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   Chapter 29 The tip of the iceberg

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 9444

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That night, Yuki waited for Eto at dinner but he never came. At 10:00PM, she received a call from Maki, telling her that Eto has been summoned in an emergency meeting with the diet members so he cannot go home. Yuki sighed sadly and told Maki to take care of Eto and make sure that he has enough rest. Since their wedding, it was the first night that Yuki had to sleep alone in their bedroom. She felt empty. It took her a long time before she started yawning on the bed.

She sent a message to Eto, thinking that calling him might disturb him at work.

'Don't be too workaholic, Eto. Please eat properly and take a rest. Goodnight. I love you.'

She waited for about 15 minutes before she closed her eyes. But a reply never came.


Maki looked at Eto. He was slouched on the sofa, the TV set was damaged beyond repair and some things were thrown everywhere. Both of his hands are clasped tightly on the back of his head. Maki casted another look at his boss, noticing how his shoulders were quivering, making small sounds of suppressed crying and agony, before he decided to call Yuki.

He knew that Eto would not go home tonight, or, could not go home tonight on his condition.

After making the phone call, he went out of the office. Only then that Maki was able to breathe normally. When he heard the loud crashing sound inside the office, he immediately tried to went inside it. Although he was sure that the Senator was alone, he thought that he might have been attacked from the outside. Realizing that the door was locked from the inside, he used his spare key to open and what he found shocked him.

Eto was seething in rage, his eyes were red in fury as he kept on throwing the TV set on the floor. Maki froze for a while before he recovered and tried to calm down Eto. He held him back for a couple of minutes from further smashing the TV, when he noticed that his hands were bleeding from grasping the already broken TV and some of the glass shards pricked him. Or he could have smashed the TV with his bare hands.

Eto kept on cursing and shouting words directed at the TV.

'I will fucking kill you! Damn you to hell! I'll kill you, you worthless piece of shit!'

Maki winced at Eto's continuous cursing. It was his first time seeing Eto in that uncontrollable state of viciousness. To whom it was directed though was beyond his recognition. Upon seeing the video player, he realized that he must have watched one of the video tapes, and what he saw must be too much for him to handle.

It took him some time before Eto stopped shouting, it was already past 8:30PM and Maki was thankful that all employees have went home. Otherwise, he would have a hard time explaining what is going on.

He led Eto back to the sofa, and Eto complied, as if all fight was lost in him. Maki noticed that the other contents of the aluminum box that they took from Miyazaki are still intact inside, only 1 video tape has been taken out. He pushed the video player and the video tape was ejected. He then returned the video tape on the aluminum box and closed it. As he looked at the mess in the room, he decided to clean it up by himself.

Eto just sat quietly on the sofa at first, until Maki heard him making muffled sounds of crying. Eto never once looked at him even when he was cleaning his wound and sterilized it.

He was so surprised. He never once thought that the Eto Iguchi who was born and bred in a family of politicians could breakdown like a common man.

What could make Eto Iguchi act so helpless like this?


It was in the middle of dawn when Yuki woke up from her sleep. She felt somebody was holding her, but she did not feel threatened. She blinked several times. The dim light from the bedside table made her recognize Eto, he was hugging her and his face was buried on the valley of her breast. She smiled and stroked his hair gently.

"I thought you cannot go home tonight Eto." She said, not asking, but more like stating the fact. Eto answered her with a soft inaudible sound, as he continued to embrace her, keeping his face hidden from her.

She hugged him as well, feeling that Eto must have missed her so much to be acting like a child all of a sudden.

"Eto, " she softly called his name.

"Hmmm, " Eto replied, obviously not wanting to be disturbed.

"Did you miss that much?" She tried to tell a joke, expecting him not to answer it at all.

"Yes, " Eto replied much to her surprise.

He then looked at her, and she noticed that his eyes are red.

From lack of sleep? It's impossible that he has been crying right?

She smiled and tried to hug him, but he cupped her face in his palms. Yuki felt that his palms are cold, and shakin

g. As she intently look at his face, she noticed for the first time that his eyes were remarkably black, like blue-black.

In that instant, she would remember someday how melancholic his eyes were when they looked at her.

"Yuki, " he called her name in a very soft manner. Yuki closed her eyes, thinking that Eto will kiss her. She has been missing him badly for almost 4 weeks now.


Eto could not help the quivering of his lips as he stared at Yuki until she closed her eyes. He could tell that she was bracing herself for his kiss. He bit his lower lip, as he felt the lump in his throat. If he won't control his emotions properly, he might end up breaking into tears in front of her. He would look like a hopeless fool, but he could not take it.

The scenes he watched on that video tape kept on replaying in his mind like a movie. A sickening movie.

Looking at Yuki's face now, his heart was gripped tightly by a feeling that is unfamiliar to him. He knows that he could kill a person now, without a doubt.

Instead of kissing her, he brushed his lips on her little forehead. It caused her to open her eyes and look at him questioningly.

Eto managed to force a half smile, as he touched her cheeks.

He remembered how she was touched.

His other fist clenched, and he pulled Yuki in his arms tightly.

How could he make love to her now? After all of that, how could he do it? Eto remembered that night when he forced himself into her, amidst her protests saying that it was painful. He wanted to strangle himself now, if only he could have known about it earlier. He was so stupid.

Why did he not try to understand her better before he judged her?


Yuki felt weird about Eto's action. She knew that he must want to do it with her, as both of them have been deliberately avoiding it. But her pregnancy kept him from doing so. She let her hands wandered on his chest, and she felt him stiffen. She felt his heart beat became faster. When her hand reached his abdomen, he held her hands, and just hugged her. She knew that he was not in the mood, so she gave up.

Eto held her tightly in his arms, as he once again let her sleep. His arms remained on her the whole morning, as if telling her that he would not let her alone. She slept soundly with a satisfied smile.


Eto woke up at 6:30AM, thanks to his circadian rhythm. He looked at Yuki's sleeping face, and before he realized it, a built-up of anger rose up to his mind. He decided to take an early shower to cool his head. Afterwards, he went back to their bedroom and pulled the blanket up to her chin. He went out towards the balcony on the first floor and began reading the morning newspaper. Although his mind was not on the newspaper, he kept it open.

He was sipping his brewed coffee when he felt her familiar presence on his back. He turned and saw her indeed, still on her sleepwear, blinking her small eyes.

"Yuki, why are you here in your sleepwear? You will catch a cold." He walked towards her and embraced her so that she will feel his warmth.

Yuki's arms went around his waist.

"Sorry, I thought that I was just dreaming yesterday that you went home. When I woke up and did not find you on the bed, I came here to check whether you really arrived."

Eto stroked her hair which was in disarray.

Flashes of the scenes on the video tape made him shut his eyes, as he rested his chin on the top of her head.

How could this little girl suffered so much? It seems that everything he knew about her up to now was just the tip of the iceberg, and he judged her according to that. It was so foolish of him.

"I came home Yuki. I just can't be away from you for too long." He said, touching her warm cheeks. The rise of color on her face made her lovely.

"Ok, I will go and change now. Can we eat breakfast together?" she asked, her face beaming at him.

"Yes, my sweet. No need to hurry. Today, I will not go to work so we can have more time together, ok?"

Her expression became brighter at what he said, and she returned to their room merrily. Eto watched her as she glided gracefully on the floor. It was the same feeling he had when he first met her. It was as if her steps were trained to be very light, not to make any noise.

Now, he understood.

The way she was able to free herself from being bound on both arms and feet when she and Aki were kidnapped came from her childhood experience.

Now, he know.

And Eto could not help himself from feeling so helpless. The simmering fury inside of him won't settle down, unless he take it onto something. That is why he decided not to go to work today. He would need to go somewhere to vent the fire within him.

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