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   Chapter 20 Bad dream

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Chapter 20 Bad dream

Yuki spent an hour in the kitchen along with Risa, Chika's subordinate who is responsible to the food. Risa is the same age with Eto, and was employed in the Iguchi house just 10 years ago. She has a family of her own and she goes home every day after cooking meals.

Yuki knows that Eto left with disappointment on her, so she's trying to make up by cooking him dinner. She cooked beef brisket and chicken curry with seaweed soup. At 6:30PM, she has finished cooking and already placed the food on the dining hall. She then sat on the living room and turned on the tv, waiting for his arrival. At 7:30PM, she thought that he must have been in a very busy meeting. Her fingers has been itching to send him a message but she hesitated as she might disturb him if he is on a meeting or talking with somebody important.

Patience Yuki, she said.

At 8:30PM, she was already hungry. With another glance on the telephone, she decided to re-heat the food and eat alone. She took some food and went to the kitchen. She does not like eating on the dining hall because it was too big and she feels empty.

As she was eating, she did not realize that tears are streaming down her cheeks. She wiped the tears away with her free hand and continued eating. She finished after a while, and washed everything she used. As she walked towards her room, she glanced back at the door, half expecting him to enter any moment from now, but no. With a deep sigh, she went inside her own room and took a warm bath.

After drying her hair, finally she was able to sleep with her back on the bed.

It is so dark. Where am I? As she walked towards a small flicker of light that she saw coming from a slightly opened door, she heard voices. Yuki pressed her ears closer to the door. She could make out a soft moan and an angry tone, but are both suppressed by something. As she tried to peek, she saw the back of a man, with a tattoo of an eagle with its wings spread all over his back. He was half-naked. He was squatting and on his front, Yuki could not see further. She could only hear a soft moan coming from someone whose mouth is covered. As Yuki tried to peek more, the door made a squealing sound. The man turned his face towards her direction, and in that instant, she saw the face of a demon. His face was dark, eyes which were big and red, nose flared in obvious anger, and then pangs and a lengthy red tongue protruded on his extra-ordinarily huge mouth and lips. It was so frightening that Yuki instantly decided to run. She ran away while shouting for help. She kept on shouting, but she could not hear her own voice.

Help! Eto! Somebody!


The hard pressure on her shoulders woke Yuki up. She stared wide-eyed at Eto, her breathing was heavy and rapid. She instantly embraced him, thanking him that he was there.

Eto was surprised at her action. He was about to take a cold shower because he went drinking with a senate colleague and he felt that a cold shower will make him feel refreshed. Suddenly, he heard Yuki's voice as if she was in a very bad nightmare. When he tried to open her side of the door, he found that it was unlocked. He saw her trying to move on her bed, but her body seemed to be having difficulty to do so and she was sweating profusely as if in too much fright or pain.

"Eto! Help me!" she was suddenly weeping while tightly hugging his neck. He patted her back, and hugged her close. She was shivering. He whispered inaudible comforting words as he kissed her hair. Her cries turned to soft sobbing, until she finally stopped and calmed down.

"Bad dream?" He asked, as she freed herself from his arms and sat down properly on the bed.

Yuki nodded, and tried to avoid his gaze.

"Care to tell me about it?" Eto asked, and Yuki could hear the genuine concern on his voice.

Isn't he supposed to be angry at me? She thought.

She paused and tried to remember her dream, but no matter how hard she focused, she has completely forgotten about it. All she could remember is that it was so frightening.

"I can't remember, " she looked up at him, and Eto was again captivated by how defenseless she looked at the moment.

Eto has been avoiding women who pretends to be defenseless only to gain his protection and attention. But looking at Yuki now, he was on the other hand, entranced by

her. Or is it only because it's her?

He sighed deeply. He decided to give in to the drinking invitation of his colleague in order to relieve himself from over thinking about what he and the investigator talked about this afternoon. As it turned out, professional escorts accompanied the two of them for 2 hours in the bar, with his colleague ended up going to a private hotel afterwards. But for Eto, he told the escort that he appreciated her time pouring alcohol for him but he has a wife who is waiting for him. No need to go further.

The lady with the gorgeous body and provocative expression was all pouty at him. At the later end of the night, she became bolder and her hands began to wander. As she was about to reached his private part, he stopped her and glared at her with his cold eyes that spelled 'danger'. She withdrew her hands then and kept a slight distance from him.

If it was himself more than a year ago, he would have taken the woman to a hotel as well. The private bar that they went to has a very good reputation and strict compliance to health check-ups. He knew that all the women there are clean, if not they will not pay their escort service at 200 dollars per hour, and it will increase with an extra-private service. However, Eto lost his interest with those kind of things when he met Ivy.

Her presence made his respect to general females return. What his first wife did to him gave a really hard blow on his ego, after all. He then viewed the opposite sex as expensive sex toys.

Now, his second wife, Yuki, is turning his thought upside down. His first impression of her is that of somebody too pure that she could not be defiled. Although she could say boorish words at times, but he rover-all personality was that of pristine lady. The image he had of her was shattered the moment they made love, and he found out that she was not a virgin. For him, he could easily accept that. It was all in the past, and everybody makes mistakes. What made him so disappointed and furious at her was how she kept on insisting that he was her first.

It made him feel like an idiot.

But he could not detect any sense of lies from her actions. It was as if she herself believed that she was indeed a virgin. If not for her reaction, he would just let the topic goes under the bridge. It irritates him the way she said that he was her first in everything. He controlled the urge to slap shake her hard and wake her up from her pretenses.

"Eto, " her voice brought him back to his senses, and he found her looking at him. "Have you had dinner yet?"

Now, she is acting her part as the perfect wife, he thought.

"Yes, I ate dinner with a male colleague outside." He decided to mention a 'male' colleague so that she won't have any other idea about what he did that night.

"Yuki, why are you sleeping here anyway?" he asked softly.

She bit her lower lip and looked at her finger son her lap.

"I thought you are still mad at me and you won't want me to sleep in the same room with you." She answered honestly.

Eto brushed some of her hair away from her face.

"Indeed, I was irritated. I mean, who won't be?"

Yuki nodded. She knew it was her fault, she could not deny it.

"But I'm not that immature Yuki. We are now husband and wife. From this moment on, we might have many misunderstandings or fights along our way, but we have to be together, ok? No matter what, we must sleep and wake up and live together as a couple. Is that understood?"

His words touched her heart and it made her feel warm all over. How could she ever be good enough for him?

Right, you are not good for anyone Yuki. You should spend all your life alone.

Yuki's eyes suddenly widened and looked around the room. It made Eto frown.

"What's wrong Yuki?" he asked.

Yuki shook her head, and smiled shyly at him. She must be hearing her own thoughts castigating herself from her stupidity and immaturity.

"Nothing Eto. Please forgive me. I promise to be a good wife to you, and I will stay with you all my life."

Eto nodded, then he stood up.

"Please bring your things inside my…our room. Most of your stuff are already there, actually. I will just take a quick shower." He said and walked towards the bathroom.

Yuki nodded and did as he said. That night, they slept together cuddling each other peacefully.

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