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   Chapter 24 Yuki is pregnant

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Since then, Yuki obviously avoided Eto. She would eat breakfast before him, won't say anything inside the car, and she would eat lunch with the other employees. At night, she would eat dinner with him in silence, answering his questions straight but won't elaborate. At bedtime, she would always wrap the blanket on her body, and would turn stiff as a rod the moment he would get close to her.

Eto knew it was his fault, so he just let her to behave how she wanted. He thought that she would revert to her old self after a few days. After another 2 weeks, it became a routine for them to avoid each other.

One night when they were dining, Eto was surprised when his parents suddenly arrived at their doorsteps.

"Father, Mother, what brings you here?" Eto asked, he did not even received a call that they are stopping by. He draped one arm on Yuki's shoulder. Yuki forced a smile, but she moved a little away from him as if she was burned by his touch.

Yuki's reaction did not escape Eiji's fast eyes. He frowned at Eto.

"We will be going back shortly, Eto. We just stopped by because we are on the way. I just want to ask you something."

"What is it Father?"

Eiji smiled gently when he looked at Yuki, who returned his smile with hers. Eto could not believe his eyes. His stone-faced father just smiled at Yuki!

"Your mother and I are wondering when you will give as our grandchild."

Yuki looked at Eto, embarrassment was written in her eyes. Eto pinched her shoulder gently, as if telling her that he would handle it.

"Yes, Eto and Yuki, " his mother said. "You have been married for more than a month, it's about time that Yuki should be on the way to motherhood."

Yuki lowered her eyes, she is so embarrassed because she promised Eto's father that she will bear Eto children.

"Mother, don't concern yourself too much with this matter ok? Yuki and I are taking our time getting to know each other before we consider having a baby. My wife is still young and healthy. Please let us enjoy first. It's not easy raising a child after all."

Eto's perfect excuse seemed to pacify Risa but not Eiji. After a while, the two men walked to the balcony and sat there, with warm tea on their table.

"Eto, your mother and I are old, we would like to see our grandchildren before we die."

Eto did not reply. He began drinking his tea.

"Father, I have never asked you this before, but I want to ask you now, and I am hoping for an honest and direct answer."

Eiji looked at his son, he already guessed what is it that he wanted to as

stressed and tired, and worried for her grandmother's condition. Upon remembering her grandmother, she started to get out of the bed. Eto was at her side in an instant.

"Yuki, please take it easy."

"Eto, how can you say that to me?" She looked at him with pained expression. "My grandma is very sick. I have to go to her."

"Father and Mother are with her right now. Please relax for a while, I will take you there as soon as you have relaxed." Eto's voice was full of concern, and so Yuki decided to give in. It won't really help if she lost her calm now. She took the glass of water that Eto gave her.

"Yuki, you should know something." Eto said after a while.


"I want you to relax and calm yourself no matter what may happen to grandma, ok?" At Yuki's confused expression, Eto sat on the bed, cupped her face in his palms and smiled at her. "Yuki, you are pregnant. We are going to have a baby."

Yuki could not believe her ears. She is pregnant! Before she knew it, she was crying and laughing at the same time. Eto was surprised at her reaction, thought that it was due to her shock at her grandma's condition and the good news of pregnancy, he hugged her tightly in his arms. He, after all, is also feeling a mixture of emotions.

Sadness at her grandma's condition, and joy at the thought that he would be a father soon. He could not contain his excitement when the doctor announced that nothing is wrong with her when she lost her consciousness. It was just due to her pregnancy.

Although Eto realized that their baby must have been conceived that night that he made love to her and hurt her, he was still happy.

How could he not be happy? He is going to be a father!

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