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   Chapter 27 I am indeed a Senator

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Mariko's smile widened as she realized that she caught Eto's attention now. She straightened her back on the chair and looked straight at Eto.

They have a slight resemblance, but Yuki looked more like Sachiko when she was young, Eto was thinking.

"Forgive me for saying this Senator, but, did you enjoy your first night with Yuki?"

Although Eto was surprised at her line of questioning, he kept a straight face. He looked at Maki, who understood what he meant and put on a headphone so he won't hear what they will talk about. Maki will never leave his side because he felt that the man with the woman looked violent and dangerous. He has to be close to Eto to protect him. Although Maki's built is quite misleading, he is an expert in both hand combat and karate. He could easily take down a man triple his size.

"What are you trying to say, Miss Sato? Go straight to the point, my time is precious." Eto impatiently looked at his watch, indicating what he meant.

"I know all the secrets to Yuki's past. If you give me 1 million yen now, I promise to stay quiet. If not, who knows if some media men will know about it from someone, right? It might damage your image, Mr. Senator."

Mariko hated Yuki since she turned 8 years old. Before that, she loved her child, her own child, of course. But after that particular incident, she hated her and wished for her to not have been born at all.

Eto remained calm, although the twisting of his jaw muscles gave his emotion away, he kept a blank face.

"That is extortion, Miss Sato. Did you know that I can sue you for that?" Eto casually said. He remembered the key that Yuki's grandma gave him, but the busy schedules during the wake and his concern on Yuki's pregnancy made him forget about it. He must look into it as soon as possible.

Mariko did not expect Eto's response. She was expecting him to just give them the money easily. After all, a one million yen is just a drop in the ocean for somebody like him. She pretended to be brave, as she felt Shoto's squeeze on her back. It means that Shoto will support her. She smiled again.

"Oh, sorry about that Mr. Senator. Let me rephrase my offer. I know everything about your wife's… dark past. You can buy the information to me for 1 million yen, or I can sell it to somebody else. See, now I am offering you a choice. You cannot call that extortion anymore." She laughed, and Eto suppressed the urge to tear her face off.

Eto paused for a moment, before looking impassively at the two snakes in front of him.

"Ms. Sato, Mr. Hirata, let me make you an offer. I will give you the 65, 000 yen

she received have been engraved in her mind. She could have lived with that until her mother remarried. Even the husband maltreated her, and what Yuki hated the most was how Mariko would hurt her in front of her grandmother so that her grandmother would protect her. In those events, her grandmother would be the one to bear the blows. She became happy when her mother left, because her grandmother refused to let the second husband live with them.

Now, she will become a mother herself.

She smiled cynically. Before, she would always dream about being a mother to Eto's children. But now that she is pregnant, she is having second thoughts. Will she be like her mother? Will she hurt her child as well? Yuki shook her head. She would protect her child no matter what, she would not let anybody harm her child. Unconsciously, her arms went to her belly protectively.

She was on that line of thought when she saw Eto get out of the car. She looked at the time, it is almost 6:00PM. She watched as Eto walked towards the house, his movement was so elegantly masculine. Yuki smiled to herself, she feels so lucky being married to such a good husband.

She remembered how he never left her during the wake. Every time she would wake up, Eto would also wake up. He would always be at her side wherever she goes. Although he still hasn't said the words that she has been longing to hear, she is already satisfied with how much he cares for her. She believes that in time, Eto will tell her 'I love you' voluntarily.

As if Eto felt that she was there watching him, he looked up to where she is, and upon seeing her, he smiled. When Eto entered the doorway, Yuki decided to go down and welcome him. Now that he is here, her mood lightened.

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