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   Chapter 34 I am not a charity

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Their lives became better and in peace for the following weeks. At the beginning of her 10th week, Yuki's morning sickness finally stopped. She then decided to go back to work even though Eto was against it. He kept on saying 'I can provide for you even though you won't work' but Yuki was adamant to make use of herself.

"Eto, remember what you told me before? Everybody has to earn their keep. I don't want to be a lazy wife who just wait for food to be delivered in my plate, "

Eto embraced her lovingly, "Who said you are lazy? You've been the one cooking for our food frequently so you are already earning your keep."

She freed herself from his embrace and look at him straight on his face.

"Eto, I feel like you are trying to keep me away from you. You don't want me to go back to work, maybe you already have another woman there." She crossed her arms over her chest.

Eto looked at her with disbelief in his eyes, and laughed as if she just said something that is both inconceivable and hilarious.

It made Yuki embarrassed and upset.

"Stop laughing Eto! You are making fun of me." She pouted and sat on the sofa in their living room. It was a Sunday afternoon.

Eto stopped after a while, and joined her on the sofa.

"I am sorry, Yuki. It's just that I never expected to hear those words from you. You sounded like a real jealous wife there."

"But I am indeed your wife Eto, and I…was jealous." Yuki lowered her eyes, feeling like a reprimanded child.

This time, Eto did not laugh. He looked understandably at Yuki, and pulled her closer to him.

"There is nobody for you to feel jealous with ok? I am not interested in having an extra-marital affair. I am a one-woman-man, so to speak." He stroked her hair gently, now longer on her shoulder.

Yuki smiled to herself.

"But why won't you allow me to work? The doctor said I can go back to work already. I am so bored here Eto."

"Ok, ok. Tomorrow, you can come and work again." Eto finally gave in to her request.


In the office the next day, they were eating lunch together when Eto received a message from Maki. He read it and a deep frown formed on his forehead. He typed in a reply and put his phone back in his pocket. Yuki was watching him the whole time. She wondered about the message he received. Her curiosity got the better of her.

"Who was that?" she asked casually, not looking at Eto.

"Oh, that was Maki. He was just asking me about something." He did not want to tell a lie. Maki indeed was asking him about something.

It seems that Mariko and Shoto has arrived in Tokyo, but settled-in at Yokohama. Eto calmly and normally chew his food, all

and see, Yuki. I will strip you of all the things you have now, even your love ones won't be able to accept you!


In one of the biggest mansion in Saitama Ken.

"What is it that you want to tell me?" a previous senator asked from the lady who requested to talk with him. He was drinking his afternoon tea, while reading a novel of Jonathan Kellerman.

"Senator Iguchi's wife is pregnant now, 3 months. But according to my observation, the woman he married has a complicated past. I know for a fact that Senator Iguchi has hired a private investigator to look at her background."

"So?" He lifted one fine eyebrow.

"This must be the right timing that we have been waiting for."

The previous senator looked at the lovely eyes of the lady in front of him. He did not regret having her by his side. For the beauty she possesses could make any man's desire boil. Even he could feel the stirring in his groin but he could not do anything about it. He motioned for the lady to come over to where he was casually sitting.

"Additionally, I found out that Yuki Nakamura is not in good relationship with her mother. I think we can use the mother as one of our pawns."

The lady seductively smiled at the previous senator. She has been given a new life because of him, and she would do anything to return the favor. As she began to strip her clothes one by one, the hunger in the man's eyes was so evident that she can feel it in her core already. It's the same as what she feels toward him. She might be considered as a pawn as well, but she will do her best to be the pawn that will eat the King and leave the Queen unguarded to be taken by her own King.

"Let's prepare for our match, shall we my dear?" the previous Senator said, in between ragged breathing.

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