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   Chapter 22 Her birthday present

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 9872

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Yuki woke up in a room, particularly on a bed. She opened her eyes, suddenly sit down as she realized that this is not their room. She looked at the time on her wristwatch, it is just 7:00PM.

What happened?

The last thing she remembered is she got on the taxi that Maki called to send her back home. Along the way, she became sleepy.

Was she kidnapped?

She stood up and tried to look around. Her bag was placed properly on one table. She took her bag and opened it. All her stuff are intact.

Whose room is this?

As she touched the doorknob, it suddenly opened. Yuki stepped back in preparation to attack her kidnapper. But she was frozen standing when she saw Eto's face on the slightly opened door. A flash of confusion swept through her mind.

"Eto? What are you doing here?"

Eto did not say anything. He walked towards her, and reached for her neck. Yuki thought that he was about to strangle her. Her eyes became teary in an instant.

"Eto, I'm so sorry. Please don't hurt me…I" she stopped talking when she felt the cold thing that hanged on her neck as he withdrew his hand.

Eto looked at her neck with admiration. Yuki instinctively touched it, a necklace!

As she realized what Eto just did, she looked at him with much anticipation.


He silenced her by placing one finger on top of her lips. Their eyes met and she could feel her heart beating faster.

"Happy birthday, my sweet." Eto said.

Tears fell on her cheeks.

Such a simple birthday greeting, but it held so much importance to Yuki. She tiptoed and embraced him with all of her, sobbing like a child because of happiness. Eto's arms went around her as well, until he decided to push her gently away. He led her to a mirror so she can see the reflection of the necklace on her.

It was a magnificent piece of an intricately-designed diamond necklace. Yuki gasped in awe.

"It suits you perfectly well, Yuki." Eto told her, more like whispered on her ear.

She smiled, and turned to face him. She cupped his face and kissed him lightly on his lips.

"Thank you so much Eto, I am so happy. I thought that you don't know that it's my birthday today."

"How would I not know about that? You started working in the office so I know all the information in your CV." He said, which was only half of the story. It was actually Maki who reminded him that today is Yuki's birthday.

As his hands closed on the back of her waist, he held her eyes captive.

"Yuki, we might not have married out of love, but we both know that keeping a marriage intact takes more than just love. So I want us both to do our part to make this marriage work."

Eto was speaking slowly and with so much warmth that Yuki could feel that his heart was also beating louder.

"Of course Eto, " Yuki replied and hugged him. As Eto felt her soft and supple body molded into his own, he felt his arousal. But he controlled it immediately, as his birthday present for her is not yet finished. He looked at his watch.

"Let's go, " he held her hand and guided her outside.

"Where to?" she asked, although she have no idea where he would take her, it made her heart flutter in both excitement and anticipation. This will be their first date as a couple.

Eto glanced back at her, and grinned like a wicked child. As soon as Yuki and Eto went out of the room, Yuki had to cover her mouth in shock.

The outside of the room has a one round table on it with two chairs. Food are well prepared with candles lighted on the center. A violinist is standing near them, and he began playing when they walked towards the table. Eto placed one hand firmly on her waist as he guided her towards their table.

Only then did Yuki realized that they are in the Diamond Hotel, one of the tallest and most expensive hotels in Tokyo. It has 45 floors, and their location must be on the 45th, as she saw many tall building which suddenly looked smaller.

The huge room has been vacated only for them. As the sound made from the violin reverberated in her ears, she can't help but feel so overwhelmed. This is indeed, her best birthday ever.

She looked with bright eyes at Eto.

"Thank you, " she said. Eto just smiled and pulled the chair for her to sit down, then he sat on the opposite side. A male waiter in tuxedo poured wine on their glasses.

"Cheers!" They drank their wine bottoms up.

Yuki's cheeks flushed redder in an instant. In the past, she always avoided drinking alcohol as she won't know what will happen afterwards. She does not like taking chances. But now, she doesn't mind anymore, as long as she is with Eto, she does not care what would happen to her.

"Ok, let's eat. I'm sure you are already hungry." Eto said after he looked at the time, almost 7:30PM. Just the right time for dinner.

Along the dinnertime, they chatted enthusiastically. With the wine, Yuki became talkative. She talked about the whole day wher

e she has been constantly looking for ways to talk with him but never succeeded. Eto chuckled as he admitted that he knew about it from Maki's report. He deliberately let her think that he was busy and could not be with her today until nighttime.

"I never thought that you have this kind of trick under your sleeve, Eto, " Yuki said, with a fake sullen look on her face.

"I just wanted to surprise you, Yuki, "

"Well, I was really surprised. I thought that I was kidnapped when I woke up."

"That can't happen to you, you know." Eto said matter-of-factly.

"And why not?"

"As my wife, you are always protected from a certain distance. You are not aware who and where is the one protecting you, though."

Yuki's eyebrow lifted.

"You don't have to Eto, I am perfectly fine in protecting myself."

"Yes, so that is why the taxi driver was able to take you here without you having the slightest idea." There is truth with his words, but he said it to make fun of her.

She pouted. It was true.

"It won't happen again. I will be more vigilant next time." She answered.

As she finished her 2nd glass of wine, the waiter filled her glass again. This time, Eto was intently observing the change in her body gestures and her speech pattern. Last time that she got drunk, he did not notice the change in her until she began cursing him while moaning under his lovemaking. He was so driven by his desire that he just made love to her even though she was not herself.

As she was about to start drinking the 3rd glass, he stopped her.

"Yuki, that is your 3rd glass already. You don't wanna get drunk again."

Yuki looked at him, and at the glass of wine. She smiled sexily at him, licking her lower lip.

"But I want to drink more Eto. I feel better when I drink alcohol. It's as if I feel free." She said and without another word, she finished the 3rd glass.

The color of her cheeks deepened and her eyes turned to him with a seductive flare on them. Eto was indeed turned on, but he does not want to take advantage of her in her moment of weakness. He stood up and bent at her, slightly brushing his lips on the tip of her nose. Yuki closed her eyes, preparing herself for his kiss. But it did not come. Instead, she was pulled up to his embrace. She met Eto's gaze, and he smiled at her sweetly.

"Let's dance, "

They danced along with the music, and it sounded so melodious to Yuki. She felt as if she's in a dream, with the prince as her partner. Yuki did not notice how long they have been dancing, until Eto stopped. Yuki was lifted in his arms, as he took her towards the room where they came from earlier.


"I will give you another present, my sweet." He whispered on her ear, and she just closed her eyes and put her arms around his neck. She felt like she is being carried to a heavenly place.

Eto closed the door with his foot, and after he placed Yuki on the bed, he went back and locked it. Yuki stayed lying on the bed, one hand touching the necklace which felt cold on her bare skin.

As Eto began to take off his clothes, Yuki lifted her head a little and stared at him. Her eyes showed an appreciation of him, and he liked it. He strode towards the bed, cupped her face in his palms and kissed her. Yuki put her arms on his back, and as she closed her eyes, ambiguous images began flashing on her mind. She tried to get them off her head, but the images kept on coming back, one after another, but were all too blurred to be seen.

She did not realize that Eto has completely removed her clothes. As Yuki tried to focus her mind on Eto's kissing, the images started fading. When Eto tried to push her on the bed, her arms on him became tighter.

"Help! Eto I'm falling!" Her sudden outburst stopped Eto, and when he looked at her, she was smiling slyly.

"Eto, make love to me now please?" She turned to pleading him, and Eto could see that something in her has changed again.


"I want you inside me now Eto. Please take me again, take me rough and hard." She then kissed him deep. Eto was about to pull away from her but Yuki became aggressive, her hand reached out to him, and it took only an instant before his body responded to her touch. All sense of hesitation left him and he succumbed to her temptation once again.

In the middle of the night, Eto woke up when he realized that Yuki was not on the bed with him. With a half-awake sense, he glanced around the room. He saw her sitting on one corner, she was hugging her knees close to her chin. He thought that he had hurt her and she was crying. He hesitated whether to walk towards her and calm her but he was too sleepy and he finally realized that it would be better to talk to her in the morning. He closed his eyes again, not noticing that Yuki has a wicked smile on her lips, while her hands moved on the air, and her mouth made movements as if she was talking with somebody.

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