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   Chapter 11 Compete with a ghost

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Her words made Eto pleased. But he couldn't still fathom how she reacts in front of him. It's like what she says and what she does are different. He has been with many relationships before but Yuki has the most complicated and unpredictable character he ever encountered.

They arrived at the supermarket.

"Mr…Eto, please just stay here. I won't take too long." Yuki said and hastily went out of the car without waiting for his answer.

Before Eto could also go out of the car, she was already almost running towards the entrance, not looking back at him. Eto shook his head. At 40, he could say that he has seen several women who pretended to be uninterested with him to catch his interest. But never somebody like Yuki Nakamura.

She told him from the start that she likes him. But whenever he tries to be intimate with her, she would turn icy cold towards him. He could understand that she wants to remain a virgin until their wedding, and he somehow admire her for that. He does not intend to make her go back on her words by satiating his personal needs.

But he does have his needs.

He looked at his watch. It has been 5 minutes since she went out of the car. Then Eto realized that they have not yet been engaged.

He took out his phone and called his father. After a while, they decided to have the engagement in 3 weeks. Eto agreed, since for him, it will still be the same, with or without engagement. However, as a senator, it is important to have the engagement party. Many of his party members have been pursuing him to marry their daughters. This is a good chance to let them know that he would marry soon.

Ten minutes. As Eto's forehead began to frown, he saw her form exiting from the supermarket. She has a large paper bag on her hand and she was walking fast towards the car. He got off the car and waited for her, with arms crossed over his chest. Until he saw somebody inside the supermarket.

Yuki saw Eto standing outside and the car and she looked at her wristwatch. She spent about 10 minutes. Not that long for him to be mad, right?

She gave him a brief smile as she gets near him, his look was somewhat somber and distant. It's as if he was looking though her, not at her.

She turned around and followed his gaze and saw a pregnant woman and her husband walking together inside. The man was almost as tall as Eto and very good looking. The pregnant woman is pretty and has a very friendly aura. She looked radiant with her pregnancy as she laughed at something the man has said close to her ear. Yuki thought that she must be carrying a baby girl with how she carried herself. The man's arm was draped over h

and wiped her tears.

"Yuki, " Eto was about to touch her face, but she patted his hand away and opened the door. With a heavy heart, she took the paper bag to her room and locked her door.


Eto stared in disbelief at his empty hands. Yuki was crying, just now. Why?

He did not even touch her, right?

He returned to the bed and sat there. Recently, his mind is in mayhem. He became busy with government affairs, and the presence of Yuki in his house somehow lightened the atmosphere. Their occasional repartee also made him less bored. Somehow, Ivy has skipped his mind.

It was actually a good sign for him. It means that he has started to move on. In fact, he should have already moved on as there was almost no chance at all for him in her heart. When he saw Ivy and Hiro earlier in the supermarket, looking contented and happy, he was reminded that he should let go of whatever feelings he still has for her.

That is the reason why he came to her room. For the last time, he wanted all her remaining presence in the room be consumed in his memory. For he knows that even if he will get married and will have a family of his own, the feelings he had for her would never cease. He wanted to have a closure by facing the reality that he could never have her.

The room slipper that she has used is still intact near her closet. Even the things that she used during her stay are all kept here. He decided that the best way for him to let go of his feelings is to first let go of the things that constantly remind him of her.

He should not let her ghost haunt his future anyway.

The next morning, he ordered the staff to clean the room that Ivy used before and change all the linens and stuff.

It is time to discuss about his engagement.

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