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   Chapter 32 Break the Ice

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 8818

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As it turned out, the remainder of the video tape contained the same scenes, just shorter than the first. Eto was trying to find a clue on the identity of the masked man and the one filming the scene but the video tape ended without him finding anything.

No, wait.

There is one thing.

The man on the video tape has a tattoo at his back. An eagle with the wings spread.

It took all the self-control he head not to smash the TV just like what he did on the first time that he watched it. He ejected the tape and put it back on the box. He took out the picture, and stared for a long time at the face of the young Yuki. Such innocence.

He touched her face, and his hands shook. He sighed deeply to calm himself. He put the old picture back. He then decided to play the tape record on the tape recorder. When it began playing, Eto leaned on his chair and closed his eyes, focusing on the tape.

"Hello, little girl, can you tell me your name?"

It was a man's voice, warm and friendly. Eto could tell that he must be old, 60 years old and above. Definitely not the masked man.


"My name is Dr. Ichijo, but you may call me Ichi-ji if you want." Dr. Ichijo, Eto made a mental note to remember the name.

Again, a long silence.



The soft, weak voice made Eto's eyes snapped open. What's this? He thought.

Yuki talking with a doctor? What kind of doctor?

"That's a very beautiful name, Yuki chan."

", " again, the child's voice.

"Look at this Yuki chan, can you see this?"

Eto heard something in the background, a metal object moving back and forth like a pendulum.

"Can you see this Yuki chan?" The doctor said in his cheerful voice.

"Um, "

"Tell me Yuki chan, are you afraid of something?"

Silence, Eto could hear his own heartbeat.

"Yuki chan, what is it that you don't want to see?" The doctor rephrased his question. From the sound of it, the doctor could be a pediatrician.

"Demon. Red. Mask." The child said the three words softly, but Eto could recognize the tremor in her little voice.

"What else Yuki chan? What is it that you don't like to see?"

"Demon. Red. Mask." The child repeated her answer, this time with a louder voice that was almost screaming.

"Shhh, Yuki chan, it's ok. Don't cry, ok? I am your friend, I am your ally, I will not hurt you." The doctor's voice was mellow, an expert in coercing children.

Eto could hear soft sobbing, until it became silent.

"Yuki chan, look here. Yes, that's a good child. Look closely. Can you see it? Pretty right? Do you like it? Yes? Ok, I will give it to you if you fo

e has loved you since she was a child. When she talks with herself at night, I would often hear her asking herself if you would accept her. That was when I requested an old friend to let me and your father meet again. I knew that you are the only one who can save Yuki. Eto, Yuki has always thought of herself as a clean woman who kept herself pristine only for you. You, as a man, must have realized that she was not a virgin on your first time, but I hope that you will not judge her. It was never her choice.

Yuki is not yet fully healed, Eto. I dreaded the day that she would remember what happened to her. Although I would do everything in my power not to let her remember, but she cannot be fully happy unless she remembers and accepts what happened. When it happens, I hope that you will not forsake her, and keep her alive with you. This is my last request, although I have no right to request anything from you.

Please, break the ice that covers Yuki's heart. Only you could do it.

One more thing, please be careful about Mariko. Never trust her.

Sachiko Nakamura.


Eto's fingers clamped tightly on the paper. Yuki's father raped her? The masked man was Yuki's father? Eto felt like his head was about to explode along with his heart. What kind of cruelty had happened to Yuki?

With shivering hands and reddened eyes, Eto folded the paper. He pinched the bridge of his nose, and looked at the ceiling. His whole body was shaking in sheer frustration and misery.

The first person that he was so willing to kill with his bare hands is already gone. Tatsuya Nakamura. You did not deserve to die easily. Your death should have been slow and painful.

Yuki, Yuki. How many times should I break to accept what happened to you?

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