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   Chapter 31 The evil plan

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It was only one chapter on the video tape. The video tape seemed to contain three chapters, with the first one lasting 35 minutes. The second chapter last for 15 minutes and the last chapter lasted for 10 minutes.

Eto was only able to watch the first chapter. When he was watching it, he thought that it was a pedophile movie, because he did not recognize Yuki. He wondered why would Sachiko give this to him. Until he glanced at the old family picture in the box on the middle of the first chapter. It was a complete family picture, Sachiko and her husband, Mariko Sato and Tatsuya Nakamura, and Yuki, or Yukina, when she was 8 years old. The date was written at the back of the picture, saying that it was taken when Yukina entered the school as a 2nd grade elementary student. With an innocent smile on her cute little face.

He then forgot how did the video tape stopped playing. The next thing he knew was that he was smashing the TV with his fists and his feet.

Eto was brought up to his senses back when a soft breeze touched his face, giving him goosebumps. He looked at the time, it was 2:40 in the morning. He suddenly remembered Sachiko's words.

Eto, that child needs you.

Indeed, Yuki needs him.

He looked at the sky, it was clear, but he could not see any stars. He then realized that he was weeping silently when the tears fell on the side of his face.

Yuki, he thought. I need you, too.

Although he was not able to finish watching the video tape, he felt that he had to in order to face the reality about what happened to Yuki. His hand closed tightly on the key, and he stared at the box with such difficulty.

It would not be good for Yuki to know about this. Based from what he can deduce now, Yuki somehow forgot what has happened to her. Maybe, it was for the best. No one should ever experience that horrible scene.

You are my first in everything.

Eto closed his eyes tightly, remembering Yuki's words after their first night when he asked her about her virginity.

Oh God, Yuki.

Eto's lips quivered.

The compassion he is feeling for her right now is on the same intensity with the anger that he has for the masked man and the person who was filming them. He has to know the identity of the two people, no, two animals, who violated the young Yuki.

He somehow knew that the answer lies when he finish watching the video. He will watch it later today in the office, he thought. He could not bear watching it at home, where Yuki might notice it.

Yuki, I hope you would never remember about what happened to you.

Now, he understands why she would always turn stiff when he touched her, why she was dry when he started caressing her. Even though she forgot what happened, her body still remembers the fear of being touched. That was the re

enced coercion.

"I will tell you as soon as I perfected my plan Shoto. You will also have a role to play."


Yuki woke up later that day. She blinked several times before opening her eyes completely. The first thing that she saw was his face. Eto smiled at her, but not before Yuki noticed how his eyes was looking at her with such empathy and agony. Although it was just a very fleeting expression in his eyes, but Yuki definitely recognized it.

Why? Why would Eto looked at her with such sorrow?

"Good morning Yuki." He said, and helped her to get up. His expression changed into his normal one.

"Good morn---"

As soon as she opened her mouth, she felt the stirring in her stomach. She get out of the bed and hurriedly went to the toilet. Eto followed her but upon hearing her from the door, he stopped.

Must be the morning sickness that the doctor said.

His face has a worried expression when Yuki finally calmed down. Since it is Eto's first time to see a pregnant woman having a morning sickness, he felt like he would be sick as well.

When Yuki noted his pale face, she smiled knowingly and apologetically.

"Sorry you had to hear that, " she said, and went to the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth.

"Let's go to the doctor again to ask if she can prescribe you something for your morning sickness." Eto suggested which made Yuki giggled softly.

"Eto, this is normal. I don't need to drink medicine." She held on to his arm as they walked down towards the dining area.

"Yuki, I have something important to do at the office, would you like to go with me or you stay here? I will be back in time for lunch."

"Ummm, maybe I will just stay here since you will come back at lunch. I will cook something for you." Yuki smiled at Eto cheerfully.

Eto was planning to watch the remainder of the video tape.

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