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   Chapter 10 No need to be too formal

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Several weeks passed in harmony between Yuki and Eto. Finally, it was a day prior to Valentine's. In the office, Yuki was able to make friends with some female staff of other senators. However, her lunchtime is always spent with Eto. Until that day that she took the courage to ask him if she could eat with the other staff. He looked at her indifferently, then said 'ok'.

"Yuki, you are going to be Senator Iguchi's wife, right?" one female staff asked over the lunchtime.

"Yes, " she replied nonchalantly, eating her favorite ramen with dumplings.

"Then when will the wedding be? Or has there been an engagement?"

Yuki paused for a while, before resuming with her eating.

"Mr. Iguchi is quite busy for now, when his schedules became less hectic, we will have the engagement party." She replied, making up an excuse.

Actually, she has been thinking about it too. How come that Eto has not yet talk about the engagement party? Not that she minds of course, but she knows that a politician like him should have an engagement party prior to his wedding.

"Hey, guys, what do you think about this design?" one lady showed them a magazine with lots of designs for the valentine cakes and chocolates.

The ladies giggled like teenagers when they realized that tomorrow would be valentine's day.

"Yes, I think this one is cool. Are you planning to make one for your boyfriend?"

"Of course, there is nothing better than a homemade chocolate or cookies for your special ones, right?"

As the conversation was focused on the valentine's, Yuki wondered if she should make one, too. When she was in high school, she never did give any chocolate or cookies to anybody. Her reason was very simple, it will take money to buy the materials and gas and electricity to create a new product. She could not burden her grandmother more than she already has. Besides, she did not have anybody to whom she would like to make one.

But now, she has Eto and Aki. Yes, it might be ok to make one for them. And for Maki, as well, because he always help her and is treating her with respect unlike the other men in the office who always glance at her with obvious perverted looks. No matter how she tried to wear very loose clothes not to make her chest appear bigger than the most female employees, it always stick out itself proudly.

She decided to buy the raw materials to make cookies later that night. She already received her first salary 2 weeks ago so she has money to spend. She sent half of her salary to her grandmother in Miyazaki upon receiving it.

When it was 5:00PM and Eto has not yet get out from his office

alm and poised. She could not be thrown in a mess by any words that he told her.

"I do, Mr. Iguchi, " she answered, thinking why does he have to ask it to her now, in this time and in this place. The driver could hear what they're talking about.

"Then from now on I want you to call me Eto. There is no need to be too formal with me." He casually said, watching her reaction.

Her throat felt dry as she swallowed. Her eyes turned into a narrow slit as she eyed him. Is he playing tricks on her again?

"I understand, Eto." She said. "Please call me Yuki, then."

Eto nodded, looking satisfied. In his mind, it is not fair that she allowed his assistant to call her by her first name but he as the future husband still calls her by her last name.

"Yuki, " he murmured, and as she glance at him, he caught her hand. She was surprised but she did not pull away. It's just a hand, hello!

"I wonder why are you acting cold in front of me? If you really like me, you can just show it naturally. I don't understand why do you always keep your distance at me, pretending to be so unaffected by me, but I can see in your eyes that you are not really like that."

His words were spoken with the intention to catch her off-guard, and it did. Yuki does not know how to respond at all. She kept her face straight, trying to think of an answer.

"Mr. Igu---"

"Eto." He said with a firm voice. She sighed softly.

"Eto, I told you I am not playing any games with you. I am not pretending to be cold towards you, in fact I don't feel cold towards you. It's just that…" she searched for the right words to explain her feelings. "I don't understand what I feel when I am with you."

How can she make him understand that she really likes him?

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