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   Chapter 12 Where is mine

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During breakfast, Yuki was giving Eto a cold shoulder. She has gray circles around her eyes, because she was unable to have a good night's sleep. Her vision of his sad and distant look was clearly engraved on her mind.

Then, she noticed that the staff has been going up and down the stairs for some time. At her curious look, Aki told her the answer to her unspoken question.

"Father has asked the staff to clean Ivy's room."

Yuki was astounded. She thought that the room held special memories to Eto, and to Aki. Why is he doing it now? Was it because of last night? Was it because of her?

She made a fool of herself by crying last night in front of him, maybe he became guilty and decided to do it to alleviate her uneasiness?

Yuki felt that her heart became lighter. She became in good spirits as she attended to Aki.

The whole time, Eto has a serious look on his face. He talked about it last night with Aki, for he knows how much the child also loves Ivy. But Aki is a smart child, he understood him and gave his consent. However, Aki took one of her pillow and brought it to his own bed.

Yuki smiled and remembered that she baked the cookies for today. She took one pack from the paper bag and gave it to Aki. The child excitedly accepted it and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

She noticed that Eto eyed her. As she was about to give one for him, a male staff approached him and told him something. Eto stood up and followed the staff to the study room.

She sighed and gave the other packs to the remaining 4 male staff in the house as well. Maki arrived and as they were about to drive away towards the office, Yuki gave him a pack of cookies, too. Maki was hesitant to accept it, looked at Eto's impassive face, then accepted it with a 'thank you'. Eto did not even look at Yuki the whole time they were on the road. He kept himself busy by reading some documents that Maki handed to him.

Five minutes before lunchtime, Yuki received a call from Eto to come to his office. She looked at the remaining 4 packs of cookies in her bag and decided to just give it to him later this afternoon as his snack.

When she entered, she noticed that he was already sitting on the sofa and the food was already prepared on the table. It's a silent order from him that they should eat together.

Yuki realized that she should have bring the cookies with her as it was her chance to do so. As she tried to walk back towards the door, Eto's deterrent voice stopped her.

"Yuki, just come here already and eat with me. I have something that I want to talk about w

to the sofa and casually sat there while waiting for him. She began to read a magazine. Since she has very little sleep from last night, Yuki did not realize that she has fallen asleep seated on the sofa.

When Eto stepped out of the toilet, he immediately noticed that Yuki is sleeping peacefully on the sofa. He tiptoed as he got near her.

For the first time, he noticed that she has long lashes that is slightly curled upwards. Her nose is pointed and small, and her lips are thin and pinkish. Intuitively, he touched his own lips, as if imagining him kissing her. He shook his head and looked at the bag that fell from her hand. He slowly took it so as not to wake her up.

He took out the packs of cookies, there are four of them all in all. He smiled. Although he had always received lots of cookies and chocolates on Valentine's day since he was in high school, he never appreciated them.

However, since he knew that Yuki spent almost 3 hours making the cookies, he felt happy to receive it. He silently walked to the door and locked it. He would at least let her sleep for now as she seemed to be lacking of it. He then sat very gently on the edge of the sofa where she was sleeping, and pulled her until her head settled to his lap.

He began to examine her closely. She is indeed attractive, especially the part of her that is very visible. He slightly averted his gaze to her chest. It is a good thing that she is wearing trousers now. Although the uniform in the office is blouse and pencil skirt with blazer, he does not like to see her wearing clothes that show off her skin and curves. Her 'asset' already attracts the attention of most males so she does not need to make more effort to do so.

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