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   Chapter 30 The video tape

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 9755

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*Some scenes might be obscene and disturbing for some readers. I had a hard time writing this chapter. – Elria Cortez

It was Friday, instead of their previous plan to go to the doctor on Saturday, Eto decided to take her to the doctor. The female doctor smiled warmly when she saw Eto and Yuki. Eto was her classmate back in high school, and her husband is Eto's friend.

"Coming earlier than your appointment, do you have other plans tomorrow, Mr. Senator?"

Eto nodded, and looked at Yuki, motioned for her to sit beside him.

"We are going traveling this afternoon, so I'd like to know if it's ok to take her with me. Also, my wife says she is so bored staying at home, and she wants to know if she can go back to work next week."

The doctor nodded.

"I see, let me check her first, ok?" Her aura reverted to that of a doctor as she put on her round spectacles that touched the tip of her nose.

She looked through Yuki's chart, read in silence for a while, then closed it. She then smiled at Yuki and stood up from her chair.

"Please go into the examination room, Ms. Iguchi."

Yuki smiled hesitantly at Eto, who just squeezed her hand and gave her a comforting smile.

On the examination room, Yuki and the doctor lasted for roughly 3 minutes, before the door opened. Yuki looked pale. Since this is the first time that Eto took her to an ob-gynecologist, Yuki must have no idea what she was supposed to expect. As soon as she was seated next to him, he patted her hands gently.

The doctor smiled knowingly at Yuki, noticing her discomfort.

"You are on your 5th week, and as much as I'd like to tell you to enjoy your travel, I recommend that you stay a little sedentary for another 3 weeks. Although you are young and healthy, most miscarriages occur in the first trimester. You can go with him inside the car but I would advise you not to go climbing. If you do, you must take it really slow and one step at a time. With regards to work, if it's just the normal office work I think there is no problem, as long as there is no lifting of heavy objects or running with your heels. One important thing is please avoid wearing heeled shoes."

After the time with the doctor, Eto decided to take Yuki on a trip along with him. He called Maki and told him his plans, and as he was speeding on the highway with his Centenario Roadster, he caught Maki tailing him with the old Saleen S7. Being competitive since childhood, Eto speed up to the road limit and grinned on the side mirror as he saw Maki eating his dust, not literally of course.

Maki shook his head when he realized that Eto deliberately wanted him to fall behind, so instead of using the speed of the S7 to its fullest which he knows could keep him beside the Roadster, he kept a respectable distance from them. His boss must be driving to relieve his mind from last night's ordeal.

It was Yuki's first time to ride in Eto's c

at looked like a forced ecstasy.

As he began to ravage the child's body in front of the camera with his calloused hand, the camera focused on the child's face. It was a mixture of pain, suffering, unnatural expression of excitement, which could be summarized into one word. Trance. She looked like she was in a spell, she was present physically but her mind was not there.

Then, the man stopped touching her and opened the zipper of his pants. His manhood was seen on the camera. He shoved his whole length on the child's mouth. The child looked like a doll as the man used both of his hands to move her head up and down. Up and down. It lasted for a whole 10 minutes, until the man looked like he was about to climax. And he did, inside the child's mouth.

After a while of resting, he laid the child on her back. He kneeled in front of her, and upon realizing that the child was too small, he hoisted her up to his waist. He then began to move her downward to himself, and the child's scream echoed throughout the room. In that moment, the camera zoomed on the floor, below the man's kneeling position. A pool of red liquid began to pour, but the man did not stop moving the child up and down himself.

'Stop! Help! Papa! Mama! Grandma! Grandpa! Help! It hurts! It hurts!'

The child's continuous screaming echoed on the room, captured by the recording. But it seemed that all her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Her screaming and the man's action lasted for almost 20 minutes, until the man stopped and seemed to release himself once more. Then he pushed the child on the floor. He stood up and was not caught on the camera again. The camera then focused on the child, who was lying on the floor like a rag. Her face was filled with tears, but her eyes were staring blankly on the ceiling, with a glassy reflection on it. Her lower body was covered in blood, and her legs were shivering.

The child was the 8-year old Yukina Nakamura.

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