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   Chapter 25 The key to Yuki’s past

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After Yuki fell asleep, Eto decided to go to Sachiko's room. When he arrived there, his father and mother were sitting next to her bed. His heart immediately went out to Sachiko's appearance. The last time they saw each other was during the wedding.

She lost too much weight, and he could see the extreme pain that she must be feeling on how tightly her eyes were shut.

"Father, Mother, will you go to Yuki for now? I want to talk with grandma."

The couple left the room after bidding Sachiko goodbye.

Eto sat on the chair at her right, and looked softly at Sachiko. He touched her forehead.

"Grandmother, "

Sachiko opened her eyes, seeing the look on Eto, she forced a smile.

"Don't pity me, my child. I am old enough to go."

Eto's eyes reddened at her words. He felt a lump in his throat and he could not say a word.

"Eto, thank you for accepting Yuki. That child has been through a lot, more than what an ordinary child should have underwent. Please be patient with her. I believe that the only person who can save her is you." Sachiko's words were slow and weak, and he could tell that with every word she let out, she was putting a lot of effort on it.

"Don't worry about Yuki anymore, grandmother. I promise you that I will take care of her, as well as our child."

A worried look flashed on Sachiko's face, and she looked intently at Eto.

"Eto, I know that you must be having a problem with Yuki." Eto could not reply yes, he chose to stay silent and wait for her to continue. "Please get my purse on the table, you would see a keyholder there. Please take the smallest key."

Eto followed as she instructed.

"Take it with you, Eto."

"What is this for, grandma?"

Sachiko has an aggrieved and bitter expression on her face, she looked straight to the ceiling and stayed silent for a while before turning back to look at Eto.

"That is the key to Yuki's past." At Eto's puzzled look, Sachiko nodded knowingly. "I know that you must be thinking how Yuki is different. Eto, that child needs you." Her voice cracked. Tears fell on the side of her eyes to Eto's discomfort. He wiped her tears with tissue.

"Please stop crying grandma." Sachiko continued to weep silently, as a burning pain coursed through her spine from her abdomen, her eyes suddenly shut tightly. Her hands attached with many tubes began to move involuntarily on her sides.

Eto pressed a button on her bed to call for a nurse. Sachiko seemed to be having a seizure of some sort. She was mumbling incoherent words while weeping and alternately opening and closing her eyes.


Yuki arrived on the door with Eiji and Risa with her. At her worried look, Eto went to her and embraced her. The doctor and two nurses arrived and began to do something to Sachiko. The doctor told the nurse to double the dosage of the pain medicine and within minutes, Sachiko began to relax.

It appeared that the pain was too great and it caused her body to convulse involuntarily. It was the first time for Yuki and Eto to see that scene and Yuki kept on crying at Eto's chest.

After a while, Sachiko closed her eyes and seemed to be sleeping. The doctor asked them to have a talk with them again.


"Cancer is very painful. Since it has spread on her body already, there is no way to save her. Very soon, her kidney would fail, as we have been giving her strong medicines just to kill the pain. Her other organs would follow too. The only thing we can do now is to alleviate the pain once she feels it. That scene you witnessed just now will be more frequent as time goes on."


As the doctor said, the interval in between Sachiko's pain seizures became lesser with time. On the 3rd day, they've been giving her triple the dosage and it would only calm her for an hour. After that, she would toss and turn involuntarily on her bed, while moaning from the unbearable pain. On the fourth day, Sachiko could not hear Yuki anymore. When she opened her eyes, she would just look straight into the ceiling. Her breathing became shallow. Yuki would whisper on her ears, trying to talk to her about everything, but she would not respond at all. It seemed that both her hearing and sight were already affected. She would massage her arms and her fingers, and would cry every time she sees the needle marks on her wrinkled skin. Yuki could not bear to look at her grandmother in pain, as she wept silently while Eto never left her side.

On the 5th day, Sachiko breathed

her last. She was cremated 5 days later. As they were waiting for her ashes, Yuki's mother, Mariko Sato, arrived in the crematory. She was wearing an all-black outfit, along with a man, her husband, Shoto Hirata, who was also on an all-black attire.

The moment that Mariko arrived, her gaze wandered among all of those present. She immediately realized that there are many respectable people present, so she adjusted her behavior accordingly. She saw her daughter, her face lowered while a man with a strong aura was holding her hands. Somehow, he looked familiar.

Did she marry?

Mariko sneered secretly. She motioned for Shoto to follow her and they walked towards to where Yuki was sitting. With a pretentious saddened expression, she stopped in front of Yuki and Eto. Eto eyed her indifferently and gently squeezed Yuki's hands.

As Yuki looked up, she saw her mother, whom she has not seen for 12 years. Her surprised expression changed into that of coldness. Yuki stood up.

Mariko hugged Yuki the moment she stood up.

"Yuki, my child! You must be so lonely now that your grandma died. I am so sorry for your loss." She pretended to wipe a tear that wasn't there.

Yuki did not respond to her mother's embrace, she kept both of her hands on her side. When Mariko did not feel any response from her, she pulled herself and looked at Yuki.

With a smile on her face, she touched Yuki's face.

"You grew up too fast Yuki, it has been a long time. I missed you, my darling daughter." As she was about to embrace her again, Yuki tapped her hands to avoid her. Mariko looked at her in surprise.

Eto was observing silently. This is the first time that he saw Yuki's mother. He could instantly tell her character the moment she pretended to cry for Yuki's sadness.


"Why are you here, Mariko?" Yuki did not call her mother. Why would she? She was never a mother to her, except that she was the one who gave birth to her.

Mariko faked a pained expression. She looked at the other people, who avoided looking at their direction, then settled her gaze to Eto.

"Yuki, you did not even inform me that you got married." She looked at the diamond wedding ring on her finger and felt envious. This man must be rich to afford her such a nice wedding ring.

"There is no need to pretend that you care about that Mariko. My grandma and I did not even know where you went after you took all grandma's savings. Why would we bother to let you know that I got married?" Yuki's words were filled with hatred, and Eto could feel it. Her usual cold and calm demeanor was masked by her hatred to her mother.

"Oh Yuki. Just forget the past, will you? Why don't you introduce me to your husband?"

"There is no need for you to know him." Yuki replied. Then, Eto stood up, put his arm around her waist and smiled at Yuki knowingly.

"Good afternoon, you must be Yuki's mother. I am Eto Iguchi. Yuki's husband. Nice to meet you." Eto was not fond of Yuki's mother, but he has to play his role to know why she would show herself all of a sudden after abandoning Yuki for 12 years. He knew about her from the information that the investigator gathered.

Mariko's eyes widened. She now remembered where she had seen him!

With a wide and pleased smile, she bowed at Eto.

"Senator Iguchi, it's a pleasure to have met you personally. I am so surprised that my daughter was able to be married to someone of your status but I am happy for her. I am so sorry for not attending your wedding, it must have been a grand celebration." She casted a glance at Yuki's reddened face that was seething in anger. "I was not informed."

Eto smiled, but it was a cold one.

"I understand, Miss Sato. During the wedding, we had no idea about your whereabouts, so forgive our mistake."

Mariko laughed nervously. She deliberately did not inform her mother-in-law and daughter where she and her second husband is living now, not knowing that it would lead to this disadvantage.

"Why did you come here? You abandoned us a long time ago, so why return now?" Yuki cut in, her words were strong and straight, hoping that it would make Mariko feel a bit guilty.

However, Mariko does not have any guilty feeling at all towards her action years ago. The reason why she came back now when she was informed by the city hall that Sachiko has died is to receive all the money that will be collected from the wake and the funeral. She never expected what a better fortune awaits her now.

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