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   Chapter 28 A secret up to your grave

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Yuki has a better facial expression during dinner, Eto noticed. For the past week since they came back, he became worried about her condition. Sometimes in the middle of the night, he would wake up as he can't feel her body next to him. Only to find her sitting on the balcony or sitting in front of the dresser. Every time, Eto would see that her mouth is moving, but tried as he might, he could not hear any words. There were times when she would have bad dreams and would suddenly scream that made Eto wake up. It would take him a while to calm her until she would fall asleep.

Eto wondered if her bad dreams have something to do with her past. Yuki herself does not remember the dream as soon as she opened her eyes.

"How was your work, Eto?"

"It was the usual schedule Yuki. I had an extra meeting today with private companies, and met with Kaname Hill, do you remember him?"

Yuki paused for a moment.

"Oh, Hiro's best friend right?"

"Yes, they needed some documents under my office for their business."

After dinner, they went to take a bath together. When Eto suggested it, she was hesitant. But she gave in with his persuasion after a while. When Eto was washing her back, Yuki just sat frozen, until he said he was done. She then washed his back as well, and they entered the tub at the same time. They stayed there immerse in the tub for an hour.

Eto dried her hair, and Yuki felt relaxed.

"I would like to see you with a longer hair Yuki." Eto said out of nowhere, imagining Yuki's bubbly face with a long hair.

Yuki did not say anything, she just smiled at him on the mirror.

When they lay down on the bed, Eto covered her with the blanket, and turned towards her to face her.

"How do you feel?" he asked.

"Better, " she replied, then touched his cheek, "Eto, when can I go back to work? I feel so bored here already. I need to do something to keep my mind off… to help me relax."

Eto understood what she meant. He pondered upon it. If he allowed her to work in the office, he would be able to be with her in case of any emergency. She can just stay in the office and leave all the work to Maki, so she won't be so bored by herself. He realized that if Yuki is kept alone at the house, she might just always think about Sachiko.

"Sure, but can you please wait for a couple of days? I will be busy until Friday. On Saturday, we will have a check-up with your doctor and if she gave the go signal then you can start on Monday again. What do you think?"

Eto noticed that Yuki lost a few pounds. Therefore, he decided not to tell her about the visit of Mariko and Shoto in his office this afternoon. There is no need for her to be stressed about it.

Yuki pouted, but she nodded in the end.

"Come on, let's sleep now." Eto patted her head.

"Ok, goodnight Eto. I love you." Yuki said and closed her eyes.

Eto hesitated for a while before answering. "Goodnight too Yuki. Sweet dreams."

As Eto closed his eyes and put one arm on her waist, Yuki opened her eyes again. She stared silently at Eto's face, saddened by the fact that no matter how many times she say 'I love you' to him, he always reply with something else. However, Yuki knows that Eto would love her soon enough. Especially now that they would have a baby in less than 8 months. She smiled and closed her eyes.


Eto and Maki arrived in Miyazaki at 9:30AM. They went straight to the bank where Sachiko told him about her safety deposit box. After they finished all the necessary identification and clearing, he and Maki are now staring at a small aluminum box the size of an adult's shoebox. The representative of the bank asked Eto for the key to open the box.

He gave it and the box was opened. As Eto wondered about the contents of the box, the representative gave Eto a piece of paper. He read the contents and checked if they matched with the contents of the box.

2 video tapes, 1 portable video tape player, 2 sealed envelopes of which one is addressed to Yuki and the other one to Yuki's husband, and an old family picture.

When all the items has been accounted for, Eto and Maki left the bank and rode the heli again to go back to Tokyo. They arrived there at exactly 2:00PM. They stopped at a restaurant and had their late lunch. Afterwards, they went back to the office. Eto told him not to let anybody step in his office until he called him. Maki understood the order.


Eto locked the door behind him. He then went on his table and placed the box there.

Yuki's past.

Is he really ready to know ever

ything about Yuki? As he was about to open the box, his phone rang. It was the investigator.

What a timing, Eto thought. He pressed the answer button.

"Yes, "

"Senator, you won't believe what I found out about your wife."

Eto closed his eyes. He is now torn between listening to the investigator or opening the box. Both have information about Yuki. He decided to talk with the investigator first.

"Come over here as fast as you can, Mr. Yasuo." Eto said finally. He then hang up his phone and called Maki to let the investigator come inside.

Eto waited for about 20 minutes before the investigator arrived. He was sweating on his forehead, indicating that he did hurry up. Eto offered him tea as soon as he sat, and the investigator accepted and drank it readily.

"Ok, Mr. Yasuo, tell me what you have found out about Yuki."

The investigator placed 2 file folders on his desk. As he began to talk, he was opening the files to show him the evidences that he obtained.

"Yuki Nakamura, was born as Yukina Nakamura. The only child of Mariko Sato and Tatsuya Nakamura. When she was on the 2nd grade, her father and grandfather's car went off a cliff, and both died on the spot. Suicide was ruled out, it was reported as an accident and the family received a huge amount of insurance money. However, there was more to the accident than was actually reported. It was not reported that during the accident, it was the grandfather who was on the driver's seat. Which was strange."

Eto frowned deeply. He then nodded to the investigator to continue his report.

"The car was registered under Mr. Tatsuya, but it was strange why it was the grandfather who was on the driver's seat. The airbag did not work either. However, the report did not say anything about the airbag failure, nor the fact that the road going to the cliff was not on the way to their house nor to their work. So, some of my operatives dug deeper. We found out one disturbing truth."

Eto remained silent, digesting the information that the investigator was saying.

"It seems that a former Senator intervened with the investigation. So, most of the alarming evidences were not recorded in the report. Thus, suicide and driving in the influence of alcohol was ruled out. It was just pure luck that one of my agents knew the investigator of the case. Even though he was already retired, we still managed to obtain some important information." The investigator cleared his throat. "But after I did what I had to do to know more, I learned that on the night of the supposed accident, a packet of addictive drugs was found on Mr. Tatsuya's packet. Although the autopsy on him said he was clear, but that packet was not listed in the evidence as well. My hunch is that it was taken off to make the insurance company expedite the monetary claim process."

"As soon as the insurance money was claimed, Sachiko Nakamura, Mariko Sato, and Yuki Nakamura changed their address to Miyazaki. However, based on the record, Yuki Nakamura was never listed as an elementary student in the same year, nor did she requested to be a transfer student. It was not until she was 10 years old that she went back to school as a 2nd grade student. Based from all the facts I have gathered so far, Yuki Nakamura, left Tokyo as Yukina Nakamura, and registered in Miyazaki as Yuki Nakamura. The reason for the slight manipulation of her name could be found within the 2-year period that no activity about her was ever recorded."

Eto clasped his hands together under his chin, his elbows on the table. This is getting complicated, he thought.

"Mr. Yasuo, thank you so much for everything that you have done for me about this. Rest assured that you will be well-compensated. However, I may have to ask to terminate your investigation now."

The investigator looked at him questioningly. Eto touched the aluminum box to catch the investigator's attention.

"This box was left to me by Yuki's grandmother, Sachiko Nakamura. I think this will tell me everything about her past that I need to know. If I need more, I will contact you again, Mr. Yasuo. It was a job well done. Thank you so much."

The investigator understood his cue. He then stood up and bowed at Eto. When he was near the door, Eto called out his name. He turned.

"I believe that you know this already Mr. Yasuo, but just in case, let me remind you that all the information about this should be kept a secret up to your grave." Eto's voice has a finality on it.

"Of course I understand, Senator Iguchi. Have a good night."

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