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   Chapter 6 The game that she’s playing

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The next day, Yuki woke up early, as her body clock allowed her to wake up at 6:00Am to get ready for her class at 8:00AM. She went to the kitchen and had a warm tea before going out. She would run for 30 minutes to awaken her senses.

As she was going out of the house, Eto saw her from the balcony. He frowned and looked at the time. He was drinking his morning coffee and was reading the daily morning newspaper.

What an early riser, he mused and went back into reading the paper about the stock market.

After 30 minutes, Eto decided to wake Aki up as he had to go to the nursery school. Aki will turn three years old soon. When he was about to knock on Aki's door, he heard her light footsteps going up the stairs. He turned and caught his breath at her appearance.

She was wearing a matching loose cream jogging pants and cream tops. Her short hair was damp and sticking to her face, sweat dripping on her neck and forehead. But what caught his attention was her blue bra that is visible due to her tops that is wet with sweat.

She looked so hot and sexy!

She was using a white towel on her other hand to wipe her face with sweat and when she saw him looking at her, she smiled at him.

"Good morning, Mr. Iguchi." As she reached the second floor, she noticed that his hand was poised to knock on the door. "Are you waking Aki up?"

Eto turned his heated gaze away from her delectable figure.

"Yes, " he replied and knocked.

Yuki thought that he did not want to talk to her so she just entered her room. She stretched for a while before she decided to take a quick shower.

She hurriedly took off her clothes and put them on the hamper. She then let the cool water ran down her sweaty body. She felt good. She has been showering for 5 minutes when she heard the door to the other room unlocked.

Yuki panicked and without turning off the shower, she quickly grabbed the doorknob in time before the door opened. She pulled the door towards her that was slightly opened.

"Sorry!" she said, and realizing that the shower was still on and her voice might not be heard, she turned it off with her one free hand.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Iguchi. Please wait for a while, I am almost done." She called out from the inside.

She then heard the click sound from the other room, and she exhaled at last. She locked the door and continued to rinse her body.


Eto exhaled sharply when he realized that he was holding his breath. He finished waking Aki up and decided to take a shower. He unlocked the door of the bathroom from his side and realized that it's not locked on the inside. It means that she is not using it.

He was surprised as well when he

hing, Maki has finished briefing her on her job description in 4 hours, just exactly before lunchtime.

Eto was still reading some documents at 12:00 noon when he heard a knock on his door.

"Come in, " he said, not looking up.

"Mr. Iguchi, " her soft voice reached his ears, "I would like to ask if I should eat with you as a personal assistant or I can eat with anybody in the cafeteria."

She has changed into the uniform of a staff. White long sleeve blouse tucked into gray skirt up to her knees with matching gray suit. Her short hair that fell just below her ears gave her a sophisticated and matured look. She was wearing a light colored lipstick as well. Eto found her quite attractive.

He stood up from his chair, strode towards her and lightly touched her chin upwards so their eyes meet. Without another word, his face bent toward hers.

Yuki could not believe what is happening. He's going to kiss me!

She stiffened. Before she knew what happened, her palm came in contact with his cheek.

Eto could not believe his eyes.

She just slapped him!

The murderous look he threw at her made Yuki's inside crawl. She suddenly felt fear.

"You!" Eto was at the door in an instant. He locked it and strode towards Yuki who was standing on the middle of the room like a statue. She was looking at her own palm, disbelief in her eyes.

She has just slapped the senator!

She was yanked to one corner, her back was on the wall, as her face was turned upwards to meet the angry look on Eto Iguchi.

"How dare you slap me, Miss Nakamura!" Eto was fuming with rage, "I don't know what kind of game are you playing to get my attention. But believe me, this hard-to-get charade will not get you closer to my good side. I…hate…scheming…bitches. You understand?"

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