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   Chapter 19 He is my first

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However, as soon as Eto began touching her private parts, her mind began to get fuzzy, she could see images but could not make what kind of images they were. When she felt his probing hands, she felt nauseated but tried to prevent herself from giving in to the feeling.

What is happening to her? She was thinking that after their first night, her reaction to sexual intercourse would get better. Why is she feeling sick again?

As Yuki covered her mouth, Eto thought that she was acting again, and his expression darkened more. He felt that she was not yet ready for his entrance but he did not mind it and pushed himself in. Her shocked expression and muffled cry told him that the action somehow hurt her.

To hell with that, he thought. She would get wet again for me in no time, just like last night. When he took her last night she was all wet and wild, and he was sure that she would turn to that wanton once again. As he moved, he did not notice that Yuki has just laid there, her eyes opened wide and was staring right through him.

She could not see him. She was seeing ambiguous images that made her feel sick to her stomach.

Eto bent down and kissed her, on her cheeks and on her face, and Yuki was brought back in reality. She saw Eto looking at her with a strange expression.

"Yuki, moan for me, my sweet." His voice has a mixture that demands and pleads for her to accept him. As Yuki tried to erase the disturbing image son her mind, she wrapped her arms on his back, bit her lower lip hard and tried to do what he wants.

She want to please him, but when he started moving again, she felt that her walls are being grazed and it was painful.

"Eto, it hurts, " her voice reached his ears, and he stopped moving. He could feel the tension in her muscles, and the crease on her forehead told him that she is indeed in pain. With a disappointed grunt, he pulled away from her, stayed lying for a while, then strode naked to the bathroom.

Yuki sat down on the bed, hugging herself and weeping silently. She was not weeping because of the pain that she felt inside her, she was weeping because of her failure to give herself to Eto.

Didn't she promise to herself that she would give him her everything?

But what could she do? She closed her eyes in a feeling of surrender.

You are not supposed to be with him, Yuki. Nobody would ever accept you for what you are. Nobody would love you.

Her eyes snapped open, she looked around the room.

Who was that? Did she just hear the voice in her head?

After about 15 minutes, Eto came out from the bathroom wrapped in a towel, he did not even glance at her and walked to where his luggage was. He took out some clothes and began to change. His nudity made Yuki turned her face away from him but he did not care.

When he was done, he sighed deeply and sat on the other edge of the bed.

"Come on, let's eat breakfast." His voice was calm as usual, and he did not wait for her to answer. He went out to the living room and poured himself another cup of coffee. After 5 minutes, Yuki came out. As she stood near him, she gave him a guilty look.

"Eto, "

"Don't, " Eto stood up and cut her off from speaking further, "Don't say anything about what happened for now Yuki. Let's eat our breakfast and go back to Tokyo. We will continue talking about this matter once we go back to the house. For now, always remember that whatever happened or will happen to us indoors, shall never be seen outdoors. Understood?"

She bit her lower lip and nodded, she did not dare look at him again because she hates seeing the look of disappointment that she caused him. As Eto opened the door, he offered his hand on her, and she placed hers on him.

This is it. She has to play her role as the senator's wife.


They went back to Tokyo after breakfast and as soon as they arrived in the house, Eto received a call from Maki about his engagement with another diet member. It was 4:00PM.

He told Yuki that he would go out and left. Yuki stood on the door watching his back as he entered the car driven by Maki. A lump on her throat was formed as soon as he disappeared from her sight. She went upstairs, stopped in front of Eto's room, and decided to open the door to her own room.

After what happened this morning, she does not know how to face him calmly again. She is so confused about herself. She has always thought that the uncomfortable and sick feeling she felt when being held too intimate by him was due to the fact that she has not had any sexual experience. But she could not understand what happened today. Eto was obviously disappointed, no, he mu

st be angry. But what could she do? It's not like she can test it out with other men.

Yuki felt disgusted with herself. She laid down on her bed, looking at Eto's face on her wallet. Her dream to be his wife has come true. Her next goal is to be the mother of his children. But how can she do that is she is like this?

She could not remember what happened to them last night due to her drunken state, but she felt that her body was warm with his lovemaking and she saw many hickeys left on different parts of her body. It proved how successful they consummated their marriage.

She then called her grandmother.

"Hello, hi Grandma it's me. Yes, we are back. Ummm, yes we did but… grandma, I don't understand why I feel sick when he touched me. No, I mean I do want him to touch me, but the moment he touched me I felt queasy. It became painful for me and he had to stop. What should I do grandma?"

Sachiko Nakamura, Yuki's grandmother sighed deeply, and looked straight through the door of her room. She knows what is happening to Yuki, but Yuki herself does not understand what is happening within her.

"Yuki, you love Eto, right?"

"Of course grandma, I love him."

"After your first intercourse, did he ask you about something?"

Yuki paused for a moment, trying to remember what Eto asked him.

"Yes grandma, he asked me when did I lost it."

Sachiko closed her eyes, and gripped the phone harder.

"What did you tell him?"

"I told him the truth grandma. That he is my first in everything."

"I see, that is right, my child. For you to have a good marriage life, you must not keep any secret from your partner." Sachiko's eyes widened as she felt the excruciating pain in her abdomen, her palms became sweaty in an instant. "Yuki, I have to go to the toilet for now. Just remember to treat your husband with utmost respect and humility. And love yourself more, Yuki."

Sachiko hang up the phone before Yuki could respond. She thought that her grandma really needed to go to the toilet.


In Eto's office, he saw many congratulatory envelopes on his desk as soon as he entered. He pressed the intercom and Maki entered, together with the investigator that Eto hired to check Yuki's background.

"Please sit down, Mr. Yasuo." Eto said as they finished bowing to each other. Maki left them together.

"My belated congratulations on your wedding, Senator, " Yasuo said, and sat on the chair opposite to Eto. He then put some folders on his desk, leaning forward to Eto.

"I have done a thorough investigation on Miss Yuki Nakamura, and as you may know already, all her information are on these folders. However, something not ordinary made my interest grow. All these information were obtained only from the time that she returned to school on her 10th year as a 2nd grade elementary student up to the present."

The investigator was speaking in a low voice that made Eto's mind alert. He frowned.

"What do you mean? There's a time lag?"

"If it's only a lag then that is ok, Senator. It would be easy to match the records. However, I searched all the records of Yuki Nakamura whose grandfather and father were killed in a car accident but no records were found. The information you gave me about her childhood does not match. The Yuki Nakamura that I found has her records started when she was listed as a student in Miyazaki Elementary School. Her records show that she indeed came from Tokyo. But no records in Tokyo showed that a Yuki Nakamura moved to Miyazaki on that year with the same information."

Eto met the investigator's eyes. How could it happen? There must be some form of misunderstanding here. His father told him that Yuki Nakamura and her family used to live in Tokyo, and based from Yuki's childhood story, she first met him on some school here in Tokyo.

As the investigator left, Eto told him to find out about Yuki before she moved to Miyazaki. It might not mean a lot on why Yuki was behaving like she did but it would give him a piece of mind if he knows everything about his wife.

As soon as he was left alone on his office, he leaned back on his chair. It is past 7:00PM. When Aki was still living with them, he always try to go home before 6:00PM so they could eat dinner together. But now, he is not even in a mood to eat.

Something seems off. He cursed silently when he thought how his father forced him in this kind of complicated situation. His parents went on a travel again right after their wedding, so he could not personally ask him. He tried to call his phone but all he got is the voicemail service.

What is it that you are hiding from me, Yuki?

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