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   Chapter 13 Yuki’s real feelings

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 9014

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Then, the bell for 1:00PM rang and Yuki suddenly woke up. She blinked several times and thought that she was dreaming when she met Eto's amused look. With reddened face, she hastily get up and almost ran to the door. It was locked. When she has just unlocked it, Eto's hand covered hers, she looked at him with ashamed eyes.

"Don't I even deserve a thank you? I was a good pillow, right?" One eyebrow lifted with an amused grin, Yuki felt like an idiot in front of Eto's eyes.

She straightened her blazer and with her usual calm smile, she answered him.

"Thank you. I will go back to my work now." She then opened the door, and was silently thanking him for not preventing her. Her knees would soon give in. She stood for a while at the door, then she remembered the cookies. She opened the door again, and met Eto's eyes.

"Yes?" Eto said, still with a grin on his face.

"I…the cookies, " she stammered.

His gaze left her and turned to the sofa where she slept.

"Thanks for that. Now we are even, right? You made me cookies and I turned into a behaved pillow for a while, "

She nodded and closed the door again.

Control yourself, Yuki. Be calm.


As planned, they were engaged on the 3rd of March. It was a grand event that many politicians and businessmen attended. However, Ivy and Hiro Yamamoto were not able to attend. They sent an expensive gift and a note of apology. It seemed that Ivy's pregnancy this time is quite delicate that she has to stay in bed, with a private nurse with her all the time. The accident that happened at the start of her pregnancy made the difference on how easy she carried and delivered without difficulty their first born.

Yuki tried to read Eto's expression but he was so good at hiding his feelings. In Yuki's mind, she believes that Eto was disappointed that Ivy did not attend his engagement. Although Yuki has no idea how Ivy looks like, she presume that she must be a beautiful and kind lady for Eto to fell in love with.

I will make you fall in love with me, too.

Yuki was surprised to hear herself within her. Why did she think about that?

She must be herself all the time and if Eto would love her or not, it will depend on him. At least, she will show him how much she cares for him.

Another month has passed, they received a news that Ivy has delivered their second child, a girl. As Yuki glanced at Eto's face, she noticed how it hardened for a while, then he smiled at Aki who was so excited to meet the newborn baby. Because Eto's schedule was quite hectic, they were not able to visit them until the baby has turned three weeks.

It was the first time for Yuki to meet Ivy. She then understood. Ivy wa

arm. She stood up to take it and was startled when it became suddenly bright in the kitchen.

She saw that Eto was on the door, looking at her with an obvious surprise on his face. His morning face looks so fresh, and sexy with the unshaven stubbles.

She smiled shyly, as if caught up doing something naughty.

"Good morning, " she said and went back to her chair, then started to drink her milk with both hands on the warm mug.

"Good morning, Yuki, " Eto replied and walked towards her. He sat on the opposite chair and put his elbows on the table, closely looking at her while she was drinking.

She felt conscious as his eyes never left her face, until she finished her drink. She looked at him, and he looked back. Their eyes were like fighting, but no one wants to give in. Finally, she lowered her eyes.

"M..Eto, I want to ask you something. Can you please just answer with a yes or a no?"

"Ok, " Eto answered, putting one hand under his chin.

"Do you still love Ivy?"

It took him by surprise, but he was already expecting it. Yuki saw the flicker of emotion on his eyes, and she was crossing her fingers in her mind that he would say no.

"Yes, " he answered, his eyes not leaving hers. As her eyes wavered, he added, "and no."

She frowned, confused at his answer. Yes and no? What kind of answer is that? She waited for him to explain. But he looks like he would not say anything unless she asks him.

"Care to explain?"

"If you answer my question first, " Eto said, she nodded. "When did you start to like me?"

"I have liked you for a long time, since I was 8 years old." She replied without thinking.

At his confused expression, she realized that she has just confessed to him. Her cheeks reddened.

Darn, of course he would not believe me, right?

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