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   Chapter 26 How shameless are you

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 9370

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Mariko faked a sad look, but the contempt in her eyes did not escape Eto's observation. Why would a mother hate her daughter this much?


She was cut off when the door from the cremation room opened, the man walked towards Yuki and handed her the jar with Sachiko's ash. Yuki suppressed her tears as she held the jar firmly on her chest. Eto gripped her waist tighter but gently, afraid that she might lose consciousness again.

It was such a bad timing that Sachiko died when Yuki is just on her first 5 weeks in pregnancy. The doctor told them that Yuki's pregnancy is a bit delicate so she has to be careful not to be stressed too much physically and emotionally. As the first grandchild of the Iguchi family, Eto and his parents were always watchful of her every move.

Without a word to Mariko and her husband, Yuki looked at Eto.

"Let's go?"

"Sure, " Eto replied.

They already decided that they will bring Sachiko's ash to Tokyo because they don't even have any known relatives in Miyazaki to take care of her grave. The house where they used to live was owned by the prefecture so there was no problem dealing with the papers for transferring the house back. Since Sachiko and Yuki has been living under the monthly pension, they were allowed to live in the government housing for a minimum monthly rent.

Mariko looked surprised when everyone in the room started going out.

""W-wait, Yuki. Where are you going?" Mariko hold her in the arm, upon Yuki's cold glare on her arm, Mariko let her go.

"We are going back to Tokyo."

"Tokyo?" That is too far!

"Yes, we live there. I hope that this is the last time I will ever see you, Mariko." Yuki said without battling an eyelash. She does not feel any remorse for her mother, who never showed her love. "Don't worry, when you die I will also collect your ash, as your daughter once."

Mariko was about to slap her, but Eto hold her hand firmly before it reached Yuki's face. Mariko blushed in shame and anger at Yuki.

"How dare you say that to your own mother, you little slut!" At Mariko's vulgar outburst, everybody casted a look at them. Such an open display of animosity and use of offensive words are considered a taboo in the Japanese society, especially in a funeral.

Yuki flinched at Mariko's words. She just called her a slut! Her eyes brightened in anger, but before she could say anything, Eto stood in between them.

"Miss Sato, please leave here now. Don't make a scene anymore, as you are only making a fool of yourself." His voice was normally calm, but every word was said with such force that Mariko almost cowered in fear, until she felt Shoto's hand on her back.

Mariko straightened her body and faced Eto.

"I will only leave here if you give me all the monetary collections."


his chair to greet them. Maki was the one who motioned for them to sit in front of Eto's desk, as he stood behind Eto. Maki knew who these people are, as Eto ordered him to do some documents the moment he reported back to the office.

"How are you, Senator Iguchi?" Mariko started with a smile on her face.

"Let us cut to the chase, Miss Sato. You are here for the money, right? How much do you expect to receive? Let me tell you that grandma Sachiko received only 65, 000 yen from the monetary contribution." Eto leaned back on his chair, eyeing the two contemptible persons in front of him with obvious indifference. "I could give you the check for that amount now, so that you may go back to where you came from."

Mariko did not expect it. She was hoping that more money would have been collected. But upon realizing that Sachiko was never a sociable person, she must not have many friends to give her money on her death. How unfortunate, she thought bitterly.

Then, she realized that since she is already here, she could try to get more money to Eto, as she believes that he is really fond of Yuki. He must be willing to give money for Yuki's peace of mind, right?

"Senator, that is not enough. We came here by plane from Miyazaki and you might know that 65, 000 yen is just enough for our plane fare. Don't you find it unreasonable that I will only receive the same amount? It's such a waste of effort for us. If I have taken the monetary contribution last week, I could have the 65, 000 yen in my hand." She reasoned out, with complete hand gestures and fluttering of her false eyelashes. "Besides, I came here to tell you that this won't be the last time that you will give me money." Her voice turned vicious on her last sentence.

Eto leaned forward on his desk. Where does her confidence come from? He wondered.

"Please explain, Miss Sato."

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