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   Chapter 8 I like you

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 8799

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Eto let out a sharp intake of breath from the pain caused by Yuki as her teeth sank into his flesh. He turned the switch on, and her quick movement to step back away from him gave him an idea that she was about to attack him.

He was not wrong.

Yuki was standing in a taekwondo pose that was meant to hit him. But her hand paused in mid-air as she recognized his face. She suddenly stood normally and looked at him, her face aghast.

"Mr. Iguchi, you frightened me!" she said, and realizing that she just bit him, she took a step towards him. Her facial expression toned-down as she saw his face in pain. She became worried and in an instant, she was holding the hand that she just bit.

Sure enough, her teeth marks has started to show as the part of his hand started to swell a little. Eto looked at the woman in front of him, he could smell her hair, and he looked up to the ceiling.

"I am so sorry, " she murmured softly and he did not expect what she did next.

She caressed the part that she bit and gently pressed her lips on it. Eto was dumbfounded. She then stepped back and went inside the secretariat room. Eto stayed standing outside, his mind was in turmoil about what just happened.

Did she just treated him like a child when she kissed his hand when it was in pain?

She came back with a first-aid kit. Without saying another word, she began to sterilize his hands with the alcohol then applied betadine on it. She then put on a gauze on it, and returned the first-aid kit inside. She came back to him again with an apologetic look.

"It seems that all I did today was to inconvenient you, Mr. Iguchi. I am really ashamed of myself." She said in a low voice.

Eto could tell that she was seriously ashamed of everything that happened today. She slapped him, vomited on him, then she bit him.

He sighed. It was not as if he could blame everything on her. He should be blamed as well.

"Are you ready to go home?" He just asked her, and as she nodded, he walked towards the elevator and pressed the down button.

They rode the elevator in silence. Eto kept both of his hands inside his pocket. Otherwise…

Maki was waiting outside and opened the door on the passenger's side for Eto and the backdoor for Yuki. However, after Yuki went inside the car, she was surprised that Eto also sat on the back. She eyed him, but did not say anything.

Eto had a long day, and he felt tired. He closed his eyes and leaned back on the seat. Yuki was sitting straight, too close to the window.

Maki cleared his throat and drive. It means that his boss wants to take a nap. It will take them about 30 – 40

ht a spot of bright red on her skirt, and he understood what was going on. He felt ashamed upon seeing what he's not supposed to see.

Maybe that explains all her actions today, he thought.

She must not be feeling well so she vomited, and became quite edgy. He learned that women could be monsters when it's that time of the month. His previous experience with them were enough for him to be quite knowledgeable. He knows that it could last between 2-3 days that women would be quite unpredictable.


The next day, Yuki was already at the dining hall with Aki when he went down. He noticed that Aki was in his usual good mood. Yuki looked up upon seeing him, and she greeted him with a smile on her face.

"Good morning, Mr. Iguchi."

So, the monster has been subdued overnight? He thought.

"Good morning, Miss Nakamura. Good morning Aki, " he patted his head gently as the child snickered at him.

"Father, next week, our teacher said we have to bring a mother or a father at school activity. It will be on a Friday." Aki said.

Eto pondered for a while, "Miss Nakamura, do you remember my schedules for next week?"

Yuki put down her chopsticks and thought for a while.

"I think you have an overnight out of town convention Mr. Iguchi. You will go with the other diet members on Thursday afternoon and will go back Friday afternoon."

At Aki's disappointed expression, Eto felt bad. Before he could say something, Yuki hold Aki's small hand.

"Don't worry Aki, I can come with you, is that alright? You can tell them that I'm your mother."

The smile that she gave to Aki was so warm, unlike the impassive smiles that Eto received from her so far. As Aki excitedly nodded his head, the breakfast became livelier again.

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