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   Chapter 23 I am not lying!

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Two weeks after their wedding, Yuki was so disappointed when her period came. That day, she was in low spirits. After she ate lunch with Eto in his office, she decided to go to a nearby convenience store and bought a small calendar notebook. She decided to track her basal body temperature, and bought an ovulation predictor kit as well.

Eto was deep in thought. Since Yuki's birthday, they never had a chance to make love again. Yuki would respond to his kisses, which is a good sign. But the moment he started touching her more intimately, she would stiffen again. It has been 2 weeks since they got married, but the way she was behaving never changed. It was as if she would only willingly give herself to him when she was drunk. But Eto had enough of that. He doesn't enjoy the fact that Yuki was senseless and not herself when they make love. He felt as if he was holding a different person in his arms. He could not pinpoint however, what is wrong with her, or with him. He tried many times to make love with her when she is sober, but she was dry. He did not want to take her in that condition because he will just hurt her, like on one occasion when he tried it.

What else should he do?

He has been very patient and understanding. When he realized that she was not really a virgin, he accepted it even though she denied it and pretended that he was her first. But the way their relationship is moving, he could not see any improvement.

That night, they had dinner together. Yuki went to the bath first and afterwards, Eto followed. When he went out, she was already wrapped with the blanket. As he tried to kiss her exposed nape, she murmured something inaudible. As he continued to caress her, she turned to him and looked at him in his eyes.

"Eto, I'm on my period. Sorry."

He gave up and laid flat on his back. After a moment, he decided to turn to her and just hugged her. Yuki snuggled closer and the night ended with Eto in a bad mood.

After another week, Eto had to go out on a week-long seminar in the northern region. Although Eto wanted to take Yuki with him, he decided to leave her at home so she can have plenty of rest. It was a busy week for him.

Yuki waited patiently, but she was quite happy because Eto would be back in time for her ovulation peak. That night, she let Risa went home early, and decided to cook their dinner by herself. At 7:00 PM, Eto arrived home. He was delighted when he saw Yuki run towards him as he stepped inside the living room and hugged him tight.

He felt good to be back home.

He smelled her freshly washed hair and as she took his hand and guided him towards the dining area, the delicious smell of the food greeted him. Yuki smiled at him cheerfully and told him that she cooked all of it. Tired as he was with the long travel, he felt rejuvenated as they began to eat. All the food that she cooked were his favorite dishes, and it tasted really good.

After the meal, she told him to go to their room and take a relaxing warm bath as she would still wash the dishes. Eto nodded and immersed himself on the warm bath.

For the whole week, Eto has been working and he did not have time to even call her at all. He felt guilty. The only time he contacted her was when their plane arrived in Tokyo. He decided to be more conscious of it next time.

After 30 minutes, he finished and changed his clothes. He found Yuki on the bed, sitting and wearing a flimsy white one-piece lingerie. She looked pristine. As she smiled at him, she walked towards him and he smelled the wine on her breath. He frowned and his eyes wandered on the bedside table and saw the bottle of wine.

"You've been drinking?"

"I only drank 1 glass yet Eto, please let's drink so we can have a good night together." As she tiptoed to kiss him, he turned his face sideways to avoid her. Yuki was surprised at his action. She felt embarrassed.

Eto walked towards the table, took the bottle of wine and put it inside the refrigerator. He then sat on the edge of the bed and looked at Yuki.

"Yuki, from now on, if we make love, I want you to be sober."

For the past week, Eto has been contemplating about it. The only times that Yuki would give herself willingly to him was when she was drunk. He does not like that idea. He was enjoying being with her, but he also want her to enjoy being with him.

"But Eto, " Yuki's fingers fidgeted in front of her.

"No buts, Yuki. If you always had to be drunk every time we do it, then it's meaningless. It is supposed to be enjoyed by both of us, not only me."

"I do enjoyed it."

"Stop lying, will you? How would you enjoy it when you don't even know what happened?" Et

o's eyes turned into narrow slits. He was not angry, but he was not happy either with the way their relationship is developing.

"I know what happened, " Yuki answered, throwing him a hesitant look that was too easy for him to read.

"Ok tell me, do you remember how you call me whenever we did it Yuki?"

At her confused glance, he smirked knowingly.

"You would be so embarrassed if I tell you, but I'm sure you would not even think about it when you are sober. I don't like this Yuki. Tell me, why do you have to be drunk to be yourself? Wait, let me rephrase it, which is your real self? The Yuki when you are sober or the Yuki when you are drunk? Believe me Yuki, this has been bugging me for too long."

Yuki did not know how to answer. Eto just asked her the questions that she has been asking to herself as well.

"I don't know how to answer you, Eto, " she finally said.

Eto walked towards her, held her shoulders, and touched her chin so that their eyes would meet.

"Yuki, I have been meaning to ask you this. As I said, I want both of us to work to make this marriage successful. I want you to be honest with me, why did you lie to me about your virginity?"

In truth, although Eto has accepted the fact that she was not a virgin, he wanted to know why she denied it. It won't get out of his head.

At her confused expression, he became impatient.

"Come on Yuki, did you think that I was just born yesterday that I don't know about such things? It's not good to brag about it but I did have many experience on that. You cannot fool me that I am your first."

Yuki looked at him with disbelief. Her confused eyes turned to anger. She tapped his hand and stepped back away from him.

"I am not fooling you, Eto. I have never been with any other man all my life. It would be impossible that I am not a virgin. If you don't believe, you could investigate about me. You would find out that I never dated anyone. I kept myself clean just for you."

Eto looked at her with an exasperated look. He put one hand on his forehead, as he felt that he was about to be angry at her continuous and consistent denial.

"Yuki, just tell me the truth ok? There is no need to tell me when did you lost it or to whom. Just admit that I was not your first."

"But you are! You were my first! That was my first time Eto, you should know better than me." Her accusing tone made him look at her sharply. How could she turn the table towards him? He should know better? Of course!

"You're right Yuki. I know better. And I am telling you that you are lying. Will you please stop this nonsense?"

"But I'm telling the truth!" Yuki started weeping in a mixture of emotions. She was so hurt that Eto won't believe her at all. After she had given herself to him, then he would claim that she's lying? How dare he?

As Eto saw her crying, he let out a frustrated sigh. He went back to the bed, and looked at her again.

"Stop crying already Yuki. If you want to continue your pretense then it's fine. I won't pursue this matter anymore. Let's forget about it." He said and started to lie on the bed.

He was surprised when Yuki threw a pillow at him.

"Yuki!" He sat up again, his face reddened with anger at her childishness.

"I am not lying! I am not pretending! Why can't you believe me?" She was on the verge of hysteria as she continuously weep.

"Yuki, stop this ok? You're acting like a child."

"No Eto, I won't stop this. You have to believe me. I can't have you thinking that I am lying when I'm not!"

She walked towards him, and threw herself at him. Eto was surprised at her action but he still caught her in his arms. Her soft and warm body triggered an immediate response on him. Her lips came on his, and her hands wandered on his chest.

"Eto I love you! There is only you, please believe me!"

Eto was torn between stopping and continuing the action that she initiated. Finally, he gave up and threw her on the bed. He covered her body with his, and because of his anger, he did not stop when she said that it was painful. He continued to pounce on her, hard and fast, unmindful of her shivering body and the way she clutched on the sheets.

The moment he released himself, Yuki was lying unmoving, her eyes were looking straight through him, and she has a distant look. After that, Eto felt really bad. He went out to the balcony with a beer on his hand. He stayed there for an hour, and when he went back to the bed, Yuki has wrapped herself with the blanket up to her head.

He sighed guiltily, laid down and hugged her. He felt her move a little, and he leaned closer to where her head should be and whispered 'sorry'.

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