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   Chapter 15 Summer solstice

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 9019

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Eto groaned in pain and pulled himself away from Yuki, who stood in haste and arranged her clothes. She looked at him, with obvious contempt in her reddened eyes.

"I told you Mr. Iguchi. No sex before marriage, didn't I tell you that?" her fists are clenched on her sides.

Eto's face was still distorted with pain. But he managed to stand straight, he became annoyed at her reaction.

"You just insulted me a while ago by saying that I was not able to please you. Now that I'm trying to prove you wrong, you react like this. What's wrong with you, Miss Nakamura?" he said, could not hide the irritation in his voice.

He could not comprehend her reaction at all. They are to be married, but she reacted like he was about to rape her!

She opened her mouth to respond, but no words came out. She was breathing heavily, her cheeks are flushed and her eyes were bright. She inhaled and exhaled several times until she was able to calm herself.

She saw the exasperated look that Eto gave her, and he walked away from her to the toilet, closing the door with a loud sound. She closed her eyes as she realized how uncalled for her reaction was.

Indeed, what he said was true.

They are going to be married very soon, but she reacted like he was harassing her sexually. How could she even explain it to him that she did not mean what she did? Her body moved on its own before she could even think.

Yuki suppressed the tears that was threatening to fall. She clapped her two hands on her face and straightened her stance. She then cleaned the table and trashed their garbage. She was about to go out when she thought of something. She took out 1 piece of a stick on paper on his table and wrote 'I am so sorry', then pasted it on his laptop.

With a sad glance on the toilet's door, she stepped out of his room. Maki was surprised when the door behind him opened. Yuki came out, gave him a small smile, and walked away from him. He figured that she should be going to the ladies' room. He decided to mind his own business and went back to his chair. He feels that the 'no disturb' order has been lifted.

Eto's behavior towards her became cold for a couple of days, and it was hell for Yuki. She would always cry at night for what she said and did. After a few more days, he began to treat her better again, like nothing has happened. Then, Aki's birthday was held. After that, they were kidnapped and Hiro's mother died. Unknown to Yuki, Eto has already began to investigate about her.

Then, Hiro and Ivy came to their house and formally bowed in front of Eto and his parents, as Etos' sister, Haruka saved Aki, and Aki was able to grow up in a good environment because of Eto. It wa

treating her very gently. Her body began to warm up with his caresses, and she did not even realize that the last pieces of her clothes were removed. She felt his desire on her navel, as his body covered hers. He nibbled on her earlobe, and she felt tickled with his warm breath. As his hands created wonderful sensations on her naked body, she started to shiver. Eto felt it, and whispered to her, "Relax Yuki."

She cannot say anything so she just nodded. She closed her eyes as she felt his fingers down there, gently stroking her. Her hands clenched on the sheets, while his mouth moved towards her two peaks. She bit her lower lip. She suddenly felt the churning inside her stomach. She swallowed hard, trying to prevent the food she ate from going out of her mouth.

She clutched on his back as she felt his finger intruded her, and she stifled a cry. In her mind, she could see some cloudy images that is too blurred for her to actually see. Eto has been stroking her for a while, both with his tongue and with his fingers, but Yuki could only feel that she wants to vomit. She feels like she is being violated.

Eto patiently waited for her reaction. As he watched his finger went in and out, he could feel the tightening of her walls, but she was dry.

What is going on? It was like the first time that he tried to touch her there. She was unbelievably dry. His finger was replaced by his tongue, then he felt her hands on his hair.

"Stop! Stop!"

Yuki's scream stopped Eto from moving. He looked at her, she was crying, hard. Her whole body was quivering, not in desire, but in fright. He tried to hug her, but she turned her body sideways, and curled herself like a ball. She continued to cry. Then, she felt her stomach turning upside down, she ran to the toilet and vomited.

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