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   Chapter 14 Making out

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Eto lifted one eyebrow. He became interested. He waited for her to explain, and she hurriedly did.

It seemed like Yuki has been harboring a crush on him for a long time, just because he gave her a candy. Eto tried to search his memory about that incident but he could not remember it at all. That was like 18 years ago.

"I understand, " he nodded when she finished and asked him about it. "So I am your childhood crush?"

Yuki nodded shyly.

Since the cat is already out of the bag, there is no use denying it. Plus, she promised to be truthful to him.

"Is that the reason why you agreed to marry me?"

"Of course, " Yuki answered seriously.

Eto was just perplexed. He remembered when he asked her what will she get in this marriage and she simply replied 'I will get to marry you'.

Is she even real? Eto wondered. He found it too good to be true.

She cleared her throat, and Yuki searched his eyes for his true feelings.

"May I ask now what do you mean when you said yes and no to my question?"

Eto leaned back on his chair.

If she is being true to me, then I should be true to her as well. This way, there would be no misunderstandings between us.

"You asked if I still love Ivy. Yes, I still love her. No, not the way you may think it is." He saw that he somehow lost her in his answer, so he leaned forward and continued. "I'm already past the point that I desire her. The love I still feel for her right now is the remnants of my past romantic notions. There is a saying, right? That it is human's nature to want something they don't have. I understand that I can never have her, I guess. And I'm moving on."

When she stayed silent, Eto touched the side of her lips, with the remains of milk on it.

"I don't have any desire to make her mine anymore, Yuki."

Yuki unconsciously wet her lips at his touch, feeling suddenly dry. Her action stirred something in Eto, and he was beside her before she realized it.

He pulled her up from her chair, his arms went around her waist, his eyes searching for her reaction. She looked back at him with hesitant eyes.

"Do you know what I desire now?"

She swallowed her saliva, as she recognized the heat being released by his body. His lips slowly brushed hers, and hers stayed as is.

You're supposed to enjoy this Yuki.

His head bent and whispered something in her ear, Yuki gently nodded. She felt his hand moved underneath her sleepwear.

It felt strange, it is still cold but his palm on her bare skin was warm. She closed her eyes, trying to feel the sensation that she has been expecting to feel. Because she was still on her sleepwear, she has no bra, and it granted an easy access to Eto's palm cupping her.

She felt the touch, and she was waiting for the electricity to course through her body. She readied herself, closed her eyes tightly. Then she felt Eto's lips on hers, gently kissing the upper lip first, nibbling on it, moved on her lower lip, sucking it. She felt that she needs to answer his kiss.

But she does not know how.

She gasped when she felt his hand crossed her navel, she felt herself stiffened.

Eto felt her body stiffened when his hand moved downwards. He was aroused even more, her reactions so far has been what he expected. He attributed it to her lack of experience.

He watched her facial expressions. Her eyes are tightly shut, and her hands are still on her sides. Her lips were slightly quivering. He was waiting for her to respond to his kiss, but she never did.

Or she does not know how?

It gave him a feeling of pride to be her first. Not that he minds, but he feels better.

As he began to caress her there, he was expecting her to moan or react more. But she never did. As he tried to become bolder with his caressing, he felt her body shivering. He looked at her face but she kept her eyes closed.

"Yuki…" he whispered her name.

"Eto… I…" she bit her lower lip.

As his finger reached down further, he did not expect what he felt.

She's dry.

Eto has had many experiences with women, both innocent and not. But this is the first time he ever met somebody who never respond to his fondling. As he tried to stroke her more, expecting her to yield to his touch, her eyes opened and looked at him straight.

There is a maelstrom of emotions in her eyes, as if she was confused, wondering, scared and repulsed?.

With a disappointed groan, Eto withdrew his hand.

It was indeed dry.

What is going on?

His e

arlier evident desire was quenched instantly as if he took a cold shower. Why didn't she respond at all to my touch?

"Eto?" Yuki's expectant voice returned him to his senses.

He is as confused as she is.

"Yuki, what did you feel?" He asked, "I feel ok, " she answered, but deep inside she is still confused.

Where are the feelings that she was expecting? She's supposed to feel hot and wonderful with his touch, wet with desire from his caressing. That's what she has read from some manga. But why?

Eto was also in turmoil, he wanted to let her feel the desire he has for her, but why is it that she was not responsive. Was he not good enough in foreplay?

As Eto was thinking over with his own confused mind, Yuki freed herself from him and ran up her room. She does not want to see the disappointed look in Eto.


They went to the office together, and just before lunch, Eto called Yuki inside his office and gave Maki a look that he knew all to well. Don't disturb. He has to guard the door with his life.

The food that Eto ordered are already arranged on the table. Yuki silently went there and sat on the opposite side with Eto. He was silently watching her, as what happened this morning has been bothering him and he was not able to focus on his work. It's either he is losing his touch or she does not really like what he did.

He has to find out before it could pose a problem for both of them.

As they were about to finish eating, he cleared his throat. Yuki looked at his direction, and he could not understand why her expression has suddenly turned cold.

"Yuki, I need to clarify something, " he began.

"Yes, Eto, "

"About what happened this morning…"

"Oh that, " Yuki suddenly cut off his words. "I think I was not fully aroused by your touch Eto. You must try harder to please me. With your experience, I believe you won't let me down."

Eto was speechless, in utter disbelief and humiliation. He could not believe what she just said so seriously right on his face.

As he try to calm himself, he noticed that the usual flicker of emotion and color on her cheeks whenever he indirectly act provocative in front of her are absent. Her expression was so seriously composed, just like the way she told him that she was there to give him a child.

What's going on?

Eto wanted to say something but he was lost for words. How can he rebuff what she just said when he himself could tell that her body was not in the least bit affected by his touch. What's wrong with him?

If he did not know better, he would have think that he has been dealing with two different people.

"I want to ask you about the wedding date, " he suddenly blurted out, itching to change the topic that he started.

Yuki finished her warm tea, and looked at the calendar hanging on the wall.

"June 21"

He arched one eyebrow, it was a good day based on the Japanese calendar. Since Aki's birthday will be this coming weekend, that means there's only about 6 weeks left before her chosen wedding date.

"Why is that?" He asked out of curiosity. Is the date somewhat meaningful for her?

She looked at him with an unreadable expression, it felt too cold for Eto.

"Why, that is the shortest night in a year."

For the second time within an hour, Eto was speechless. Shortest night in one year, their wedding night.

He felt that Yuki has just trampled on his ego as a man with her words. Without further thinking, he was at her, pushing her on the sofa and putting his weight above hers.

"Eto, "

He heard the fright in her voice, and a confused look in her eyes.

She was wearing the uniform as it is, the pencil skirt. It took him less than a second to push it above her waist. In a flash, his lips came crushing down at hers, this time, without any gentleness, it was forceful and probing. His tongue brushed against her gritted teeth, as she tried to turn her face sideways to avoid his kisses. She tried to push him, but with just one hand, he pinned both of her arms above her head. She tried to wriggle under his weight, but the action aroused Eto's desire even more.

His other hand was on her underwear as he was able to force her mouth open. Yuki's eyes widened as she felt the intrusion of his finger. Panic swept through her, and something else, she felt something cold gripped her body.

She kissed back. And as he began to relax his hold when he felt her response, she pushed one knee upward towards his groin.

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