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   Chapter 4 Yuki’s room

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Eto was in a bad mood that whole afternoon. Maki could feel it, so as much as possible, he kept his distance. Although Eto Iguchi is still civil and formal, he looks like he wanted to snap somebody's neck.

Yuki just sat on the sofa, minding her own business and tried not to even look at Eto, or to the people who come and go to his office. As she said, she tried to be as inconspicuous as possible. The magazine she was reading completely covered her whole face.

Her action had an opposite effect on Eto. He could not help but glance at her direction, wondering in which part of the frozen area in Japan did she come from. He could not get over with the words that she told him after lunch, it made him annoyed as the time goes by.

It's just as if she slapped in his face that even if he would dance naked in front of her, she would never be affected. It hurts his ego too much that he has been meaning to try to get her into his bed in that instant.

Just you wait and see, ice lady, he thought.

At exactly 5:00 PM, he stood from his chair. He made a promise to Aki to take him to the hot spring. When he get to the door, Yuki was suddenly behind him.

How could she walk in her heels without making any sound?

He did not look at her and proceeded to go out. Maki stood abruptly when the door opened and hurriedly went to get to the garage on the basement. The office was at 12th floor, and he used the stairs to go down.

He was at the entrance with the car the moment that Eto and Yuki got out from the building. Yuki has one big suitcase with her, while Eto was holding his black office bag. He kept his face turned opposite to where Yuki is standing.

Maki get out from the car and helped Yuki to put her suitcase on the back of the car. She smiled at him and murmured 'thank you'. He then opened the back door so she can sit inside, which earned him another 'thank you' from her.

Maki drove in silence, as Eto was just looking at the road in silence, too. Maki thought that Eto was somehow angry at something. However, Eto was just actually thinking how to explain to Aki when he arrived at the house with Yuki.

When they arrived, Eto opened his door and walked straight to the house. He did not even cast a glance at Yuki, who was helped by Maki to bring her luggage down from the car. Maki was surprised at his boss' behavior. He often saw him with different women, and he was always acting very gallant to them. He wondered if this lady would really be his wife.

Yuki did not mind the indifference that Eto was giving her. It was actually more to her advantage. She has to keep her emotions in check until the time they get married. She tried to walk fast in order not to be left behind.

As she saw that the door was opened, suddenly a little cute boy excitedly hugged Eto. Eto bent down so that he could hug the boy back, and lifted him in his arms. Yuki smiled to herself as she saw the close bond between Eto and Aki.

They entered the room, and Yuki followed, dragging her luggage with her. She suppressed to say wow at how grand the Iguchi house is. She thought that their whole house in the province would fit in the living room. She felt suddenly sad, as she knows that aside from the staff, only Eto and Aki live here.

How lonely it must be for them, she thought.

Yuki is an only child, so she knows how lonely it could get when there is no one in the house with whom you can talk to. She then decided that she would give Eto as many children as he wants. That is her role as his wife-to-be, after all.

Her thought was interrupted when she found herself looking at a pair of dark brown round eyes. Aki was looking at her intently with a curious look. She bent down and put her palms on her knees.

"How are you Aki? My name is Yuki Nakamura, you can call me Yuki." She said, putting on a smile on her face.

Aki thought for a while, as if assessing her. When he smiled, Yuki knew that she somehow passed his scrutiny.

"Father, will Yuki come with us to the onsen?" Aki turned to Eto expectantly.

At the mention of the onsen, Yuki also turned her face towards Eto. She likes going to the onsen. The naturally warm water always relax her senses, and it's good for the skin.

"No, " Eto answered coolly, "Miss Nakamura will have to stay here because she will arrange her things." He said to Aki, then he turned to Yuki, "Aki and I will go to the onsen, you can

ask one of the staff to take you to any room that you want to use. Just please keep the left room next to Aki vacant."

It was the room that Ivy used.

Since Ivy left, Eto did not allow his staff to clean the room. When he miss her, he would go there to feel and smell her presence. At first, he thought that he has turned into a sick pervert, but then he realized that her presence really did soothe his senses whenever he visits her room.

Yuki understood that Eto did not want her to disturb their father and son bonding moment. She smiled at Aki, "Have fun, Aki."

Aki smiled back at her and nodded, he then turned to Eto.

"I am ready Father."

Eto and Aki then left Yuki in the house.

As soon as the door was closed behind her, Yuki let out a deep sigh.

Finally, she can relax!

As she wondered what to do next, one middle-aged female staff approached her.

"Lady Nakamura, the senator told me to help you unpack your things in your room."

Yuki arched one eyebrow, and smiled at the lady.

"It's alright, thank you. I don't have that much so I can do this on my own. Will you just please tell me which are Mr. Iguchi and Aki's room?"

They walked up the stairs, and Yuki dragged her luggage with her, she was sweating because it's quite heavy, but she does not want to burden other people with her own things. At last, they reached the second floor and stopped.

"This room is the Senator's and this one here is young master Aki's room." As they walked, Yuki was counting the rooms. There are 10 rooms in the second floor! She marveled at how much time it will take to clean all.

"This one is Lady Ivy's room, but she does not live here anymore. However, the senator does not want anybody to enter this room."

The staff seemed to be a very talkative person, and Yuki smiled to herself. At least she won't be so bored. Later, the staff told her that her name is Chika, a spinster who is 46 years old, 7 years older than the senator.

When they reached the last room, Chika asked her to go back to where Eto's room is. She then opened the next room next to his.

"This is where your room shall be, Lady Yuki."

Yuki was a bit surprised because she remembered that Eto told her earlier that she can choose which room she wants as long as she will keep the one next to Aki vacant. When she told it to Chika, she had a confused look on her face.

"The senator told me specifically that your room is the one next to his room, do you want to change it, Lady Yuki?"

Yuki was silent for a moment, thinking about the consequences if she change her room and go against Eto's order. She finally decided to follow him since he is the master of the house. Besides, all rooms seemed to look the same so there should be no harm in it.

She entered her own room, which is located on the right side of Eto's room. Another room is still found on her right, which the staff said is a library. She giggled softly at the thought, thinking if Eto was a kind of nerd to have a library in his house.

She admired the room as soon as she entered it. The wall is painted in light yellow with some little designs. There is a walk-in closet, a shoe rack, bag cabinet and lots of drawers. A sofa and TV set is found along with a personal refrigerator. When she entered her bedroom which is separated by a thick curtain, it looks like a queen's room for her.

The bed was large enough for two people. She sat on the bed, tested its softness, and laid down with both hands stretched. She closed her eyes to feel the comfort.

Then she opened the door to the toilet, it was big enough that she can even take a shower there. The next door seemed to be the bathroom, and when she opened it, she can't help but say 'wow'.

It was so spacious, and the bath tub could fit even three people. All the amenities are there and it smelled really nice for Yuki. As she began to inspect the things in the wash let, she noticed that there are shaving creams and men's stuff inside.

Her brows knitted, and she noticed another door. She tried to open it, but it's lock on the other side. She shrugged and went back to her room. She sat down on the sofa, feeling suddenly exhausted. She closed her eyes for a moment, then her eyes suddenly opened as realization struck her.

Her room is next to Eto Iguchi's room, right? Could it be that the locked door is a door to his room?

They have a shared bathroom?

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