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   Chapter 9 She is indeed pure

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The convention finished smoothly and Eto returned to his office at around 3:00PM. Although it was supposed to finish later, but the members were able to come up with unanimous decision, it saved them lots of time.

He asked Maki to drive him to the nursery school, as he still wants to be there for Aki. It is his role as his father after all. They arrived at 3:45PM, and when he was just about to get out of the car, he noticed that an ambulance just left the school premises.

With a bad premonition, he hurriedly went out of the car and strode towards the inside, followed by Maki. His eyes roamed the school ground for Aki and Yuki, but it seems that the school activity has just ended. There are also very few students and their parents left and most of them were walking towards the gate to go out.

He caught a glimpse of the car that Alfred drives on the school parking so he knows that the two are still inside. He saw a small crowd just outside the director's office. When they saw Eto and Maki, they stepped aside for them, as they recognize the youngest senator in the country. Eto smiled at them, murmuring 'thank you'.

Inside the director's office, Yuki was sitting on the chair while on her lap sits Aki. On the opposite chair was another mother and son. The director has a groom look on her face, but it softened at the sight of Eto. She stood up.

"Senator Iguchi, why, it is a pleasure to see you here in our humble school." She shook hands with Eto, who kept his expression calm in front of the common people.

"Good afternoon, Ms. Director. May I ask what is going on here?"

Aki freed himself from Yuki's grasp and ran towards Eto. He hugged his father in his legs, and Eto bent down to pick him up in his arms. Yuki also stood up, she avoided looking at him directly, and her hands were nervously fidgeting in front of her.

He arched one eyebrow. The cold lady looks nervous?

He turned at the director, and she started explaining what happened.

It seemed that during one of the parlor games that involves a teamplay with a parent and child, Yuki was of course partnered with Aki. One partner is the child inside with his father. During the game, the father accidentally grabbed Yuki's breast when he was supposed to catch his son. He bowed and apologized immediately but what Yuki did was not expected by anyone. She kicked him hard on his abdomen and when he fell face down on the ground, she started kicking him again and again in rage. The other parents were so shocked at first until they recovered and were able to separate her from the beaten man.

The man has to be taken into the hospital.

Eto's expression was blank the whole time he was listening to the director's

he is on cloud nine when he called her by her first name and told the woman that she is indeed pure more than her and her actions were natural. The humiliation she felt earlier when she thought that he did not care at all when somebody grabbed her were washed away by his words.

At least, he did stood up for me as his future wife.

Eto walked towards her and stopped a few inches. He sighed and looked at her bowed figure.

"Please raise your head, Miss Nakamura." His voice was not cold anymore.

As she met his gaze, she could tell that he has an amused expression on him. She felt her brow lifted.

"Although I don't approve of the way you deal with matters like that, but I admire the fact that you can defend yourself well. Next time, please try to be more lenient in your actions, and be discreet if you can."

Yuki was indeed surprised by this, she thought that he would reprimand her for what she did, but did he just hear him say that he admired her? It brought colors to her pale cheeks.

Before she knew it, Eto was pinning her to the door with his one hand on the wall and the other is holding her chin up to meet his eyes. She swallowed at the intimacy of their position.

"I don't like it too that somebody has grabbed what is mine first." His voice was hoarse, and she could see that his eyes darkened a little than usual.

Yuki closed her eyes and slightly tilted her head upwards in preparation for his kiss.

This time, I will try to savor it, she thought.

A few moments passed, but the kiss never came. She opened her eyes and found him looking at her with an amused expression. At her confused look, he let her go and said, "You'll have to wait until the wedding, Miss Nakamura." He then strode down the stairs without looking back at her.

Yuki was in a total mess.

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