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   Chapter 17 You tricky bastard

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 8880

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The desperate look on Yuki tugged at Eto's heart. But what happened earlier has completely extinguished his sexual desire. As logical as always, Eto has been used to tackling any problem from the onset, so as to prevent it from getting out of hand.

He sighed and held her very gently away from him at an arm's length. He searched her eyes, and he saw confusion and despondency written in there. He could tell that what happened was not something she also preferred.

"Yuki, let us just rest for tonight."

A flash of hurt and fear immediately crossed her face.

"Eto, please…" her voice quavered.

"Yuki, " he cupped her face on his palms, "Much as I would like to consummate our marriage, but you are not yet ready, emotionally and physically. I am not such a bad man, " he managed to put on a relaxing smile on his face at her questioning look, "We can spend our honeymoon to be closer to each other, and do it when you are ready, ok? I will never force you."

Yuki nodded.

Eto held her in his arms as they walked towards their bed. They laid down together, cuddling, until Eto heard her soft breathing on his neck. He decided to close his eyes and force himself to sleep as well.

The next day, most of the guests checked out after breakfast. Even Hiro, Ivy and the children checked out after lunch, after saying goodbye to Eto and Yuki. Later that day, Yuki's grandmother bid them goodbye as well, after giving them a sad and knowing look.

To help her enjoy their three-day stay, Eto and Yuki went to the nearby surfing rental shops along the coast of Aoshima and decided to surf. The two of them were good surfers and after 2 hours enjoying the moderate waves, they decided to walk along the shore until they reached the Aoshima shrine. The rich diversity of palms captured Eto's attention as some of the varieties were the first time for him to see. They walked around the small island, enjoying the captivating beauty of the ogre's washboard which were naturally formed but looked like manmade because of the perfect formation. Yuki and Eto took some pictures in there.

Late in the afternoon, they went to the sub-tropical botanical garden and bought some local souvenirs from many shops. Since Miyazaki is quite famous for their beef and mango, they decided to try it. It was indeed the most mouth-watering and softest beef they were able to taste. The mangoes were sweet as well, and really tasted better than those they can buy in Tokyo.

In the evening, they played chess inside their room on their bed, and after several matches, Eto won. As the winner, his prize was to have Yuki stood with one foot on the floor, with Eto ti

as not a 100% lie. But the way she said it instantly turned him on.

"You're already drunk Yuki, why don't we go to bed?" Eto said, eyeing her as she was trying to stand, only to stumble.

He wanted to ease her up by having her drink alcohol. He figured that her inhibitions might ease up with being drunk. But he won't want her to be totally out of commission that she won't even enjoy what is about to happen to them. He was thinking that her inexperience was causing her too much anxiety and pressure, and alcohol would take care of it.

Yuki stood again and walked towards him, and she stumble din his arms. He caught her, the softness and scent of her body fired up his suppressed desire.

"Eto, you tricky bastard---"

"Shhh, don't curse at me anymore Yuki. You sound sexier." He said, nibbling at her ears. He could not control himself anymore, with the way she's acting and at their close proximity.

Yuki giggled as if she was tickled. She wriggled at his arms, and reached the bottle of wine. Before Eto could prevent her from what she was about to do, she already drank the remaining wine from the bottle itself. Some of the wine overflowed out of her mouth, dripping on her neck and chest. Yuki laughed like a child as she watched herself being wet with the wine. As she was about to take her tops off, Eto's hand stopped hers.

"Don't stop me Eto. I'm wet." She pouted on him.

"Let me do the pleasure of undressing you, my sweet."

The endearment caused Yuki to look at Eto intently, and she smiled sweetly at him with eyes almost closed due to drunkenness.

"Oh Eto, please take me now. Make love to me now. I want you." Her voice sounded like she was pleading at him. In an instant, Eto claimed her mouth as he carried her to their bed.

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