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   Chapter 7 First kiss

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Yuki swallowed as she tried to force herself to calm down. She understood the anger in Eto Iguchi, as it was so wrong of her to slap him.

They are bound to get married, why on earth would she slap him for a simple kiss?

Her hand moved on its own before she even had a chance to think. Her palm actually stings with the pressure of the slap she gave him.

She lowered her eyes, unable to meet his angry ones.

What should she do?

She knows that he is angry because she slapped him. Of course, he should be angry.

Yuki tiptoed, and because she is way shorter than Eto Iguchi, her lips only brushed his nose. She was supposed to kiss him on his forehead.

"I am so sorry, Mr. Iguchi, I did not mean it."

She was so serious and looked so apologetic, hoping that Eto Iguchi's anger would at least be alleviated even a little.

Eto blinked several times, looking at the lady who just kissed him on the tip of his nose. The anger he felt from the slap began to wane as he touched his nose, disbelief written on his face.

The apologetic look on her eye caused a different effect on Eto. It made him desire to kiss her as a way of punishment. And he did just that.

His lips finally met hers, as his hands cupped her face in place when she tried to turn her face away. He forced her mouth to open with his probing tongue. And it did.

Yuki's eyes widened, in both shock and panic. She tried to push him, but he wouldn't budge. As the kiss became deeper and more passionate, Yuki began to feel sick. She felt that her head became dizzy and the room started to close in on her. Eto deepened the kiss more, tracing all the contours inside her mouth, tasting her and feeling her.

Until he tasted her tears.

He stopped.

What happened next was beyond his worst imagination.

She vomited on him.


Maki could not imagine what could have happened between the senator and his wife-to-be. He received a call from Eto just after 12 noon to come inside his office. When he entered, he saw his boss in his undershirt, and Miss Nakamura in her camisole. He almost fled the room if not for Eto's voice. He thought that he had interrupted them in the middle of something.

"Maki, bring these to the cleaning office now, tell them to prioritize it, " his eyes then stopped for a while at Miss Nakamura, "Also, go and fetch a new set of uniform for Miss Nakamura here as soon as possible."

Maki did as he was instructed. It was 30 minutes before 1:00PM when he gave the clothes to his boss and immediately left the room. He stood outside the door, m

something. Yuki just nodded and did her job accordingly. She decided to wait for him because she actually has no choice. She does not have a car.

She looked again at the clock, it is now 7:00PM, but the door to Eto Iguchi's office has not opened yet. She knows that he is in an important meeting and she does not want to interrupt them. However, she has to go home as soon as possible because she can feel that her period has come. She only has her liner with her, and it won't hold too much.

She was fidgeting in her chair when the door finally opened at 7:30PM. She stood up suddenly, and felt something gushed out of her.

Darn it, why does it has to come out now?

Before Eto could come out of his office, Yuki already ran to the elevator. She decided to go to the nearest convenience store to buy a pad. She reached the nearest 7/11 in just 3 minutes and changed inside the toilet. She felt better.

She then decided to go back to the office. As the elevator to the 12th floor opened, she realized that the lights have been turned off. She remained inside the elevator for a while.

Why is it so dark? Does Mr. Iguchi went out without her?

She walked out of the elevator, and because it's her first day at work, she was not aware of the location of the switches. She walked slowly, keeping her hands on the wall, feeling for a switch. Then, her hands touched something warm, and as realization stuck her, she screamed in panic.

A warm hand prevented her from screaming more, Yuki tried to calm herself in that situation. She learned that during times like this, she has to make her captor believe that she has given up fighting. As she felt his hand slacken on her mouth, she bit him hard.

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