter. Did he just make fun of her?

"Eto! Stop laughing." She said, her slight blush-on was highlighted further from her awkwardness.

Eto stopped, but kept a lopsided grin on his face, indicated that he was in a really good mood.

"Sorry, Yuki. I was just entertained by your response." He leaned and met her eyes intently. "Of course, my sweet. I am yours only. All of me."

She was the one who broke their eye contact.

"Eat, " she said to hide her discomfort.


It was late in the afternoon when Maki requested an audience with Eto.

"Yes, Maki?"

"Er., Senator, may I request a favor from you?" Maki was sweating, it will be his first time to ask Eto a personal favor.

Eto looked at Maki standing in front of his desk. He was just about to be finished with reviewing some deals that his party has asked to look over before the bidding.

"What is it?"

"I have a cousin who just came back from abroad. She finished an accounting degree and my auntie asked me if I can help her get a job experience. She said only for 6 months is alright, it would be enough to put on her resume before she applied to another company."

"So, what are you asking me of? You can send her to the accounting department, I'm sure you can do that."

Maki cleared his throat and looked at Eto nervously, "Yes, I went there already Senator but the accounting department has enough manpower. The head advised me to just let her come to our secretariat office since it will just be an internship."

Eto looked at Maki intently, trying to find fault in his story. Although Maki has been serving him for more than 8 years, Eto was trained by his father not to put all his trust to someone. He should always leave a 1% doubt, because it a human's nature to err, including himself.

That is why even Maki does not know the contents of the video and the letter. The fewer people know about Yuki, the farther she would be from learning about her past.

"Are you saying Maki that you want me to temporarily hire your cousin in our o


"Y-yes Senator."

Eto leaned back on his chair. He does not need another staff, for Maki could do most of the work, and he only allowed Yuki to work to relieve her of boredom and so he could keep a close watch on her.

"Senator, you don't have to worry about giving her salary. Because it is internship, she said that only the experience of working is needed, you don't need to compensate her." Maki added hurriedly, hoping that Eto would consider.

In fact, Maki did not want to ask Eto of this. But his mother and his auntie kept on pestering him since 3 days ago. They insisted that she work where Maki is so to keep her safe as well.

Being too beautiful has its disadvantages as well.

"Ok, I would accept her on 2 conditions. First, you go and ask Yuki, if she say yes then it's ok. Second, she will not handle any important document since she is just an intern. I know you understand Maki."

Maki could not think why Eto made the first condition, but he realized that it won't do him good to inquire further. He was just feeling great that his cousin would have the chance. He knows that Yuki is a kind woman, and will say yes to his request anyway. The second condition was obvious, he would do it without being told.

"Thank you, Senator. I will ask Madam Yuki about this."

Eto dismissed him with a hand gesture, and he proceeded with his work.

Maki went directly and talked with Yuki.

Yuki, as he expected, said yes right away upon learning Maki's dilemma.


The following day, Maki was at the personnel section when somebody knocked on the door at the secretariat office. Yuki looked at the door and she was instantly mesmerized by the most beautiful face she has ever seen.

The lady standing at the door was wearing a white collared tops inside a black blazer. She paired it with a black pencil skirt that reached below her knees and a black stockings. The overall black attire highlighted her creamy white complexion. Her face and her hands are the only bare skin that are showing. She was taller than Yuki by about 4 inches, and with her 2 inches heeled black shoes, she looked even taller. Her face has a very light make-up and her long black hair was swept at the back in a conservative bun. Her face…was just totally breathtakingly beautiful. In that instant, Yuki thought that the word 'beauty' was created solely for the lady in front of her now.

"Good morning. Is this the secretariat office under Senator Iguchi?" The lady asked in a well-modulated voice. Yuki stood up and smiled at her, awakened from her obvious awe at the lady.

"Yes, how may I help you?" she answered professionally.

The lady smiled, and a very tiny dimple appeared on the left corner of her mouth. She looked so alluring.

"My name is Anna Ueda, Maki's cousin. I believe that I shall start today as an intern." The lady looked at Yuki's appearance and smiled friendly. "You must be the wife of the Senator?"

Realization dawned on Yuki. So, this is Maki's cousin that he requested yesterday to be accepted as an intern.

"I see, yes I am Mrs. Iguchi. But since we will be working at the same office starting today, you may just call me Miss Yuki. How may I call you?"

"Oh that is so kind of you." Anna's pretty smile made Yuki like her. "Please call me Anna. I believe that we are almost of the same age, as what I heard from Maki." She bowed respectfully at Yuki.

"Anna, you are here already?"

It was Maki who was holding some files on his hand.

"Sorry Madam Yuki, I should have introduced her to you." Maki looked at Yuki apologetically.

"It's alright Maki, we already know each other." Yuki replied, "Why don't you sit down first Anna? I think Maki already arranged your desk and chair." Yuki then sat back at her chair. Recently, her hips would start feeling numb when she stand for too long.

"Thank you, Miss Yuki. I hope we can work harmoniously from this time. I look forward to learning from you and Maki." Anna said humbly.

"Don't mention it Anna, "

Yuki could sense that Anna is a professional, by the way she speaks and carried herself.

But, isn't she just too perfectly beautiful?

Even as a woman herself, Yuki can't help but admire Anna's physical perfection. She thought women like her only exists on TV. And she does not even have that much make-up. She was just naturally perfect. She suddenly wondered how would Eto react when he sees her.

A sudden wave of uncertainty and envy washed through her, but she immediately blocked it. Don't be such a such possessive wife, Yuki. You are already married with Eto. Besides, you are not so bad yourself Yuki.

But she could not help but glance again at Anna, silently hoping that she would not dare to seduce Eto.

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