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   Chapter 33 Let me court you

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 10189

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As promised, Eto went home at lunch in time to see Yuki preparing the table for them. She smiled and welcomed him with a hug when he showed himself on the door. He has been standing on the door for quite some time and was silently observing her before she noticed his presence.


Eto's POV

Watching her move around the kitchen with a calm expression on her face wrenched at my heart. I would have liked for her to continue living like this, if only there would never be a need to let her remember her past, if only…

She cannot be fully happy unless she remembers and accepts…

Sachiko's words filled my thoughts.

But how could I make her remember without breaking her?

Break the ice that covers her heart…

What if by breaking that ice, her heart would break as well? Will I be enough to mend it? Will I be enough to save her from breaking apart?

As she smiled at me, I forced a smile as well. For now, I just have to pretend that nothing is wrong. I will pretend nicely that I didn't know how atrocious her past was. I would pretend that I know nothing of how she was almost shattered beyond mending…

The pool of blood on the floor…

I shook my head to push away the vicious image from my mind. I need to be calm and collected when I face her, otherwise she might feel that something is amiss. The least I would like is for her to get worried at her condition, not now that she is pregnant with our first child.

So, shall I keep pretending for the following 8 months?

When she took my hand and led me to my chair, I felt the warmth emanating from her. She has changed. The first time I met her, she had an icy aura around her. Maybe the pregnancy is doing wonders on her.

She showed a surprise look at me when I held her hand and pulled her to me, placing my other hand on her belly. She blushed profusely.

Please, grow up healthy inside there, my child. Help me keep your mother together. Teach me how to save her, for you, for me, for our family.


Yuki's POV

I felt somebody watching me as I was preparing the food on the kitchen first before bringing it to the dining area. I knew that it must be Eto, but I pretended not to notice him. I feel great knowing that he is there, it makes me feel safe.

No one can save you, Yuki.

My hands trembled a little when I heard the voice in my head.

Recently, I have been hearing lots of things on my mind. Must be my subconscious berating me for something bad I did in the past. But no matter how hard I think about it, I could only get muddled images. If I tried harder to focus, I feel like my head would break in too much pain from the concentration.

This is not good. I have to be careful especially now that I am pregnant. Our first child. We would have a complete family then, my dream will come true soon.

As I smiled when I look at Eto, I saw how his expression was a mixture of angst and fury. To whom it was directed at kept me thinking for a while. Until I felt his hand on my belly. I blushed at the intimacy of his touch, now his face has an expression of hope on it. It made me feel better.

I worry when he worries.

I only want to be happy with Eto.

But you don't deserve it. Nobody will accept you as you are, Yuki.

I shook my head, why do I keep hearing these negative things? Is something wrong with me? Maybe I should consult with a psychologist.


Mariko and Shoto moved to an apartment in Yokohama. They could not get one in Tokyo at their budget so they decided to settle-in at the nearby prefecture. After all, it's just almost an hour away by train to the Central Tokyo.

Mariko looked disgustingly at the small bedroom, and the small living room. She sat on one wooden chair and began to use her phone. When Shoto saw what she was doing, he knitted his brows. He is so busy unpacking their stuff and she just sat there with her phone?

"Hey, can we just finish unpacking first before you play with your phone?" He said with obvious annoyance.

Mariko glowered at him, "I am not playing here Shoto. I am making a living for us, ok?"

Shoto cursed silently and proceeded with his job for the day. After all, he cannot really force her since she is really the one feeding him. The least he could do now is this menial task.

Patience, Shoto. He thought.


After lunch, Eto decided to take Yuki with him to a baseball match. It has been more than a year since he watched his favorite game again. The last time he watched it was when he was with Ivy and Aki. He smiled fleetingly at the thought of the mother and son who both gave him many of his treasured moments.

Although it was not the teams that he really wanted to watch, he figured that going out together like this would be good to build-up the relationship between him and Yuki. Since they did not have a formal courting and dating relationship prior to their marriage, it is never too late.

Eto booked for the VIP lounge, as he does not want her to have any unforeseen accident on the audience's bench. He does not want to take a risk. As soon as they

entered, a child's voice rang on his ears.


It was Aki.

He jumped from Hiro's lap upon seeing Eto and Yuki. Eto's face brightened up and scooped the boy on his arms. Aki embraced him tightly, obviously glad to see him.

"How are you, Aki? You seem to grow up too fast, huh." He said, raking the boy's hair. Aki chuckled merrily.

"I miss you, father. How are you, Miss Yuki?"

Yuki smiled at Aki. She also touched his cute cheeks. So many things had happened, the last time she saw him was when Hiro and Ivy formally took him with them.

"I'm good, Aki. Wow, look at you, even cuter!"

"Ehem, "

Hiro finally made his presence known, as the reunion of the three was also a surprise for him. He did not expect to see Eto Iguchi and his wife today. He should have brought Ivy with them but she decided to stay home with Aiko and Shin. These days, Shin and Aiko are inseparable. Not in a good way, though. Aiko would always mess Shin's toys and room, and the ever-so-patient Shin would always try to placate her whenever she throws a tantrum. Shin became more the parent for Aiko now, as Aiko preferred to always be with him.

"Long time no see, Mr. Yamamoto, " Eto acknowledged him, and casually return Aki to him. "How have you been?"

"Indeed, Senator. Well, I'm the usual me. How about you?" Hiro's eyes met Eto's, and he darted his glance to Yuki, he smiled. "Hello there, Ms. Iguchi, you look glowing. Could it be…"

Yuki blushed, and she smiled. Eto looked unbelievably at Hiro.

What a man! How could he know that?

"You are right, Mr. Yamamoto, now I am on my 5th week."

"Wow! Ms. Yuki will have a baby!" Aki clapped his hands cheerfully, and it made Eto happy as well.

"Congratulations." Hiro said. "We shall visit you one day at your most preferred time to celebrate this good news then, Ms. Iguchi."

"Oh please do call me Yuki, Mr. Yamamoto. After all, our family is… more than just a mere acquaintance right?" Yuki glanced at Eto's face, and at his agreeable expression, she smiled brightly.

"Why not, Yuki. Please call me Hiro as well. I'm sure that Ivy and the children will be happy and will look forward to meeting your child."

"Ok then, why don't we all take a seat and enjoy the match, shall we?" Eto suggested, worried that Yuki has been standing for too long.

However, Yuki thought that Eto wanted to avoid further conversation at the mention of Ivy's name. Does Eto still has a feeling for her? The whole time that the match was on-going, that question never left Yuki's mind.


That night, Yuki lied peacefully on his arms. Eto watched her fall asleep. He noticed that he has been doing it a lot lately. Watching her sleep, and watching her wake up. His mind is full of her. He has been battling with his inner thoughts whether to let her know the truth about her past or let destiny run its course.

He decided on the latter choice. He is not confident that if he let her know what happened to her, she would take it well. She might fall into hysteria or depression. He could not have that. As much as possible, he hoped that she won't remember anything until she has given birth. He is afraid that if she remembers while she is pregnant, he might lose not just Yuki, but their unborn child as well. If only, he could be sure that she won't remember it then he would be willing not to talk about it ever.

He would do everything in his power to prevent it from happening. For the first time in his life, he prayed that fate would lean on his side.


The next morning, Yuki woke up with a nice smell on the bedroom. She opened her eyes and realized that Eto was sitting on a chair near the bed. He has a beautiful smile on his lips.

"Good morning, Yuki."

"Good morning, Eto, " she relied, still half-asleep.

She made an effort to get up, and her hand covered her mouth when she realized that the nice smell was coming from so many pink and blue rose petals spread on top of her, on the bed. It was like her blanket turned into a miniature garden of roses.

"Eto!" She looked at him, her eyes filled with happiness and gratitude at this romantic gesture.

"Did you like it?" He asked, helping her to get up.

"Of course I do! I mean, who would not like this? I love it Eto, thank you." She hugged him tightly.

Eto put his arms around her waist. Then, he tapped her back lightly after a while.

"Ok, go and brush your teeth now Yuki, or you wanna kiss me first?"

He was just teasing, but she felt embarrassed that she hugged him when she just woke up. Her breath must smell so bad.

Without another word, she went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. She also washed her face. When she opened the door, Eto was standing right there. With a bouquet of the same pink and blue roses.

She put her hands over her chest in a gesture of surprise and excitement.

"Let me court you properly, Yuki. It might be a bit late but let me do it, ok?"

Yuki could not say anything. She's lost for words. All she could do was nod her head while tears streamed down her cheeks.

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