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   Chapter 18 Her pretense

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 9102

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It was June 23rd when Eto and Yuki's marriage was finally consummated. On the dawn of June 24th, Eto was seen outside the hotel, he held a can of beer on his hand, as he sat alone on a public bench facing the ocean.

He looked at his watch, it is now 4:45AM, as he stared at the vast ocean and the rising of the sun, he could not help but think back about what happened last night.

As expected, the alcohol made Yuki too drunk to even know what was happening. She was moaning and giggling as they were intertwined on the bed. Eto silently castigated himself for letting her drink that much wine. Now, she does not have any inhibitions left. She became like a wanton seductress who fluttered her eyelashes at him and beckoned him with her middle finger as he was removing his clothes. The prim and proper Yuki acted so seductively unrestrained and Eto's long standing desire became out of control in that instant. The moment he plunged into her, he then realized one thing. He was not her first. He froze on top of her as he realized that, but the hesitation on his mind did not win over his body's desire to be released. Along the way, he forgot about it. He does not have a virgin complex anyway. After 2 more rounds, They were finally able to lay sated with their own needs. Finally, the absence of stain on the white sheet confirmed his earlier feeling.

That realization kept Eto awake, and with another glance at his sleeping wife, he took a shower, changed his clothes and went out for a walk. It's a good thing that even though the shops were still closed, he was able to find a vending machine that sells liquors. His feet took him on the ocean side.

Now, his mind is a bit clear, but still wondering. The investigator told him that Yuki has never dated any men since she entered Junior High School. All her friends were female and she had almost no to very little attendance at school drinking parties, must be because of the payment contribution that she could not afford. He learned how she was taking part time jobs in between classes from high school until she finished her university degree.

Eto knew that Yuki was born in Tokyo, and lived there until she was 8. The death of her father and grandfather made her grandmother decide to move to Miyazaki, as the living cost in Tokyo was too high for them.

When and to whom did she lost it?

Eto finished the beer.

Come to think of it, she never once said that she's a virgin. Then why the heck wait for their wedding before they did it? What was that, a fa?ade to let him think that he was getting a virgin wife? Was she afraid that I won't marry her if she wasn't one?

He stood up, and looked at his watch. It's almost 6:00AM, he decided to go back inside the hotel. It would not do him any good to dwell on it, the best solution to clear his mind is to ask her about it.

But would she admit it, or deny it?

Come on Eto, you are not like this. Just ask her directly, so that your worries would be answered. Bottled-up feelings just lead to misunderstandings.

He knocked first before he entered their room, and he heard her voice saying come in. When he opened it, Yuki has already showered, and is now packing her suitcase. She was wearing a striped black and white one-piece summer dress. She looked up at him and smiled.

"You took your morning walk?" She asked and continued with her packing. She appeared to be in a good mood, as the cold aura around her was gone.

Eto sat on one chair next to where she was and observed her for a moment, he then saw that a pitcher and 2 coffee cups are placed on the center table.

"Yes, " he briefly replied and turned his attention to the coffee. He poured the freshly brewed coffee on each cup. "Yuki, come and sit her for a while".

She happily closed her suitcase for a while and walked towards Eto, when she was at an arm's length, he motioned for her to sit on his lap. Her cheeks burned at the imagined intimacy but she followed him and sat gently on his lap. His arms closed on her waist, as he put his face near her back.

She stiffened when she felt him sniffing her, and Eto let out a soft chuckle.

"Why, you are now tensed again, Yuki. Don't you remember how you behaved last night when we…"

Yuki put her hand over his mouth, casting a shy look at him.

"Don't say such words Eto, it's embarrassing." She said.

She looked so natural. He thought.

"What is embarrassing when there's only the two of us here. Besides I think you already throw away that word since last night, am I c

orrect?" he was trying to tease her to ease her tension, because he knows that what he's about to ask may not be the best topic they could talk about.

He received a light pinch on his chest.

"You are so bad, " she said, lowering her eyes, "please let me go so we can drink the coffee."

Eto let her go and she sat on the opposite chair. Because the center table was just a small round one for coffee, their knees almost touched underneath. The nearness of him made her uncomfortable, and when their knees touched, she almost choked on the hot coffee. The burning sensation on her tongue made some small pearl of tears appear on her eyes.

Eto was observing her action, and he could tell that she reverted to her old self. Always stiffening at his touch and feeling uncomfortable in front of him.

Has she build up her ice wall again?

"Yuki, " he deliberately made his voice softer so she won't feel threatened, "I wanna ask you something, but if you don't feel like answering then it's fine, ok?"

She faced him with a calm expression, and nodded her head.

"I'm just wondering, when did you lose your virginity?"

There! I asked the question as straight as I could.

The moment that the words left his mouth, Eto felt the sudden cold atmosphere in the room. He watched intently how her back straightened on her seat, her fingers fidgeted and her cheeks slightly reddened. He saw how embarrassed Yuki looked with his question.

"Y-yesterday. I gave it to you Eto. You are the only man."

Her words did not register at first to Eto's ears. The blank expression on his face made Yuki uncomfortable on her seat. She looked at him again, and smiled with reluctance.

"Eto, what's wrong? Don't you like that you are my first? I know it's not that important these days but I do believe that a girl should give her first only to the man she really loves. I never loved anybody before you Eto."

Eto's mind was in a frenzy.

What is she saying? Did I hear it right? I'm her first? How the hell did it happen? I am no damn stupid not to realize that she has been used. What the hell is she saying?

"Are you kidding me, Yuki?" His voice turned icy cold, and his eyes darkened in both disappointment and anger.

Yuki thought that his reaction was because he could not believe that she was a virgin. After all, she is already 25 years old, it's not so common to find somebody her age who have no experience with the opposite sex.

She walked towards him, cupped his face on her palms, and smiled at him lovingly.

"Why would I joke about it Eto? Of course I'm telling you the truth. I have never been with any man before you. You are my first in everything. I am so glad that I waited for this. I never thought that there would be a chance for me to marry you, but it seems that we are destined for each other. So I am really happy."

Her joyous ramblings went on and on but Eto could not hear all of them. In his mind, one thing is certain.

Yuki is lying.

Eto did not realize that his fists were clenched tightly. His breathing became heavy but in their position, he could smell her newly-washed body and the rise and fall of her breast as she breathes captured his eyes for a moment. He felt the familiar stirring down his navel, and as Yuki bent down to kiss him on his forehead, his arms closed in on her, and he pulled her face so that their lips met.

His was rough while hers was shocked. She tried to push him to free herself but his hold on her just tightened more.

"Eto!" she said as he freed her mouth for a moment, his eyes turned dark with desire while her face was flushed with the sudden intimacy.

"We have to eat breakfast now, " she said.

"Why, suddenly feeling embarrassed my dear?" Eto stood up and lifted her with his arms. He walked towards their bed and placed her there quite rough. He looked at her appearance as her skirt went up and exposed her underwear, which she covered swiftly as she pulled her skirt down. She looked up at him with a shy look.

In Yuki's mind, Eto was just impatiently trying to get her to bed again. She failed to notice the flicker of anger in his eyes as he narrowed it down to a slit.

"Eto, "

"Don't play shy again with me, Yuki." As he finished removing his clothes and joined her on the bed, he pinched her chin so their eyes were on the same level, "I told you, I don't like schemes. Just show me what you truly are, my pretentious virgin wife."

He smirked at her, and even at a confused state, she tried to bear with his advances.

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