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   Chapter 5 Ice Lady

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Yuki finished arranging her clothes in the closet, and upon looking at it, she realized that only 1/4th was used for all her clothes. But she doesn't mind. She has been used to living in a minimalist's style, and she has no intention of changing her life's philosophies by being married to the Iguchi family.

It was 9:00PM when she next looked at the time.

OMG, I have to take a bath now, she thought.

She then hurriedly went to the bathroom and upon carefully confirming that she has locked the other door from the inside as well, she removed her clothes and showered herself while the tub was being filled with warm water.

Then, she used the rose-scented bubble soap she found in there and immersed her body. She then look upwards, and saw that the ceiling has a huge mirror on it. She could see her reflection, and her cheeks reddened at the thought that when Eto used the tub, he must be seeing himself too.

Does he have some kind of fetish about seeing his own nude body?

She slightly shook her head, trying to get rid her mind about uncomfortable thoughts. She closed her eyes, thinking about her grandmother that was left in their house in Miyazaki.

She grew up with a complete family, her father, mother, and grandparents in Tokyo. She was 8 years old when both her grandpa and father died when their car fell on a cliff. As both of them were not drunk and it was announced as an accident after the investigation, they received a huge amount of money. Yuki stopped going to school for two years, and her family moved from Tokyo to Miyazaki. Miyazaki is located at the southeastern part of Kyushu region, it is one of the most countryside area in Japan. The people are warm and friendly, and the living cost was way cheaper than in Tokyo.

Just a few months after they moved to Miyazaki, her mother remarried. They lived together with them, but her grandmother did not like it. It was her 11th birthday when her mother moved out of the house with her stepfather. Since then, only her and her grandma were living in their house. Her mother told her that she will do better to stay with her grandma than to be with them.

There goes her family.

A story that is very common.

On her 12th birthday, her mother went back to their house. It seemed that all the money she got from her deceased first husband has been spent. Her grandmother accepted her, but not the second husband. Her grandmother and mother started to give each other cold shoulders because of the second husband, until they woke up one day that her mother has left them again. She took all the money with her and went away again with the second husband.

Since her mother took all their savings, they had to make do with the monthly pension of her grandmother.

They lived frugally.

Yuki was already 18 when she entered high school because of the two-year period that she stopped on her 2nd grade. She was older by 2 years to her classmates, and her body was more developed than most of them. She hated herself for having the largest 'size' among all the girls, and the boys would whistle and ogle at her so many times.

She joined the taekwondo club for three years, and was in the music club as well. She has been sent to the principal's office several times because she knocked some boys down.

However, Yuki has many female friends, and some male friends. It is when a male started to show interest with her that she avoided them. She was then given a nickname as the Ice Lady. When all the girls her age were having a boyfriend or two, she kept on avoiding them like a plague.

In the university, she tried hard to enter the national university in the prefecture so that she can have free matriculation expenses. Fortunately, she belonged to the top 100 students who scored the highest. She finished a degree as an Elementary School teacher and was able to get her license to teach at the age of 24.

Since she likes children, she chose to teach in nursery school.

One day after school, she was surprised to see an old man in their house, talking with her grandmother. It turned out to be Eiji Iguchi, the former senator. As she sat in front of them, the old man told her that she would be his son's wife. The matter was settled in less than an hour.

Now, she is here.

Yuki smiled, she never thought that she would be able to get married at all.

A worried frown creased her smooth foreh

ead. She realized that her hands were on her navel, she closed her eyes as one hand automatically moved downward, until it stopped there for some moments. It is when she started to shiver, and before she knew it, tears are falling down her cheeks.

She looked at both of her hands, with tears blinding her eyes.


Why can't I feel anything?

She then wiped her tears, and decided to go out of the tub. She noticed that she had been in there for an hour. She wrapped her hair with a towel and put on her bathrobe. She then emptied the tub, and inspected it for any hair that is left before she decided to unlock the other door from the inside.

She went out of the bathroom, and locked the door from her side. It is better to be safe than sorry.

She dried her hair until it was just moist and looked at the clock. It is a few minutes past 10PM. She realized that she has not had dinner yet when her stomach made a grumbling sound.

Chika called her at 7:00PM for dinner but she was not yet finished arranging her things then so she said that she will eat later. Why did it take her too long to arrange the few things she has, anyway?

After changing into her sleepwear, she decided to go to the kitchen and eat.

She found some food that are inside the refrigerator. She took some and re-heat in the microwave, then just sat on one chair while waiting. She did not turn on the main light, and was just contented to use the small lamp in the center of the table that is used to chop food. As the dining room is too large for her, she feels better to eat in the kitchen.

When the microwave stopped, she took out the food and started eating. She has been eating for about 15 minutes when she realized that she is not alone in the room.

Yuki has been very sensitive with other people's presence since she was young, and as she turned her head on the direction of the door, she saw Eto Iguchi, arms crossed over his chest and was casually eyeing her.

She forced a smile on her lips.

"Good evening, Mr. Iguchi. You want to eat?" She said the first words that came to her mind.

Why are you here? Her mind was baffled, but she tried to keep a calm face. She continued eating, as if not minding his presence at all.

Eto did not say a word, as if he did not hear her question.

Still mad at me? She thought, secretly following his movements.

She knew that she somehow made him angry, although she could not understand why. She tried to be as straightforward to him as possible, since his father told her that Eto does not like a roundabout way of doing things.

He opened the refrigerator and took out a pack of fresh milk. He transferred some to a glass and put it on the microwave. After 30 seconds, he took out the glass with warm milk and put it in front of her, as he also pulled out a chair and sat there.

Yuki glanced at his direction, and saw the movement of his Adam's apple as he was drinking the milk.

So manly.

She chewed on her food, as her eyes noticed that he is also on his sleepwear.

"Miss Nakamura, " Eto started as he finished his milk, he put his elbows on the table and leaned towards her. An unreadable expression on his face, but his eyes was burning like fire.

"How do you like your room?"

She blinked, not expecting his question. She swallowed the food on her mouth, before giving him her usual smile.

"It's really nice, Mr. Iguchi, thank you."

"So, you don't mind that we have a shared bathroom?"

What is it that he wants to say?

"I don't, " she answered honestly, "we are going to be married anyway so I think it is normal."

She saw a smile formed on his lips, and she stared at his lips for a long time, before turning her eyes to meet his gaze.

"Well said, Miss Nakamura. I agree, in that case, do you think we can start to act normally as couples who are about to get married as well?" His voice turned provocative, as well as the looks that he was giving her.

Yuki wanted to react, but before she could say what is on her heart, the one on her mind came out first.

"I know what you mean, Mr. Iguchi. But I told you, sex between us will only happen after the wedding ceremony. I hope that I make myself clear."

Yuki kept a straight face when she saw that Eto's face turned dark at her words. He then finished what's left of his drink, and strode out of the kitchen without so much as a glance at her.

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