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   Chapter 21 I will assault you

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The next morning, Eto woke up at 6:30AM, wondering why he felt a bit cold. He realized that Yuki is not in his arms anymore. All throughout the night, he experienced a few hard-ons as she would snuggle close to him and incidentally would touch him there with her legs or her knees. But her stable and soft breathing told him that she was really sleeping. He has to close his eyes again and focused on sleeping. He noticed that Yuki likes sleeping in a curled position like a fetus, so he was hugging her all throughout the night.

Eto stood up, went to the toilet, and decided to go down for breakfast. He was expecting that Yuki must have gone out for her morning routine of jogging only to find out that she was at the kitchen. She was helping Risa to prepare the breakfast. As she saw him, she immediately poured the hot brewed coffee on his cup and gave it to him.

"Good morning, " she said with a smile.

"Good morning too, " Eto answered, a faint smile on his lips as he looked at her appearance. She was still on her sleepwear with an apron. She looked like a teenager.

He then walked to the dining area, began reading the morning newspaper while waiting for Yuki to join him for breakfast. As she sat on the opposite chair, she looked at him intently. Her face was beaming with anticipation.

He finished his coffee and put the newspaper down.

"What are you looking at Yuki? Do I have something on my face?" He wiped his face with a wet tissue, as she continued to just look at him.

His nonchalant tone made the smile on her face disappeared. She straightened on her seat and made her face expressionless as well. She lowered her gaze and focused on putting food on her plate.

"It's nothing Let's eat Eto, otherwise we will be late for work."

Her sudden change in behavior made Eto wonder if he said or did something wrong. He shook his head in exasperation.

Women, so unpredictable. He thought.

They ate in silence. Eto would occasionally ask her about something and she would just reply accordingly as direct as possible. At 7:00AM, they finished dinner and they both went to their room to get ready. When Yuki was about to go to the bathroom to take a shower, she stopped upon noticing that Eto was following her. She looked at him questioningly.

"Where are you going?"

"To the bathroom, of course, " he answered.

Yuki shifted her weight on her other foot.

"Can I take a shower first? I will finish in 15…no 10 minutes." She stammered as she saw that his hand was already on the knob.

He paused and looked at her as if she just said something ridiculous.

"Yuki, we are married remember? Wh

d not know about it, but he was so busy that this day might finish without them seeing each other.

Yuki had no choice but to nod at Maki and accept that she won't have the birthday that she was anticipating. She noticed that Maki has been busy as well as he kept on calling somebody on his phone, he would go out of their room, take notes, and call somebody again.

The day went by too slow for Yuki, she ate at the cafeteria with most of the workers congratulating her on being Mrs. Iguchi. She could not enjoy her favorite pork cutlet as she kept on thinking how to be with Eto. At 5:00PM, she decided that she would stay later so she even catch a glimpse of him. Unfortunately, Maki was guarding the door, and prevented her from even taking a peek inside. Maki told her that the information on this meeting was too crucial for the country that no one, not even the Senator's wife, is allowed to intervene. She then gave up after her several attempts to lure Maki out of the door.

At 6:00PM, she decided to go home. Maki called somebody and told her to just go out of the building and wait for the taxi that he called to send her back to the Iguchi house. She nodded without energy, and after one last glance at the closed door, she sighed again and went down through the elevator.

The moment that the elevator reached the 1st floor, Maki hurriedly went inside Eto's office.

"She went home?" Eto asked, with a lifted brow and a grin on his face.

"Yes, Senator."

"Did you do everything that I asked you to do?" He asked.

"Of course, Senator, " Maki said proudly, confident that he perfectly did all as he instructed.

Eto then stood from his chair and took his coat with him.

"Well then Maki, let's go to where the birthday girl is."

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