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   Chapter 16 Give Me a Chance

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Eto listened at Yuki while she vomited non-stop. He laid on the bed for quite a while, puzzled about the situation. He could think of two reasons why Yuki has reacted the way she did. Her inexperience might have caused her to be so scared and apprehensive or she does not like him to touch her.

What is it about me that she will find so nauseating to the point of acting this way?

No wait, she told me that she likes me, and she is attracted to me. Then why would she be like this? After all those foreplay that he did hoping to stimulate her inexperienced body and turn her on, she vomited as if his touch was so sickening.

Eto sat on the bed as he heard that she has finished and gargled. After a few minutes more, she walked towards him, eyes reddened due to vomiting, unmindful of her nude body. Seeing her like that, it would have made him so turned on if not for the previous situation. But his mind took control over his desire now, as he pulled the blanket, stood up, and wrapped it around her body.

Her expression was still in a daze, as she looked at him and realized what he just did. As if seeing him for the first time, she suddenly cried like a child and clung to him.

Eto did not expect it. The Yuki he knew for the past few months seemed to be a different Yuki from the one he is holding right now. This Yuki is so vulnerable, that she looks like she would break apart if he hold her too tight. Without further thinking, he wrapped his arms around her, and lifted her to place her on his lap as he sat on the bed. He held her close under his chin as he stroke her hair and murmured comforting words.

Feeling his warmth and being cared-for for the first time, Yuki became more emotional. She cried for a few minutes until her sobbing started to subside. She feels so incomplete and a complete failure of a woman.

"Eto, I… I…" she began, only to be prevented from talking more with Eto's soft words.

"Shhh, don't force yourself for now Yuki. Just relax." He kissed her hair, and she closed her eyes, savoring his comforting arms and gentle whispers.

How could he be so nice to me after I failed him?

Eto's gentle gesture on her added to the guilt she's feeling.

At the moment, having sex is Eto's least concern. When she came out from the toilet looking like a lost child, his desire was complete quenched. Right now, he only feels that he has to accompany her and just comfort her from the mayhem within her. It does not seem that she was acting in any way, it seems like she herself does not why she reacted the way she did.

How could he ease her pain?

derstood him. The three said their goodnight to Eto, and he immediately went back to their floor. While he was on the elevator, he could not help but think how stupid he was. He is now sure that Hiro, Kaname and Ivy must be thinking that there's something wrong between him and Yuki.

Hiro and Ivy bid Kaname goodnight.

As soon as Hiro and Ivy entered their room, Hiro wrapped his arms around her and began to kiss her.

"Wait Hiro, " she said when their mouths separated to breathe.

"What?" He frowned at her, lifted her and put her on the bed.

"Don't you find it strange that Eto was outside their room on their honeymoon?"

Hiro was nibbling on her ears, and she shivered with the ticklish sensation that his action was making.

"Honey, that is their problem. Let's not talk about them, ok?"

Hiro prevented her from talking more by sealing her mouth, and turned her mind into thinking and feeling only about him.


Eto opened the door to their room and went directly to the bed. Yuki was not there. He glanced around the room, but no sight of her. He noticed that the window to the balcony has been opened, and he figured that she would be there.

There, he saw Yuki sitting on one chair with both of her feet on the chair as well. Her hands were clasped together around her legs, wearing her sleepwear, looking towards the ocean.

Eto sighed deeply, and walked to where she was sitting. She looked up to meet his gaze, and he noticed that her eyes were slightly swollen from crying.

As he was about to touch her, she stood up and looked at him straight.

"Yuki, "

"Eto I'm sorry that I ruined our first night. Please give me a chance." She embraced him, snuggling her warm body with his.

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